Leveraging SolidWorks Composer for Effective Technical Communication

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It’s often a tricky business to communicate information and understanding about the product to its end user. May it be in Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive or Healthcare, if you want to create a value through your offerings, you need supportive communication tools. And when there are technical aspects involved in it, things get difficult. That’s where advance software tools such as SolidWorks Composer comes handy.

SolidWorks Composer is a software tool that help with creating high quality illustrations, interactive animations without having you to wait for physical object/product. It uses existing 3D CAD data of an object to create technical communication such as assembly instructions, spare parts manual, user instructions and training material etc. Composer has certainly taken technical communication to a next level where understanding of product/project has significantly been simplified across industries. There are multiple benefits of using this as platform for technical communication development, here are few –

• Uses 3D CAD data as input with bulleted labels or numbering, reducing rework.
• Produces associative documents that stays updated with latest design changes.
• Faster, easier and needs minimum inputs to deliver error free output.
• Produces 3D interactive animations, graphical files (SVG, EPS, CGM) and high-resolution images (BMP, JPG, PNG & TIF)
• Reduces cost & speed time to market giving you competitive advantage.

Industry wide implications –
Today, amidst of advancements in engineering technology and severe competition, automation of everything around is common phenomenon. And clearly, simplified communication of those automated elements is important in every industry. Let’s see how different industries can use SolidWorks Composer for technical communication –
Exploded 3D Car

Manufacturing –
The biggest beneficiary of this product, undoubtedly is Manufacturing industry for their spare parts requirements and criticality involved in it. How to use, exploded 3D images, animated movements of parts helps to understand actual implementations of object before manufacturing it. Features such as video animation can help showcasing actual work scenario, making us understand the use of product.
SolidWorks Composer for Medical Equipment Design

Healthcare Equipment –
Healthcare is considered as one of the fastest growing industry when it comes to innovation in medical equipment and health research. Communication documents such as equipment handling documents, instruction manuals, medicinal details documents etc. play a vital role in communication through graphical instructions.

Electronics Equipment Details

Electronics –
User manual, the most commonly used technical communication tool, can be made more impactful by usage of actual product images and showcasing its functions. Numbering and exploded images of different parts of equipment makes it easier to understand.

No doubt, we have immense opportunities to make right use of right design and drafting platforms across various industries. And Indovance is doing this with cutting edge software technology for more than one and half decade now. Our skilled engineering experts, with their domain expertise and detail oriented approach, can deliver the projects with shortest possible time and at optimized cost giving you a competitive advantage. For more details, speak to us at +1800-929-8120 or write us at info@indovance.com

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