Want to Build Earthquake Resistant Houses? Take advantage of Bamboo!

Utilization of bamboo as a major component of housing construction in earthquake-prone areas think it’s time, given the durability of the earthquake. As stated in the discussion “Stanards and Oversight Earthquake Resistant Buildings”, in Jakarta, Monday (14 / 9). Discussion was attended by a number of experts and practitioners of architecture. Among the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Danang Tarumanagara Priatmodjo, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Architects (IAI) Subijono Endy, Professor of the Department of Architecture, University of Indonesia Gunawan Tjahyono, and businessman Arifin Panigoro.

New designs for smarter buildings

After two years of design, experimentation, fund-raising and building, the University of Arizona’s Solar Decathlon team has completed construction of its 800-square-foot solar-powered house on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The UA’s team will compete with entries from 14 other states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany and Spain. The Solar Decathlon effort is but one of the UA’s efforts to broaden the horizon of sustainable architecture and building.

Cities of Tomorrow

The 2009 Oscar winner for best picture, Slumdog Millionaire, may have introduced Hollywood to the ragpickers of Mumbai, but that city’s scrap-heap squalor is all too common everywhere else. In 2003, the United Nations reported that almost 1 billion people—about one-sixth of humanity, and a third of all city dwellers—lived in the slums of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and the number was projected to double by 2030. Planning can’t keep up, so people ad-lib housing, often illegally, in the space they can find on urban fringes.

Bringing Urbanism Home

I love big cities, but I often find small cities more compelling. The dispiriting and encouraging aspects of urbanism are more immediately juxtaposed, often heart-rendingly so, but the disparity between them seems bridgeable. Surely, this place can be made to work, if only. Hudson, N.Y., a settlement of 8,000 residents two hours north of Manhattan, is a two-square-mile snapshot of America’s urban disparity. Its main avenue, Warren Street, is a stunner; it looks as if eight very charming blocks of Brooklyn left the big city a century ago and moved to Columbia County.

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