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    • Developing Complete MEP Model for a Design Solutions Company.

      Can you imagine the new age project sites being measured using measurement tapes and models being worked up manually? Not really, for a simple reason of projects timelines, complex designs/ inputs and changing technology. With that said, is using a new age technology in one of design and modelling aspect enough? A big no again! The new age technology collects Continue Reading
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    • All You Need to Know about ALTA Survey – Part II

      A Look Back In our last article we discussed about the basics of American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey, its scope, why ALTA Survey is required and steps in the execution. However, between all this, there are defined guidelines and standards which must be followed while executing these survey requirements. What are the Minimum Standard Details Required for an ALTA/NSPS Continue Reading
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    • Piping Design and Modeling – Importance & Feasibility

      Smart design is what required when it comes to building an efficient and optimized structures, may it be for a residential/commercial complex or an industrial plant. There are many aspects to consider while it is designed and one of the most prominent is Piping Design & its modeling. In fact, Piping Engineering is a separate department in many companies dealing Continue Reading
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    • All You Need to Know About ALTA Survey – Part I

      What is ALTA Survey? ALTA survey is a very common term used in Civil Engineering & Real Estate domain which stands for “American Land Title Association”. It’s a set of principles which has classified and standardized the survey methods, processes and actions of surveys, helping property surveyors meet the standard requirements of recognized Government and Private entities. The basic objective Continue Reading
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    • How Important is it to build a strong Corporate Identity?

      The term corporate identity clearly signifies the role of branding. Corporate brand-building is the art and science of building awareness about your company around the globe, loyalty amongst its customers, preference and value for companies, as opposed to the product brands they manage and market. Various business firms strive hard to gain credibility from its customers, and therefore, building corporate Continue Reading
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