An Overview of Traffic Engineering Services

Traffic Engineering

“Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong?

They usually miss the future.” – Larry Page

With this said, we all know that companies prepare plans to succeed, they look on the present trends and services and act accordingly but few accredited companies work upon their vision. Similarly, Indovance works to achieve commendable results. We have that capability to uphold services ranging from Civil, mechanical, architecture to publishing. From the domain of civil, Indovance is enhancing its services towards traffic engineering services.

We all know that the world is witnessing prodigious change and upgrades in technology every day, civil engineering has spread its wings to traffic engineering services. To dynamically design the roads and pathways, traffic engineering involves the management of traffic flow, road geometry, traffic signs, cycling infrastructure, road surface makings, and traffic lights.

When we talk about traffic control and huge accidents occurring daily, the role of traffic engineers is becoming very much prominent.

The projects involved in traffic engineering are;

  • Highway & Roadway Design and Detailing
  • Pavement marking and signing

Let’s explore them one by one;

  1. Highway & Roadway Design and Detailing

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The highway designing involves preliminary design advice and then the detailed design process. After this, the construction drawings and documents are prepared. The level of detail required in the project depends on how complex it is.

The detailed design involves the use of AutoCAD and Civil 3D, computer-aided design software. Indovance can design and detail the highways and roadways.

2. Pavement Marking and Signing

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As per the Institute of Transportation engineers, traffic engineers enable the safe, convenient, and efficient flow of automobile traffic.

With the help of pavement marking and signing, Traffic engineering services use guide signs to give exact and less confusing notes on the highways. Along with this, they plan the alterations to roads or traffic signals and signs to better serve motorists and to reflect the changes in traffic patterns that have developed over the years.

Indovance is a leading company who has provided many successful CAD CAM civil engineering projects to its US customers and are visionary to endorse traffic engineering services. We act as per our client’s requirements and deliver the best.

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