Civil Engineering Drafting + Land Surveying

  • Would saving tens of thousands of dollars per resource help your bottom line?
  • Are you tired of fluctuating CAD drawing service demands and the hiring and firing that goes with it?
  • Worried about an increasing shortage of talent?
  • Do you spend too much time training and managing Engineering and CAD staff rather than on revenue-producing work?
  • Are you afraid that you can’t boost your bottom line without compromising quality?
  • There's a better way!
civil engineering cad outsourcing and CAD drawing servicesClient and CAD drawing services demands go up and down. Trying to staff for them is a no-win situation. If you staff for the peaks, you lose money; if you staff for the valleys, you lose clients. Finding the balance is not only a challenge, it leaves you constantly juggling between satisfaction and profitability.

And to make things worse, there’s a growing need for civil engineers with an increasing shortage of talent. Whether you need to staff for a specific project or are looking for a long-term partner, we have your flexible solution. You can scale quickly and staff effectively for your needs at about half the cost of hiring. We help companies like you create a virtual team of experts within Indovance to work on your projects on demand! Who else offers CAD drawing services completely tailored to your needs and timeline?

Indovance is a pioneer in providing outsourced CAD drawing services in civil engineering, specializing in land development, survey drafting and structural detailing.

We’ve partnered with firms across the country to provide engineering and CAD drawing services in:

  • Land development design and drafting
  • Point Cloud Modeling (LIDAR)
  • Survey drafting
  • Structural design and drafting
  • Steel detailing
  • Precast concrete projects
  • Drafting and detailing
  • As-built drawings
  • Precast detailing services
  • Transportation/Traffic Engineering Services :
    • Highway & roadway Design and Detailing
    • Routing Analysis
    • Pavement marking and signing
    • Traffic control plan Design and Detailing

As an engineer, you expect excellence in design and exacting detail to deliver quality to your clients and safety as an end result. Indovance delivers that. On time.Every time.

Depending on your specific requirements, we support a full range of programs including:

  • Civil 3D
  • AutoCAD
  • Land Development Desktop
  • Tekla
  • Microstation
  • BC Framer
  • BC Calc
  • MiTek
  • Vertex BD

We’ve made quality CAD outsourcing easy, painless, and profitable. And we’ll offer you a complimentary project so that you can experience it for yourself. Our outsourced, CAD drawing services are the best in the league. We're so confident you get a free trial project just to be sure. Who else offers this level of certainty? Contact Indovance and get started on your free trial today.

Excellence in design and exacting detail…delivering quality and, ultimately, safety as the end result.

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