How CorelDraw Can Give Edge to Your Graphics Business?


If you have been following this section, you must be already aware of various features that Adobe family has to offer. We have already discussed Adobe Illustrator and InDesign with our previous articles. With this article, we will talk about CorelDraw software. And how you can leverage the software to achieve some terrific results in the Graphics. Yes, the software is vector graphics editor. The word vector indicates that you can change the size of the graphics without really affecting the quality. Corel users are already aware of this fact.

First things first, CorelDraw is relatively cheaper than Adobe Illustrator. So, if you are on a tight budget, you should be settling for CorelDraw. CorelDraw is also very popular for the same reason. And if more people are using the same software, then it becomes very easy to share the files. The newer versions of CorelDraw are easier to edit or trace.

But if you are struggling to figure out where CorelDraw should be used, then we will list down some best uses of the software. CorelDraw is used for Signs, Products and Packaging, Engraving etc. There are some features that people are not generally aware of. One of those is that CorelDraw allows you to create code that can help you develop new tools and also automate tasks. Therefore, you can create lists and also manage excel sheets using the code. And yes, you can even edit the photos if you want.

Whenever you try to run a software, what do you interact with? It’s the interface! And most of us want an interface that is very smooth and easy to interact with. CorelDraw has an interface that is better. The interface can also be customized to an extent. Therefore, you would be happy working with this interface. You can save a lot of time with this interface. There is a provision to even create shortcuts. And what do you do with shortcuts? You save time!

If you are thinking of designing ads for some big hoardings, then CorelDraw will make perfect sense. CorelDraw can also let you work better with the texts and the fonts. Adding effects with CorelDraw is also very convenient. And users just love convenience more than anything.

Indovance has a team of experts who are using CorelDraw to create best of outputs. Indovance has been helping firms to create amazing graphic designs and create works like Arts, Large-sized Printing, Illustrations, Cards, Prepress, Magazines etc.

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BIM: A Game-Changer in Civil Engineering and Construction Industry

You must have probably heard about BIM by now. Don’t worry if you know only a little about BIM (Building Information Modeling), this article will tell you about BIM in a nutshell. And yes, you would also know the potential that BIM offers in the construction engineering industry.

People consider BIM as a software, well, this is partially correct, but that doesn’t give a picture in totality. BIM creates a virtual models of any project that can help to speed-up the construction work, and how exactly do the construction takes place? Look at the pie-chart that will help you understand better:


So, these are most common benefits that BIM offers. There will be many other benefits that will fall under the umbrella of these benefits. Wondering about final outcome? The final outcome is these amazing buildings in an incredibly low time. BIM gives more control right from the inception stage and thus, the quality issues are unbelievably low.

Using BIM, 3D Models of the buildings are made digitally. These models are given interesting textures, colors, and artistic effects that are prerequisites to the every project. BIM just enables to build the structure virtually. This virtual model is the representation of your actual building to be constructed. Other elements like windows, walls, stairs, etc. can be added. In a way, you are just prototyping. Engineers just love this because BIM has made the process very smooth.

Engineers do acknowledge the fact that simulations are necessary for this field. Various forces do act on the structure, so the effects of these forces have to be taken care of well in advance. BIM does that like a cakewalk. And changes can be made easily. You make a change in the model, other relevant entities like elevations, floor plans, etc. will reflect the change. So, the change management is taken care of!

BIM has an information model, that will tell you about various standard practices, and therefore, compliance is just made easy. One must acknowledge that conservation of environment has become a priority. And BIM is a technology that can reduce the impact of the infrastructure on the environment. So designs with better sustainability can very well be implemented in the structures with the help of BIM.


So far, so good. But, what about designs? Does BIM help with designs? Yes, it does. BIM can help you in creating visualizations that are very realistic, and you can just accommodate various designs virtually. Does this help you? Well, it should because you will have better chances of convincing your clients with impactful presentations. Now, it does help, doesn’t it?

BIM can aid you with cool presentations that can sway your stakeholders positively. BIM can let you have a better control on the information. And information is a weapon in today’s era. And data management in BIM has so many fields like cost control, man-power management, building life-cycle, etc. that are very supportive for various tasks.

So, with all that said, do you want to implement BIM and move light years ahead of others? Indovance can help you as an outsourcing partner for BIM. Indovance offers BIM services that can help you better with planning and controlling the project. You will naturally save costs and time.

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Want Jaw-Dropping Productivity in Mechanical Engineering? Try SolidWorks!


Most of the firms in mechanical engineering services industry are trying to figure out ways that can give them an upper-hand in the operations to gain competitive advantage. Yes, it has become so important to be efficient in the operations. The firms want to raise their productivity to a maximum level. But, how do you exactly manage to raise the productivity? I think we might have an answer to your question. And the solution is SolidWorks.

SolidWorks is one of the best CAD software for mechanical engineering. And there’s a reason for its popularity. Let us check why some firms are absolutely dedicated to SolidWorks, and why is this software making people happy. Indovance has been using SolidWorks for a long time to cater to the needs of our clients. And we will share our first-hand experience with the SolidWorks with this article.

SolidWorks offers an interface that is highly responsive and supportive, which enables professionals to focus more on the designing part. Moreover this doesn’t need you to spend more time on the interface, resulting in improved productivity. We have also figured out that SolidWorks does offer in-built intelligence. Therefore, we don’t really spend more time on learning/teaching/training people. Assembling all the parts is made cool, you can check before this goes for the prototyping. And if you are thinking straight, you must have already realized by now that this means reducing costs and design cycle. We have more lead time.

Our team also does data management very well with SolidWorks. Sharing designs with the stakeholders and along with the team is not at all a headache anymore. Our team has been able to deliver some of the best presentations with 3D models, Renderings, Animations and 2D drawings. And we have been able to communicate well with the stakeholders. The ease of use is an advantage that we bank upon. And we are able to better utilize our time with other productive opportunities. Our productivity has really seen a drastic improvement with SolidWorks as compared to other software. And we have been able to transfer this advantage to our clients as well.

So, if you are looking for improving productivity in your mechanical engineering operations, then, Indovance can be your right outsourcing partner for CAD services. We help with our expertise in SolidWorks that raises your productivity, and minimizes the error and gives the best quality of output.

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How Important Is It To Build A Strong Corporate Identity?

Brand Building Banner

The term corporate identity clearly signifies the role of branding. Corporate brand-building is the art and science of building awareness about your company around the globe, loyalty amongst its customers, preference and value for companies, as opposed to the product brands they manage and market. Various business firms strive hard to gain credibility from its customers, and therefore, building corporate identity matters.

When a company creates value for its customers, the very first customers are their internal stake holders, i.e. their employees. Recently a survey indicated that; Amongst 720 executives, companies that were having a stronger identity, outperformed others by 25% (in terms of average annual TSR between 2013 and 2016).

In short, corporate identity is what drives your employees to outdo. Overall it has; the value proposition which you offer to your customers, the system capabilities that build these values and services which leverage those capabilities and delivers against your value proposition.

Building only external identity never works; you also must plant seeds at your workplace to win the employee’s heart. For building a path towards development, the companies must be aware of how to build a successful corporate identity.

A brand identity includes, but not limited to;Corp-Identity

  • Logo (multiple versions)
  • Font families
  • Illustrations and patterns
  • Photography styling
  • Marketing materials, signage, business stationery
  • Packaging design
  • Tone of voice for writing
  • A plan for how the customer is treated
  • The products themselves

More than just a logo

A logo expresses the essential values of a company via the use of a mark or icon. Hence, a logo is more than what one can think. It helps in defining your company in a simpler way.

To render such an important task of logo designing and brand development, many firms search for accurate and outperforming companies who can work for them at an efficient cost delivering excellent output.

This is where outsourcing comes into play. Outsourcing can help you to give faster results, enables you to focus more on your core activities, saves your extra dollars, availability of skilled designers, and time zone difference.

We, at Indovance, provide end to end Signage & Pre-Media design solutions to identify and address all your brand building concerns. Want to connect with us? Drop an email at or call us on +1 919 238-4044

Using UAV Technology For Land Survey Projects

Drone Survey

Land surveying and measurement gathering is the most basic, yet a crucial stage for any construction project. Over the period, the data collection methods have evolved significantly and now technology plays a vital role in execution. Traditionally, land surveyors would visit the site and collect measurements with survey instruments. But this method has always been problematic for multiple reasons such as inaccuracy of data, time and cost incurred and complexity in it. Moreover, sometimes project site could be difficult for humans to access.

That’s where use of drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or System) comes handy. Drone technology can scan potentially large landscapes or project sites and provide more accurate and elegant data compared to traditional methods. It collects data in the form of photogrammetric extraction (measurement with photographs), orthophotography and point clouds. Mostly the data collected through this process is huge in size, presenting micro details, at the same time its processing and output is reliable. In some cases, drone equipment itself could process the data up to certain extend.

Drone Capture

Applications of UAV Devices

  • Any size site mapping
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Change detection
  • Inspections
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Damage assessment
  • Automatic data processing (up to a certain limit)

However, according to the survey requirements, drones of UAV’s can have customizable equipment’s which vary in resolution or data collection and processing capabilities. Following are the advantages of using drones as survey method.

Advantages of UAV

  • Accuracy in measurements
  • Quickly acquired large scale data
  • Dense coverage of large areas
  • 2D & 3D measurements
  • Flexible range
  • Image interpretation capability (for object-based classification)
  • Automatic data processing
  • Recorded images lists the measuring process
  • Cost and time saving method
  • Operates in every terrain

Work Flow

Drone Capture Process

Like manned airborne platforms, VAS also collects imagery and produces the most accurate mapping output. Indovance has been using these advance technologies for all its survey drafting projects for years and has expertise in understanding the requirement and providing the most accurate solutions. If you are also looking for a partner who can work on your survey drafting projects, Indovance is the right partner for you. If you want to know more about our Civil engineering design services, reach us at or speak to us at +1 919-239-4044

Importance of Pilot and Demonstration Plants for Large Production Facilities

Demonstration Plant Banner

Technological advancements and innovation to scale-up the production is a common phenomenon in any industry, may it be mechanical, pharmaceuticals, chemical or industrial equipment. As they say, change is the only constant! And if you want to stay ahead of your competition in business, you got to accept the change. With cutting edge technology being introduced, there is always a scope for a new player to emerge, hence the only way out is to innovate and lead. But, is it that easy to just innovate and implement changed processes and methodologies? Not really. Large sized production and processing plant involves high risk and high investments, and they need to be cautiously designed and developed.
For a large size company, implementing the innovation straight from the lab, could be highly unsafe considering problematic mixing, product output and slow or hard-to-control reactions. Moreover, huge investments and time involved make things even more complicated. While some issues can be addressed in simulations, the physical version that runs in the real world will often behave differently than the simulations predict. Hence, they need a different approach of building pilot plants and demonstration plants to test the feasibility and practical implementation of the production plant.
Sometimes, the term pilot plant or demonstration plant are used interchangeably, but a demonstration module is often considered larger and more commercial than a pilot skid. Let’s know more about them.

Pilot Plant –
Pilot plant imageAs the name suggests, it’s a first sight of how the real plant will look like. A pilot plant is a smaller version of plant which is operated to find out the behavior of process before using it on a large scale industrial production. It acts as a system for hazard identification before full-scale production takes place.
A pilot plant allows you to collect actual data that can ensure smooth function of your full-scale production plant. It allows you to experiment with inputs, outputs, processing time etc. to streamline your process.
In some cases, a pilot plant may be of an optimal size that can produce specialty products in low quantities. You can stop at the pilot plant scale, produce plenty of product, and forgo a larger financial undertaking until the market demand increases.

Demonstration Plant –
Pilot plant imageDemonstration plant, larger than pilot plant, is a system used to validate the functionality of industrial production plant before building full capacity commercial plant. It is considered to be the final stage in research, development and demonstration of new process or technology being used in the plant. Demonstration plants are used to prove commercial and technical viability and prove production technology.

Benefits of demonstration plant –

  • Useful for initial production to test distribution and market development.
  • Used for testing end products and making required changes.
  • Ensures new process/production technology works fine at production level.
  • Testing the commercial viability of manufacturing method.
  • Prevention from probable production failures and hazards
  • Financial feasibility and reasonable return on investment.
  • Forecasting operational cost for running new system.

So, if you are looking to build pilot and demonstration plants for your next production plant and looking for a right design and drafting partner, get in touch with us. Indovance Inc. has years of experience and expertise in modeling that helps us understand the technology and client’s exact requirement. Indovance is a well-known brand in the manufacturing design and modeling domain for more than 15 years and has reputation of serving global clients. For more information about us and our services, reach out at +1 919-238-4044 or email us at

BOMA International – Standards For Commercial Project Space Measurement.

BOMA Intl. Banner
What is BOMA International?
Big commercial projects are often difficult to measure, and minor miscalculations can lead to a bigger problem for entities involved in the project. The entire project structure and allocation of spaces needs to be correct and rightly priced for respective space holder. Hence miscalculations in measurements can be tricky at times. So, how does concerned authority make sure, if measurements are taken in correct manner and all the basic things were taken into consideration?

Hence to reduce the complexity and make it simpler, BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) International published the standard methods for measuring floor area in commercial offices as a service to the commercial real estate industry and to public. These standard methods are certified by ANSI (American National Standards Institutes) of which BOMA International is a member and certified standard developer.

BOMA International defines method of measuring floor area of commercial office buildings and typically used by the building owners, managers, facility managers, occupants, appraisers, design professionals, measurement professionals, leasing professionals and lending institutes to compute rentable area of the office in US, Canada & some other countries.

Purpose of the BOMA Publications –

  • To permit clear communication among all participants in the commercial real estate industry.
  • To foster consistent, unambiguous measurement of rentable area.
  • To allow comparison of values based on a clearly understood and generally agreed upon method of measurement.
  • To measure space in both existing and new office buildings.

This standard takes a building-wide approach to the measurement of floor area, providing a common basis for measuring not only space that is used exclusively by occupants but also space that benefits all occupants and the allocation thereof to occupants.

Methods of Measurement –
Method AThis standard offers two measurement methods to choose from: The Legacy Method and the Single Load Factor Method. Both methods produce the same building total rentable area of any building. Both methods utilize similar space classifications and boundaries. They differ in the following respects:

Method A (Legacy Method) –
It calculates the rentable areas of the building and each of its floor levels using a methodology that continues many features of the predecessor standard, ANSI/BOMA 1996, such as the floor R/U ratio and the building R/U ratio. While many terms have changed, the general methodology is similar to the predecessor standard with the primary exception being that the application of the floor R/U ratio to building service areas has been discontinued, resulting in slightly different R/U rations and rentable areas.

Method B

Method B (Single Load Factor Method) –
It’s a new class of space, base building circulation and a revised global summary of areas to redistribute the rentable area of the building across its floor levels in a manner that produces an identical load factor on all floor levels of the building. It assumes that base building circulation exists on all floor levels of a building whether they have multiple occupants or a single occupant. This method requires diligent on-going documentation (using tools such as CAD) of base building circulation and extended circulation but may offer leasing advantages and more stability over time in the rentable area of a building.

When applying this standard to measure a building, one must choose and apply between the above stated methods to the entire building. The two methods can not be applied simultaneously within the same building.

The Indovance Edge –
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All You Need to Know about ALTA Survey – Part II

In our last article we discussed about the basics of American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey, its scope, why ALTA Survey is required and steps in the execution. However, between all this, there are defined guidelines and standards which must be followed while executing these survey requirements. What are the Minimum Standard Details Required for an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey 2016?

  1. Purpose – Members of the American Land Title Association® (ALTA®) have specific needs, unique to title insurance matters, when asked to insure title to land without exception as to the many matters which might be discoverable from survey and inspection, and which are not evidenced by the public records.
  2. Request for Survey – The client shall request the survey, and shall provide a written authorization to proceed from the person or entity responsible for paying for the survey. The scope of work related to surveys of such properties or interests in real properties should be discussed with the client, lender, and insurer; and agreed upon in writing prior to commencing work on the survey.
  3. Surveying Standards and Standards of Care –
    1. Effective Date – Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are effective February 23, 2016. As of that date, all previous versions of the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements are superseded by these new standards.
    2. The Normal Standard of Care – There may be unwritten local, state, and/or regional standards of care defined by the practice of the “prudent surveyor” in locales.
    3. Boundary Resolution – The boundary lines and corners of property being surveyed as part of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey shall be established and retraced in accordance with appropriate boundary law.
    4. Measurement Standards – The ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey has predefined standards for measurement called Relative Position Precision. It’s a measure of how precisely the surveyor can monument and report the positions. The maximum allowable Relative Positional Precision for an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is 2 cm (0.07 feet) plus 50 parts per million (based on the direct distance between the two corners being tested).
  4. Records Research – It is recognized that for the performance of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, the surveyor will be provided with appropriate and, when possible, legible data which can be relied upon in the preparation of the survey.
  5. Fieldwork – The fieldwork shall include – Monuments (location, size, character, and type), Rights of Way and Access, Lines of Possession and Improvements along the Boundaries, location of buildings on the surveyed property, Easements and Servitude, Cemeteries, water features etc.
  6. Plat or Map – A plat or map shall show –
    1. Boundary, Descriptions, Dimensions, and Closures
    2. Easements, Servitude, Rights of Way, Access, and Documents
    3. Presentation & The evidence and locations gathered, and the monuments and lines located during the fieldwork
  7. Certification – The plat or map of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey shall bear only the following certification, unaltered –“To (name of insured, if known), (name of lender, if known), (name of insurer, if known), (names of others as negotiated with the client):This is to certify that this map or plat and the survey on which it is based were made in accordance with the 2016 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, jointly established and adopted by ALTA and NSPS, and includes Items ___________ of Table A thereof. The fieldwork was completed on ___________ [date].Date of Plat or Map: ___________ (Surveyor’s signature, printed name and seal with Registration/License Number)”
  8. Deliverables The surveyor shall furnish copies of the plat or map of survey to the insurer and client and as otherwise negotiated with the client. Hard copies shall be on durable and dimensionally stable material of a quality standard acceptable to the insurer. A digital image of the plat or map may be provided in addition to, or in lieu of, hard copies pursuant to the terms of the contract.
  9. Table A – It’s a list of optional survey responsibilities and specifications to be included in the ALTA/NSPS land title survey.

If you are looking for land survey drafting and design services for your upcoming project, Indovance can be a right fit with its experience of more than 15 years in engineering design. With advantages like highly skilled workforce, cost effective solutions & quick turnaround time (TAT), Indovance is first choice of many fortune 500 engineering and publishing giants. You can also set up your entire design and drafting team in India with our Virtual Office Model. For more information, reach us on +1 919-239-4044 or drop in a mail to us at

Piping Design and Modeling – Importance and Feasibility

piping banner

Smart design is what required when it comes to building an efficient and optimized structures, may it be for a residential/commercial complex or an industrial plant. There are many aspects to consider while it is designed and one of the most prominent is Piping Design & its modeling. In fact, Piping Engineering is a separate department in many companies dealing with design and layouts of piping roots/networks across the plant and along the equipments.

Industry Implications –

Piping designs and modeling functions are required for almost every establishments but there are some industries wherein, Piping Design & Modeling is required frequently and has a bigger role to play. Here they are –

Burst of Steam in Manhattan Pipeline
Burst of Steam in Manhattan Pipeline
  • Oil & Gas Extraction Plants
  • Refining Plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Dying Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Plants
  • Water Resource Management
  • Process Plants
  • Fertilizers Manufacturing
  • Waste management
  • Heavy Scale Industries

Importance of Accurate Piping Design –

Piping Design is basis for every aspect of material flow within/outside the plant. For example, in a processing plant, movement of material within the different units must be optimized so that it can travel minimum distance and curves to get processed quickly. Alternatively, in heavy scale industries, the heat or pressure in the pipe is very critical. A simple miscalculation of pipe network’s capability can lead to a disastrous outcome, often resulting in casualties.

Piping design has become a major component of all the industries, with pipe infrastructure contributing to total transactions in power plants, pharmaceutical firms, chemical plants, CNG/LPG plants, oil industries, and more. Pipe design engineers work to create an efficient plant design and construction, preparing route layouts & equipment specifications.

Factors to Consider in Designing –

Industrial Pipe System

Having an in-depth knowledge in material properties and accordingly designing and modeling the piping structure is the best way to go ahead. A designer and modeler need to consider following factors while they analyze and define a piping design model –

  • Stress analysis
  • Flowing material properties
  • Piping material quality, property & life span
  • Piping placement and elements around
  • Minimum distance & curves in material flow
  • Heat & steam pressure

Typical Reasons of Failures –

While there are no thumb rules as to how a structure should be, as it depends upon the plant layout, processing unit placements and resources availability, we can chalk out typical reasons of design failures as below –

  • Lack of expertise & knowledge in underground pipeline design, construction and management around the world.
  • Inadequate understanding of pipe-soil interaction principles.
  • Wide-ranging behavior of pipe materials.
  • Claims and counterclaims of pipe manufacturers.
  • Inconsistent design standards for different pipe materials.
  • Inappropriate and inadequate utility mapping during design or construction of a pipeline.
  • Improper designs and inadequate pipe factory and site supervision by engineers.
  • Pipelines being used well beyond their intended design life.
  • Improper operation and maintenance.

As we know, having an experience and in-depth knowledge is the key in successful piping project execution and if you are looking for a reliable designing and modeling partner for your upcoming plant project, you can surely rely on our industry expert who can guide and work along with you for all your design requirements, may it be for piping, structure, mechanical design and drafting works, you name it and Indovance will have a solution for you. You can reach us at +1 919-238-4044 or write us at for more details.