Strategic Partnership – A Better Way to Outsource!

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Time, the most important factor for any business. Managing tight deadlines, quality deliverables and frequent changes in requirement can be a walk on eggshell. Failing to meet these tight deadlines or quality standards can result in ruining your client relationship, or even worst, loosing client account. And you would surely never want to lose it for a reason such as limited bandwidth or time. So what’s the way out?

Is outsourcing an answer to your problems? May be, but you may want to go a step further and consider having an extended team, and form a strategic partnership. Sometimes outsourcing and Strategic partnership is thought to be similar, but it isn’t. Strategic partnership has numerous advantages over outsourcing. How you ask? Let’s have a look –

1. All Aligned to One Objective
Working towards a common objective and exact understanding of work undertaken is crucial for successful execution of project. And your extended team can work efficiently towards your predefined objective under your direct control.

2. Replicates Your Culture
Having a healthy work environment and strong work culture is foundation for efficient team. And you can easily inculcate your work culture and strong work ethics if you have dedicated team working exclusively for your requirements. It’s like your own team working at other location.

3. Long Term Engagement
You can rely on your extended team for all your future project requirements and have a long term engagement. Your offshore team understands you, your clients and nature of work better by now and can deliver on time with best quality. That makes your relationship more reliable and efficient.

4. Zero Administrative Expenses
Cost, the most important factor in attaining your bottom line – Profits. Global markets are filled with competitors and the one who provides best quality work at competitive rates wins the race. With your strategic partnership you have zero administrative expenses, resulting in cost efficient work process. Now you can overcome this most difficult war of cost and win the battle.

5. Direct Control Over the Team
Every team member is different in understanding, skills and creativity and you as a team head, is in the best place to utilize your team members in best possible way. This is something that can significantly impact timely project delivery and efficiency. Moreover you will have option to increase or decrease headcount.

If you are searching for a trusted strategic partner for your next project, your search ends right here. Indovance Inc, with its Virtual Office Model, can help you attain your business goals and gain the competitive edge. With over a decade and half years of expertise in Mechanical, Civil, Architectural design, Pre-Media and Publishing services, Indovance is the right fit for all your engineering design projects. Indovance, an engineering business solutions company, has pioneered in all the verticals and has the capability to serve bigger projects. We are right fit for all size company with different business models for different business requirements. If you want to see advanced designing in your projects you can reach us at or give us a call at +1 919 238 4044.

6 Key Elements of Engaging Digital Billboards


Sign boards and bill boards has always been an effective mode of communicating and engaging with your target audience. Over a period, it has evolved the way billboard are used, the way message is communicated, and the material used. What has not changed though is its significance in the overall marketing efforts of the brand. Today, digital signage and LED sign boards has taken over the traditional method of using sign boards or bill boards. Visuals/contents are digitally controlled and are more focused on the target audience with precise communication. However, the important elements for engaging with the audience has remained there, rather has become more important in the era of stiff competition and available mode of advertisements. Here are 6 key elements in the modern-day digital signage:

There is absolutely no sense in establishing your display signage at a place where it doesn’t have audience, or to be precise, intended audience. To make it an effective mode of marketing, placement of the digital sign board is very important. It should be at a height where it can be easily seen, not too high, not too low but in eyesight. Secondly, the location of signage should also be an area where your intended audience has frequent visits or passes by.

Intent Rich Content:
Giving information about your services will not necessarily serve the purpose. Remember the motive of effective signage is not just to give information but is to create a lasting memory. And to create that memorable impression, your messaging should have an intent. While developing the signage messaging strategy, focus should be on telling a brand story that connects to the audience. And that story or intent should be in line with your overall marketing strategy.
Visuals & Aesthetics:
Brand recognition is another important aspect that needs to keep in mind. All your designs, images, text elements and visual objects used should be in accordance to your overall brand strategy. Keeping consistency in your visuals and branding will help in creating a brand recognition.

What’s New:
Frequently changing the design, layouts, storyline with consistency in your communication strategy can help. It could be more engaging to communicate your messaging with different stories or one liner.

Call to Actions:
A good sign board or bill board is one that keeps in mind for long or can drive your action towards the decision – depending upon its objective. However, businesses mostly emphasis on having a communication which drives action.

Hardware Material:
For a signage to look impressive and accurate, it is important that you use good quality material, that reflects standard of the brand. Moreover, the layout, LED light placements, distance between the channel letter characters will have major impact and it is important to have accurate layouts. Mostly, these elements of signage cabinet are designed in AutoCAD or LED Wizard.

If you are looking to design and draft your next set of signages and billboards, let Indovance help you. Indovance Inc, is perfectly placed to cater industry giant’s Signage drafting requirements. With advantages like highly skilled workforce, cost effective solutions & quick turnaround time (TAT), Indovance is first choice of many Fortune500 companies and publishing giants. You can also set up your entire Signage drafting and graphic design team here in India with complete control. Speak to us now on +1 919-238-4044 or drop in a mail to us at

Designing & Developing Structures Considering Egress & Emergency Evacuation Action Plans

Egress Banner-glow-signs
Designing architectural drawings and layouts involves enormous detailing, may it be regarding structure of the project, elevations, interior fit-outs, MEP or more. One such aspect is about the safety and security – Egress and Emergency Evacuation Action plans.

Egress & Emergency Evacuation Action Plan – A legal binding
As per the international fire code section 404 and 405, facilities must have fire and safety evacuation plans. Though the standards or formulas or the way drawing calculations are done for Emergency Evacuation Action Plan differ state or nationwide, the objective remains same – life safety, hence these are also called as Life Safety Plans.

What to consider while drawing Egress & Emergency Evacuation Action Plan?
Broadly, following are the factors to consider while drawing the building designs. In some cases, there could be additional factors that is to be considered depending upon the type of project and its objective. Here is a sample list for you – Egress Fire Exit Image

  • Area & occupancy of building
  • Remoteness between the doors
  • Number of doors required
  • Width of door (Minimum 36 inches)
  • Number of exits in the building
  • Minimum and maximum distance to the exit from any point of occupancy of building
  • Longest distance to the exit point (shouldn’t be more than 300ft.)
  • Number of staircases provided
  • Width of staircases
  • Floor marking & sign board towards exit points
  • ADA compliant signs

Parts of Egress:

  • Exit Access – Exit access is the portion of “Means of Egress” that leads to an entrance or exit
  • Exit – Exit is the portion separated by all other spaces by construction or equipment that provides a protected way of travel to the exit discharge
  • Exit Discharge – It’s the portion between the termination of an exit and a public way

Egress and Emergency Evacuation Action Plans can be for:

  • Fires
  • Severe Weather
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Chemical Release
  • Bomb Threats

Evacuation Strategies:
Different types of buildings or situation can lead to different evacuation strategy drawing, for example, a hospital cannot have a same evacuation strategy that of a residential building, or multi-storied residential building will have a different plan than a prisoner’s cell. Let’s think about three common scenarios of an evacuation strategies here –
Defend in Place
Defend in place strategies are commonly used where the evacuation of occupants may not be the ideal first response, such as hospitals and jails. For ex – in the case of fire in a hospital, evacuation into rain or freezing temperatures could be hazardous to the health of patients. Depending on where the fire occurs, patients can be moved to a different compartment where they can be protected from smoke and fumes. Hence, while designing the project drawings for such projects, connectivity within the building needs to be focused upon. Egress exit-path-marking
Phased Evacuations
Phased evacuations strategies may be implemented for the taller buildings. Fire departments then can evacuate the floor where a fire is located along with the two floors above and two floors below.
Full Evacuation
Full building evacuations may be necessary due to a range of incidents including natural hazards, technological events or deliberate events such as civil disturbance, bomb threats or acts of terrorism. Project drawings shall be drawn considering occupants should be able to exit or are assisted in exiting the building—ideally within less than half the duration of fire-resistance rating of the exit enclosures.

Indovance Inc, can help you with all such drawings. Our experts have proven knowledge of all the norms and standards followed globally for Egress and Emergency Evacuation Action Plans. We are a global leader in all Architectural, BIM, MEP, Civil and Mechanical engineering CAD drawings. With expertise in the outsourcing design and drafting services, team of professional Architects and Civil Engineers can deliver your project well in time and with best of quality.
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Residential Subdivision – Process and Role of Indovance Inc.

Residential Subdivision banner Indovance

Developing a barren land from scratch to a perfect residential project can be a tedious process. With the number of parties and conditions involved, it can be both, time consuming and expensive. However, following a right process, understanding the norms & local laws can help and prove to be a guide in the course. Let’s understand the entire process step-by-step.

What is Residential Subdivision?
The term subdivision, in Civil Engineering context, can be explained as, division of a tract or a lot into two or more plats, lots, sites or other divisions of land. It can be with the purpose of sale or construction of residential or industrial project. There are different rules, regulations and standards in different states/cities which one must consider before we start the project development process.

Types of Residential Subdivision –

  • Single family development
  • Mixed use development
  • Cluster development
  • Planned multi-family development

Process of Residential Subdivision?
Though the process for subdivision may vary slightly project to project, the standard milestones for the process can be outlined as below.

As name suggests, this is the obvious first stage in the process of subdivision. A developer needs to know the exact details about the land property in question, for example – the zoning category of land (residential, industrial or commercial), land development design manual, drainage design manual, lot criteria for single family/multifamily etc. These specifications may vary state or city wise and must be confirmed from the local governing body.
Residential Subdivision Process
Concept stage
Once the details are acquired and confirmed from the local governing body, next step is to come up with a concept. What can you build on the site? How many units? What can be potential restrictions? Here, the plat preparation needs to be completed with utmost accuracy. Before you decide upon what can be constructed, you must first assess the local council’s development and planning policies and develop plan in accordance with predefined by local governing body policies. It also involves details like, property land boundary, defining possible open spaces, identifying the slops and even/uneven grounds, internal roads, lot design etc. It is also called as preliminary plat preparation and once completed, it is sent to the city governing body office for approval.

Working drawings and documentation
Once approval is received from local governing body office, the most important stage is to create working design and drawings of actual site. This is the most critical stage in the process and must be executed with precision. The site details such as final plat, paving plan, grading plan, earthwork calculation, hydrological calculations, storm pipe designs & analysis, sewer and water network, erosion control plans are drawn with its exact specification. Software tools like AutoCAD Civil3D/Carlson Civil/Bentley can create exact working drawings for you and these can serve two objectives for you –

  • It works as instruction guide to builder on what to build
  • Considered as a document to be submitted for a construction certificate or a building permit

Construction & Completion
Once the approval is received from the local governing body and financials are worked out, construction can be started. On each stage of the construction, it is important to check, the work is going on as planned and according to the working drawings.

How Indovance can support?
Indovance Inc, is trusted partner for global companies for their design and drafting requirements, may it be for residential, industrial or commercial project development. We can support you right from concept design to delivering the accurate working drawings to be submitted to local governing body. Our experts in Civil Engineering design industry have extensive knowledge of development policies, rules and regulations of different region which helps our client create accurate project designs.

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Benefits of Media and Publishing Outsourcing

AutoCAD OutsourcingAre you writing a book or working on releasing a blog to the world soon? Do you worry about how you’ll get things published in time? Do you need help? If so, there’s a way to get that help without having to worry about issues or time consuming matters. Those that choose to outsource media and publishing needs will find that there’s more benefits to gain than not.

Below, you’ll find out why. AutoCAD outsourcing entails a lot more than just product design. Keep reading to see how we can help you with all of your design needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Media and Publishing Projects

Delivery – You won’t have to worry about delivering an excellent product when working with our outsourcing company. Focusing on being an author and writing a great piece is far more important than spending time on formatting, designing covers or converting a book electronically.

Professionalism – It’s every author’s goal to have their piece stand out above the rest. Why not ensure that happens by outsourcing your media and publishing to a company like Indovance? You’ll be partnering with a company that cares about your product and end results. Our experts are professionals that do work you can be proud of.

Productivity – As we mentioned above, creating should be the most important thing you do. You shouldn’t have to divert your attentions on self-publishing or formatting a book. Instead, spend more time writing and creating. Leave the difficult and time consuming tasks to us. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to publish on your own. Spend it on doing what you do best!

Below you’ll find information that might help you decide why choosing to outsource your media and publishing needs might be the best idea.

Media and Publishing Outsourcing Services

  • Copy editing
  • Cover design or redrawing
  • Image processing
  • Pagination
  • Typesetting

Content Creation Types

  • Books
  • Comics
  • Directories and databases
  • Electronic books
  • Illustrated children books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Newsletter
  • Newspapers
  • Reference books
  • Textbooks
  • Trade books
  • User guides

Professionals We Work with

  • Academic publishers
  • Commercial publishers
  • Content aggregators
  • Database publishers
  • Libraries
  • Providers of specialized business reports
  • Publishing houses
  • Research institutions
  • University presses

Software Used

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Adobe Page Maker
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Corel Draw X6

Affordable AutoCAD Outsourcing Companies for Publishing | Indovance

If you need help with media or publishing of any kind, and need to focus more on creating your product, may be it’s time to consider outsourcing to one of the best companies in the world – Indovance. When you outsource your needs, you’re able to decrease time spent on things that aren’t your forte as well as gain the ability to get help with your media and publishing needs.

Get in touch with us at: +1 919 238-4044 or email us at: to learn more about the benefits we offer to businesses that want to grow and succeed at new levels, while lowering overhead costs and gaining profitability!

Industries That Use GIS

CAD Survey ServicesGIS, or geographical information system, is software that analyzes, stores and manipulates geographical information so that it can be seen in relation to other things. It can be used across numerous industries to gather all kinds of information from environmental data to determining logistics.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas where GIS can be used. If your firm needs to outsource CAD survey drafting work, why not choose a partner you can trust? Keep reading to see how Indovance can help!

Industries Using GIS Information

Environmental Services
The obvious area that GIS can provide information for is agencies that need environmental information about the land, water sources, and other natural elements. The information can be used to find patterns in natural occurrences such as soil erosion. It can also help in predicting natural disasters.

Local Government
One of the largest users of GIS is the local government bodies. It helps them in land searches, mapping and planning for highways etc. Local law enforcement can also use it to monitor emergency response in the area and track crime trends in certain areas.

GIS can be used in several ways in the healthcare industry. It can be helpful in planning logistics for a hospital and the quickest route to a patient. It is also used to analyze outbreaks of illness in a community.

Utility companies are one of the most active sectors to use GIS. They can build databases in order to manage grids, track pipelines, locate cable and wireless networks, and gather information to use in construction planning.

Another obvious area where GIS is a valuable tool is transportation because of its ability to help in planning and logistics of roadways. There have also been developments in GPS equipment that uses GIS technology.

Mining companies can use it to create grids from old data that did not have spatial reference that can be transposed onto current information in order to track the changes.

GIS proves to be an essential tool in surveying because precise measurements are needed in order to create accurate mapping systems.

An unusual place GIS capabilities can be helpful is in advertising. Targeting consumers based on geographic regions has become one of the innovative ways companies have been able to reach their audience.

Similar to data collected for use in advertising, GIS can help stores determine the optimal location to open in order to best serve the community. They can gather socio-economic information regarding people in an area before deciding to build.

Insurance companies use data obtained from GIS based software to analyze data in relation to risk prediction and catastrophe planning.

Financial Services
The financial industry can benefit from GIS technology when gathering information about consumers. It can help in determining risks because of the information that can be gathered including crime trends, weather patterns and property values.

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Transforming Mechanical Engineering with 3D Animation

3d animation Imagine: you are watching a 3D animation of clothes in a washing machine. The virtual demonstration shows the flow of the water through pipes into the machine, the agitation of the drum, the draining process and rapid spin cycle. It’s not real – it’s just a simulation of a product in its inception stage. But 3D animation provides a realistic representation of what it will look like, the components, how it works, if there are any flaws in the design and how you can improve it before its manufactured. All of this before having any hard expenses of physically building and testing the product. The result? A more cost-effective way to ensure a better end product.

The Evolution of Design
While earlier engineers relied on hand drawings to design and complete projects, there was a lot of room for error. One miscalculation in the original drawing could result in expensive and all-too-common mistakes.

Decades ago, mechanical engineers began abandoning pen and paper for computer-aided design. But creating drawings, designs and drafting with computers was just the beginning. Now, many mechanical engineering firms also rely on 3D animation to better understand and test products.

Benefits of 3D CAD
The evolution of CAD and 3D animation has meant incredible advantages for mechanical engineers, including:

  • Approximately 45 percent faster product design
  • Automated design process
  • Organization and management of design data
  • Effective communication with customers and suppliers
  • Generation of virtual prototypes allows non-CAD people to participate in the process
  • Effective internal design reviews
  • Incorporation of design changes at any point during prototyping
  • Standardized details and drafting practices
  • Increased speed and precision of production
  • Ease of beating competition to the market

For mechanical engineers, visualization with 3D animation has simplified processes. Prototyping has become not just easier, but better. Designs can be tested and validated, reducing costs by eliminating problems and errors before manufacturing.

Clients love seeing their product come to life. These 3D animated visuals can be rotated and broken down into their components, giving mechanical engineers the ability to better explain assembly and demonstrate functionality.

3D Animation Made Easy
Indovance is one of the leading CAD and drafting outsourcing service providers. Indovance partners with Mechanical Engineering firms to assist them build 3D animations that have the power to clearly explain complicated core product functions and features. Indovance has team of engineers specialize in CAD drawing, drafting, designing and 3D animation, producing quality work with little turnaround time.

If you are also looking for a right partner to develop 3D designs and animations, reach out to our sales team on +1 919-238-4044 or drop an e-mail at:

How CorelDraw Can Give Edge to Your Graphics Business?


If you have been following this section, you must be already aware of various features that Adobe family has to offer. We have already discussed Adobe Illustrator and InDesign with our previous articles. With this article, we will talk about CorelDraw software. And how you can leverage the software to achieve some terrific results in the Graphics. Yes, the software is vector graphics editor. The word vector indicates that you can change the size of the graphics without really affecting the quality. Corel users are already aware of this fact.

First things first, CorelDraw is relatively cheaper than Adobe Illustrator. So, if you are on a tight budget, you should be settling for CorelDraw. CorelDraw is also very popular for the same reason. And if more people are using the same software, then it becomes very easy to share the files. The newer versions of CorelDraw are easier to edit or trace.

But if you are struggling to figure out where CorelDraw should be used, then we will list down some best uses of the software. CorelDraw is used for Signs, Products and Packaging, Engraving etc. There are some features that people are not generally aware of. One of those is that CorelDraw allows you to create code that can help you develop new tools and also automate tasks. Therefore, you can create lists and also manage excel sheets using the code. And yes, you can even edit the photos if you want.

Whenever you try to run a software, what do you interact with? It’s the interface! And most of us want an interface that is very smooth and easy to interact with. CorelDraw has an interface that is better. The interface can also be customized to an extent. Therefore, you would be happy working with this interface. You can save a lot of time with this interface. There is a provision to even create shortcuts. And what do you do with shortcuts? You save time!

If you are thinking of designing ads for some big hoardings, then CorelDraw will make perfect sense. CorelDraw can also let you work better with the texts and the fonts. Adding effects with CorelDraw is also very convenient. And users just love convenience more than anything.

Indovance has a team of experts who are using CorelDraw to create best of outputs. Indovance has been helping firms to create amazing graphic designs and create works like Arts, Large-sized Printing, Illustrations, Cards, Prepress, Magazines etc.

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BIM: A Game-Changer in Civil Engineering and Construction Industry

You must have probably heard about BIM by now. Don’t worry if you know only a little about BIM (Building Information Modeling), this article will tell you about BIM in a nutshell. And yes, you would also know the potential that BIM offers in the construction engineering industry.

People consider BIM as a software, well, this is partially correct, but that doesn’t give a picture in totality. BIM creates a virtual models of any project that can help to speed-up the construction work, and how exactly do the construction takes place? Look at the pie-chart that will help you understand better:


So, these are most common benefits that BIM offers. There will be many other benefits that will fall under the umbrella of these benefits. Wondering about final outcome? The final outcome is these amazing buildings in an incredibly low time. BIM gives more control right from the inception stage and thus, the quality issues are unbelievably low.

Using BIM, 3D Models of the buildings are made digitally. These models are given interesting textures, colors, and artistic effects that are prerequisites to the every project. BIM just enables to build the structure virtually. This virtual model is the representation of your actual building to be constructed. Other elements like windows, walls, stairs, etc. can be added. In a way, you are just prototyping. Engineers just love this because BIM has made the process very smooth.

Engineers do acknowledge the fact that simulations are necessary for this field. Various forces do act on the structure, so the effects of these forces have to be taken care of well in advance. BIM does that like a cakewalk. And changes can be made easily. You make a change in the model, other relevant entities like elevations, floor plans, etc. will reflect the change. So, the change management is taken care of!

BIM has an information model, that will tell you about various standard practices, and therefore, compliance is just made easy. One must acknowledge that conservation of environment has become a priority. And BIM is a technology that can reduce the impact of the infrastructure on the environment. So designs with better sustainability can very well be implemented in the structures with the help of BIM.


So far, so good. But, what about designs? Does BIM help with designs? Yes, it does. BIM can help you in creating visualizations that are very realistic, and you can just accommodate various designs virtually. Does this help you? Well, it should because you will have better chances of convincing your clients with impactful presentations. Now, it does help, doesn’t it?

BIM can aid you with cool presentations that can sway your stakeholders positively. BIM can let you have a better control on the information. And information is a weapon in today’s era. And data management in BIM has so many fields like cost control, man-power management, building life-cycle, etc. that are very supportive for various tasks.

So, with all that said, do you want to implement BIM and move light years ahead of others? Indovance can help you as an outsourcing partner for BIM. Indovance offers BIM services that can help you better with planning and controlling the project. You will naturally save costs and time.

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Want Jaw-Dropping Productivity in Mechanical Engineering? Try SolidWorks!


Most of the firms in mechanical engineering services industry are trying to figure out ways that can give them an upper-hand in the operations to gain competitive advantage. Yes, it has become so important to be efficient in the operations. The firms want to raise their productivity to a maximum level. But, how do you exactly manage to raise the productivity? I think we might have an answer to your question. And the solution is SolidWorks.

SolidWorks is one of the best CAD software for mechanical engineering. And there’s a reason for its popularity. Let us check why some firms are absolutely dedicated to SolidWorks, and why is this software making people happy. Indovance has been using SolidWorks for a long time to cater to the needs of our clients. And we will share our first-hand experience with the SolidWorks with this article.

SolidWorks offers an interface that is highly responsive and supportive, which enables professionals to focus more on the designing part. Moreover this doesn’t need you to spend more time on the interface, resulting in improved productivity. We have also figured out that SolidWorks does offer in-built intelligence. Therefore, we don’t really spend more time on learning/teaching/training people. Assembling all the parts is made cool, you can check before this goes for the prototyping. And if you are thinking straight, you must have already realized by now that this means reducing costs and design cycle. We have more lead time.

Our team also does data management very well with SolidWorks. Sharing designs with the stakeholders and along with the team is not at all a headache anymore. Our team has been able to deliver some of the best presentations with 3D models, Renderings, Animations and 2D drawings. And we have been able to communicate well with the stakeholders. The ease of use is an advantage that we bank upon. And we are able to better utilize our time with other productive opportunities. Our productivity has really seen a drastic improvement with SolidWorks as compared to other software. And we have been able to transfer this advantage to our clients as well.

So, if you are looking for improving productivity in your mechanical engineering operations, then, Indovance can be your right outsourcing partner for CAD services. We help with our expertise in SolidWorks that raises your productivity, and minimizes the error and gives the best quality of output.

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