Twin Engagement Model – A truly collaborative relationship with aligned business objectives

What is Twin Engagement Model?

  • Combination of traditional outsourcing and captive model
  • Teams of 10 or more
  • Long-term Engagement Model
  • Allows you to setup your dedicated unit in Indovance’s India facility
  • Scalability, reliability, and incredibility throughout
  • Replication of native company's culture and alignment towards its goals
  • IT, HR and Admin support
  • Cost controlled environment
  • Complete setup assistance
  • For Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Signage, and Pre-media

Why we launched Twin Engagement Model?


To get the “best of both worlds” – Outsourcing and Captives – to create more value.

To take our services one level higher and closer to our customers.

We want to evolve and develop ourselves into becoming your own virtual center.

Differentiator Traditional Outsourcing Model Captive Model Twin Engagement Model
Infrastructure Customer does not own facility 100% Customer owned facility Customer does not own facility
Capital Investment No initial investment High investment, all ensured by customer Low capital investment, bigger flexibility throughout the process.
Risk level Shared risks, outcomes under agreement All risks are undertaken by customer Shared risks
Implementation speed Quick implementation 0 - 2 months Long implementation 6 – 12 months Quick implementation 1 - 3 months
Management Focus Free up time and resources to focus on strategy and business issues Economies of scale at low-cost location with full ownership and control Economies of scale at low-cost location with no ownership and partial control
Leverage factor Multi-user environment, best practice process model Customer environment Simulated customer environment
Flexibility Flexible pricing models, ability to reduce/ increase operation size Less flexibility Quick adaption to changed business requirements
Cost management Reduce cost Control cost Control cost
Control Very less control Total control Total operational control but no financial control
Culture, Values, Strategy Outsourced partners Same as the parent company Same as the parent company
Self - sufficiency Only operational unit Entire unit – Operations plus all support functions Entire unit – Operations plus all support functions
IP and Data Security Moderate High High

Indovance Competencies that will make this model successful

  • Structured and systematically driven work culture
  • Thought leadership in outsourcing – 2 decades’ of successful work experience in outsourcing
  • Cultural sensitization to the global environment
  • Ingenuity, Innovation, and Technological Acceleration
  • Strong sectoral coverage
  • An array of SME to aid domain critical knowledge
  • Deep and wide talent pool


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