All You Need to Know About ALTA Survey – Part I

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What is ALTA Survey?

ALTA survey is a very common term used in Civil Engineering & Real Estate domain which stands for “American Land Title Association”. It’s a set of principles which has classified and standardized the survey methods, processes and actions of surveys, helping property surveyors meet the standard requirements of recognized Government and Private entities. The basic objective of ALTA survey is to establish common and acceptable principles and expectations in the U.S. It provides a common standard for all the parties in the transaction to follow – especially the professional land surveyors.

The ALTA survey typically provides detailed information about:

  • Property boundaries
  • Easement and encumbrances
  • Encroachments
  • Evidence of use by other parties
  • Names of neighboring property owners
  • Land improvements
  • Roads and property features
  • Access and legal routes to the property
  • Zoning classification
  • Flood zone classification
  • Water boundaries
  • Existence of cemeteries
  • Legal property description

Why ALTA Survey is required?

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Mostly the Lending institutes, Banks, Title companies, Insurance companies orders the ALTA surveys to be performed to make sure the property in question is free and clear of all the survey matters except those already disclosed. Basis these clearances, the property title and mortgage insurance are issued. ALTA surveys determine exact property lines, water boundaries, improvements, existing easements, encroachments and other land-ownership elements, providing not just probable title conflicts but also the property elements.

Since these surveys, performed mostly for commercial properties, are costly and complicated, a title commitment is required before ordering an ALTA survey. Land surveyors work closely with title companies to ensure that all information is accurate and provides the most-comprehensive view of the property in question.

Steps in ALTA Survey: 

An ALTA land survey aims to collect and record data from property records as well as physical surveying, to fulfill the needs of title companies during insurance dealings. Following are the steps and processes required to perform during ALTA survey -

Process of ALTA Survey

In this article, we explained basics of ALTA Survey, stay tuned for more on details about ALTA survey standards in our next article. Meanwhile for more details on, how Indovance can help you in drafting a land survey, you may reach us at or speak to us at +1 800 929-8120.



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