CAD Drawing Tips

CAD drawing is great for architects, engineers and others that need assistance with drawing extensive designs. Below, our experts offer you a few tips that should help those just starting out with CAD drawing.

CAD Drawing Tips

Block Library – Building an elaborate, detailed block library is the important when using CAD to assist your drawing. A block library allows you to save layouts, templates and free blocks so that they’re available to use whenever you need them. This saves time when CAD drawing and can be saved right on your PC or external hard drive!

Drawing – There are several tips that can help you learn the ins and outs of CAD and how well it can assist you in your drafting and drawing. The biggest thing to remember is: Don’t draw the same thing twice. While this tip might seem odd, it’s actually very useful. For example, you draw a perfect bathroom layout and like the overall design. Instead of using it once and then throwing it out, save it into your block library to use as many times as you need it! Perfect drawings are great for blocks. They save time and allow you to build on the layout each time you use it. While you won’t use the exact same layout each time, you will be able to use its layers and line types to help trim and stretch to fit your current projects drawings!

Templates – There are specific drawings that you’ll  probably need to duplicate frequently while using CAD. Taking time to do a quick rough draft of these objects can be a great way to get a head start on your block library. When drawing the templates, be sure to do only a rough draft. Leave the details for later and only draw basic outlines and layouts of the designs. Once these templates are saved as blocks, you can use them time and time again, saving even more time!

Template Model File – In addition to having templates for layouts, consider having a file where you save models, as well. You can add lines, text types, dimension styles, layers, standard windows and more. Again, once you start a new project, you won’t have to spend time drawing these standard needed objects. You can use the model file and then add details where they’re needed.

How To Outsource CAD Projects

We hope these CAD drawing tips help you with your projects! If you’re interested in talking more with Indovance about how you can outsource CAD needs to us for drawing and drafting projects, please call us today! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook by clicking here.

Becoming a Mechanical Engineer

outsourcing cadMechanical engineering is a growing field that offers numerous benefits and advantage to those that choose to obtain a degree in the industry. In our previous post, we talked in detail about mechanical engineering and the various fields and industries they’re needed in. Today, we are going to continue our discussion with information regarding becoming a mechanical engineer and the steps that should be taken before, during and after college.

Steps To Take Before College

  • Study mathematics of all kinds, science, and computers in high school.
  • Take part in math contests and science fairs.
  • Develop hobbies related to mechanical engineering.
  • Learn to use tools. Take Auto shop, if possible.
  • Learn to disassemble machines, fix them, and reassemble them.
  • Explore the field of electronics.
  • Research different colleges and universities that offer an engineering degree. There are hundreds of schools that offer this degree so it’s important to do your research and make the best decision for yourself.

Steps To Take During and After College

  • Take drafting classes – Even if you’re engineering school doesn’t offer drafting classes, it’s very beneficial to take a few at a local community college. Also consider learning CAD software if possible. CAD is a great design software that many companies use or outsource to companies that use the system.
  • Develop impeccable written communication skills.
  • Achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. This could take four to five years at a university that offers this degree.
  • Earn an Engineering License.

Mechanical Engineering is a great field to enter that offers many advantages and benefits, including an opportunity to work with CAD software. As an outsourcing company that uses CAD, we know how important it is to continue our education, allowing those who are interested in becoming a skilled expert in the engineering field to learn and grow in knowledge.

Outsourcing CAD Services With Indovance

Indovance is a company that offers CAD outsourcing services to firms that need expertise in skilled fields without the extra costs and manpower it often takes. If you’re interested in our outsourcing CAD services company, feel free to contact us today!

Mechanical Engineering

cad outsource
Are you considering a career in mechanical engineering? If so, you’ve picked a great career path. Mechanical Engineering is a great field to enter that offers many advantages and benefits for those that plan to pursue this career.

Below, you’ll find a few a few facts about mechanical engineers, including what industries they’re needed in and what kind of salary you might expect, working in the field.

Mechanical engineers are able to work in the following fields and industries:

  • Aerospace (airplanes, aircraft engines, control systems for airplanes and spacecraft)
  • Automation (robots, data and image acquisition, recognition, control)
  • Automotive (from the car chassis to its every subsystem—engine, transmission, sensors)
  • Biotechnology (implants, prosthetic devices, fluidic systems for pharmaceutical industries)
  • Computers and electronics (disk drives, printers, cooling systems, semiconductor tools)
  • Energy conversion (gas turbines, wind turbines, solar energy, fuel cells)
  • Environmental control (HVAC, air-conditioning, refrigeration, compressors)
  • Manufacturing (machining, machine tools, prototyping, microfabrication)
  • Microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS (sensors, actuators, micropower generation)

According to the BLS, mechanical engineers earned a median salary of $82,100 in 2013. The best-paid earned about $123,340, while the lowest-paid earned less than $52,550. Industries that pay well include oil and gas extraction as well as information services. The top-paying metropolitan areas for the occupation include Anchorage, Alaska; Taunton, Massachusetts; and San Jose, California.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment in the field is expected to grow by 4.5 percent between 2012 and 2022, translating to 11,600 new positions. The broad opportunities within that hiring window should leave aspiring mechanical engineers feeling encouraged. Architecture, alternative energies, remanufacturing and nanotechnology are subsets of this profession that will have openings for candidates with the right education and experience.

For more information about becoming a mechanical engineer, including what type of schooling you’ll need, visit back with us in our next blog post.

Mechanical Engineering is a great field to enter that offers many advantages and benefits, including an opportunity to work with CAD software. As a CAD outsource company, we know how important it is to continue our education, allowing those who are interested in becoming a skilled expert in the engineering field to learn and grow in knowledge.

Affordable CAD Outsource Services

If you’re interested in working with Indovance for CAD outsourcing purposes, contact us for more information. We are here to offer you the best CAD outsource services for all your engineering needs.

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Outsourcing CAD Trends

Outsourcing CAD Outsourcing as made a huge impact on the business world in the past few decades and with it came success and profitability for all companies who chose to take advantage of outsourcing. Outsourcing trends come and go, but one thing remains the same. Outsourcing, in general, can help your business reach the level you want it to, without it costing more than you can afford.

A few trends for outsourcing CAD services, today, lie with outsourcing to other countries, like India. There are several reasons why outsourcing to companies that work with India are beneficial:

  • Cost Effective
  • Quicker Turnaround Times
  • More Productive
  • Ability to Work With Skilled Experts
  • Outsourcing CAD Services

One of the most outsourced service today is CAD services. It’s also a trend that is very popular in the construction industry. Employing a team of CAD designers, in-house isn’t always feasible so it’s important to realize that CAD outsourcing is always available to help out when needed. Taking advantage of CAD outsourcing for your construction needs is a great way to save money, time and get the job done in far less time than the conventional way would allow.

Even more, it’s predicted that outsourcing CAD outsourcing services will continue to trend in the future and progress to an even bigger industry that will offer advantages to those that need outsourcing services.

Used to draft and model engineering projects, CAD drafting services have also gained popularity in recent years. CAD outsourcing services are trending in many different industries, including:

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Construction

The use of CAD outsourcing services is growing rapidly, every day. It’s important to take advantage of these services, as CAD drafting and other CAD outsourcing is in high demand. If you’re ready to talk with one of our experts about working with Indovance’s CAD outsourcing team, contact us, today! We are here to help you get your business’s functions done in a timely, cost effective way!

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Benefits of CAD Drawing Services in Architectural Design

Architects frequently trust models and of their projects to help with the work. With the help of CAD, architects are able to improve productivity, as well as, the aesthetics of their designs. CAD offers many benefits in architectural design, today, as the data storing advantages, 3D modeling and more can help the designers in every aspect of their overall project. Below, you’ll find some of the most beneficial advantages of using CAD drawing services to help with your architectural designs.

Data Storage

Unlike manual drafting for architectural design, CAD drafting files do not need to be stored in folders. CAD drafting files are saved on a computer server. In addition, the likelihood of drafting being lost with CAD is much lower than manual drafting. CAD drawings are paperless and electronically saved, adding an Eco-friendly element, as well.


Because CAD drafting work is stored on a computer server, the ability to access the information anywhere there’s an internet connection is possible.

3D Viewing

The best way to represent a structure is through a 3D drawing. While drafting a 3D model manually is possible, it’s not as realistic as one that an AutoCAD program can produce. The visualization process via AutoCAD programs brings projects to life, helping the overall visualization process most architectural designs go through.

AutoCAD software creates 3D models easily while manually created models take much more time, consideration and effort, leaving the architect feeling tired and overly challenged.


Drawing on paper can be a difficult challenge when modifications and reworks come into play. Oftentimes, architects have to restart a drawing when a mistake is made or when something needs to be revised. With CAD, modifications are done easily with editing tools that work well to shorten the time spent on things that need revised. CAD allows you to delete, undo or redo with one click of a mouse button while manual drawings leave you re-drawing anytime there’s an issue or need for modification.


Designed to help architects work faster and easier, all while saving significantly on time, our CAD drawing services is great for companies that don’t have the time or manpower to do specific architectural designs in a timely manner.

  • Speed
  • CAD can help speed many tasks up for architects, including:
  • Reports
  • Scaling
  • Drawing each and every line when drafting
  • Preparing bill of materials

CAD software also helps to eliminate the need for reiterations. This alone speeds the process up considerably.


Manual drafting opens the door for various mistakes and issues for all architectural designs. Objects drawn must be aligned properly to the correct scale. It’s often difficult to do manually and, as we’ve mentioned, is very challenging and time consuming. CAD also offers the ability to save exact dimensions for projects so that errors are avoided and accuracy is increased substantially.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of all the benefits CAD has to offer you, feel free to contact Indovance to talk with us further about the benefits of our CAD drawing services in architectural design.


Mechanical Engineering Outsourcing Services

engineering outsourcing servicesAre you considering a career move that involves mechanical engineering? If so, there are many different opportunities involved in this field that can offer various benefits and advantages for those who take the necessary steps to becoming a mechanical engineer.

Where are Mechanical Engineers Needed?

Mechanical engineers play a central part in many industries and fields, including:

  • Scientific research
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Acoustics
  • Combustion
  • Automotive engineering
  • Design testing
  • Packaging
  • Medical industry

As the broadest and most diverse in the field of engineering, mechanical engineers work with detailed projects and have a skill set that’s in high demand for the following:

  • Automotive Engineering – Working primarily on the car chassis, engine and transmission sensors
  • Aerospace – Designing control systems for airplanes, spacecraft and also working on airplane components and aircraft engines, as well.
  • Biotechnology – Designing implants, prosthetics, fluidic systems for pharmaceuticals
  • Computers and Electronics Devices – Designing printers, cooling systems, semiconductor tools, disk drives and more.
  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) –Working with sensors, micropower generation and actuators
  • Energy Conversion – Working with gas and wind turbines, solar energy and fuel cells
  • Environmental Control – Working with air-conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC systems
  • Automation – Designing and working with robots, data and image acquisition, recognition and control
  • Manufacturing – Microfabrication, machining, machine tools, prototyping

Mechanical Engineering Salary

According to the BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), mechanical engineers earned a median salary of $82,100 in 2013. The best-paid earned about $123,340, while the lowest-paid earned less than $52,550. Industries that pay well include oil and gas extraction as well as information services. The top-paying metropolitan areas for the occupation include Anchorage, Alaska; Taunton, Massachusetts; and San Jose, California.

A Growing Need 

Deciding to become a mechanical engineer can be very beneficial for those who want to enter a career field that will continue to grow and and be successful. As of now, mechanical engineering employment is expected to grow 4.5 percent by 2022. That’s about 11,600 new positions that will be needed in the field in the future.

Making the decision to become a mechanical engineer takes years of preparation, oftentimes beginning in middle and high school. In our next blog post, you’ll find steps that are necessary to take before, during and after college for those looking to become a mechanical engineer so be sure to visit back with us, soon!

For those interested in learning more about outsourcing with Indovance, contact us to talk further with our experts. We offer outsourcing services for architectural, engineering and other drafting needs.

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How Has CAD Drawing Services Changed The Engineering Industry?

 cad drawing servicesCAD drawing services has changed the engineering industry in many ways, but all for the better. Those who use CAD outsourcing services for engineering find that they’re more profitable and successful. Below, you’ll find several more reasons how CAD has changed the engineering industry.

How Has CAD Drawing Services Changed the Engineering Industry?

Realistic Drafting. Before CAD, all drafts were drawn by hand. This means that all models and drafts were 2D (2 Dimensional). In order to make sure the structures were drafted properly multiple drawings were required to depict all sides of the model.

Today, CAD software helps eliminate the hand-drawn drafts. With the use of CAD, engineers are able to create 3D (3 Dimensional) simulations of all drafts – whether it be a machine component, structure or other type of model. There’s even an option to take a virtual 3D tour of the structures being drafted with CAD.

Networking Capabilities. Before CAD software, engineers had trouble saving and transferring files without worrying whether or not they’d become lost or degraded. Now, with the help of CAD applications like BIM (Building Information Modeling), engineers are able to store their work and findings in a system that saves and transfers files without any complications. Multiple engineers can locate this information and work on a project using the views, tools and access for the same project.

Job Opportunities. Engineers can be expensive, and rightfully so. Their skill set and expertise is incomparable. Unfortunately, small businesses can’t afford to hire engineers, in-house and pay them what they’re worth. That’s where CAD outsourcing has come into play.  CAD has created thousands of jobs for engineers today, so that they’re working in a place that offers specialized programs so they’re able to learn to use CAD.

Cost Efficiency. Engineering drafting by hand is an expensive and time consuming task. Today, CAD has offered a way for engineers to increase productivity in drafting, as well as eliminated the need for additional materials while drafting like drafting paper, drawing sets and more.

Precision. CAD drawing services software offers engineers a way to draw and create projects without error. CAD offers application tool to with measuring angles and lines with complete accuracy. Spending time correcting wrong dimensions and reworking is eliminated with CAD software.

Simplification of the job, unmatched precision and cost efficiency when using CAD are just a few of the benefits offered when you outsource your engineering needs. Contact Indovance today, to learn more about CAD outsourcing and how you can take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer!

Outsourcing Benefits for Small Businesses

affordable cad drawing servicesOftentimes, small business don’t have the budget to hire full-time workers, expertise in certain fields or skill sets that larger companies have. While budgeting might be the only thing keeping small business owners from hiring in-house experts, that doesn’t mean that they can’t hire an outsourcing company to help complete projects and assignments for clients and customers.

Outsourcing companies offer small businesses a way to hire resources, all while keeping costs lower than those same resources, in-house. There are many benefits for those who choose to take advantage of outsourcing for small business.

Outsourcing CAD Drawing Services For Small Businesses | Benefits

Easy Business Expansions – Small business have the ability to expand without adding extra costs for expertise and skills that often cost a great deal when hiring, in-house help. Outsourcing leads to expansion opportunities in new markets without raising overhead costs.

Employment Flexibility – There’s no need to hire or fire employees during fluctuating business cycles. Outsourcing helps to reduce the need for employees that do daily tasks or work that’s only on an as needed type basis.

Risk Management – There’s no worry for lost data when working with an outsourcing company. Risk management practices are in place to ensure there’s never any issues when sharing and transferring data.

Technology Expense Reduction – One of the most beneficial cost reductions outsourcing has to offer small businesses is the decreased need for expensive software upgrades and other costly technology.

24/7 Service – Outsourcing offers a unique ability to get the job done immediately, whether it be overnight or during the early hours of morning. You’re able to say yes to all your client’s needs; especially those that are urgent.

The benefits you’ll encounter when outsourcing your small business needs are endless! Why stress over the costs of hiring in-house expertise when Indovance is here to help eliminate the need to do so?! Our engineering, architectural and other services are here for you to take advantage of when you’re ready!

Selecting the right outsourcing company for your business might be the hardest part of the overall outsourcing process. Thankfully, companies like ours are here to offer quality resources to help ease your fears about hiring an outsourcing company. To learn more about Indovance and all the outsourcing services we offer, give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about outsourcing!

Outsourcing CAD Services Can Help Your Timeline

Do you own a small business? Are you constantly trying to find new ways to save time when working on projects and other business tasks? If so, you might want to consider outsourcing. As one of the most popular and easiest ways for your business to save time, outsourcing can significantly help your timeline. Especially if you’re just starting out in your business venture, outsourcing your projects and tasks is a great way to lower overhead costs and frees up your time, so you can focus on getting your business up and running.

Outsourcing can help your business’s timeline by offering the following advantages to help get things done in a quick and efficient way, without compromising on accuracy and quality.

Skilled Expertise. Being able to have skilled experts, right at your fingertips is one of the biggest benefits of working with an outsourcing company. Need an architect or engineer to work on developing a new product? Outsourcing companies can help. In addition to offering these skilled experts, outsourcing also offers the ability to have the work being outsourced done in half the time it would take someone, in-house. Turnaround times on all types of projects are quick and efficient.

Help with Tedious Tasks. Spending weekends and evenings on endless projects, marketing or other repetitive duties isn’t idea for a business owner when their time can be spent on more productive things. That’s why outsourcing is great. Those repetitive tasks are done easily and quickly by an outsourcing company so that you’re time is freed to do more important things.

Specific Needs. Though you’re probably great at what you do, it’s important to understand what an outsourcing company can do to help speed your productivity timeline up. Various tasks and duties come with owning and operating a business. You’ll need specialized, skilled help. That help is often expensive and permanent. When you outsource CAD needs to a specialized company, you’re able to get the a better level of quality in work that’s done in half the time by professionals that cost less than ones you’d hire to work, in-house.

When you choose to outsource CAD drawing needs to Indovance, you will really improve productivity and time spent on projects is key for those who aren’t able to hire the manpower and expertise needed to complete projects, in-house. If you’re interested in talking with Indovance about how you can outsource CAD drawing to us and get all the benefits our company can offer, contact us today!


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Engineering Outsourcing Trends

affordable engineering outsourcing servicesHave you often wondered about outsourcing your business’s tasks to a company that can complete them in a quality, time efficient manner? If so, you might want to consider working with Indovance. We are proud to offer engineering services for all your outsourcing needs. We can help your business with project planning, designing and constructing!

Engineering Outsourcing Trends

Engineering Services

Engineering outsourcing refers to the outsourcing of services that non-physical engineers do, including designing, simulation and consultation. Engineering services outsourcing has only become popular in recent years and now, is one of the most popular outsourcing services available. the acceptance of engineering outsourcing is a trend that is being tracked closely, as it is evolving, everyday.

Various Sectors

Aside from changes dealing with construction, telecom, aerospace and automotive, other sectors have gained in engineering outsourcing services. Though there are many sectors and areas that engineering outsourcing deal with, the most popular operational areas include:

  • Health Care Equipment
  • Industrial Design
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Innovation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Plant
  • Process Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • R&D
  • Transportation
  • Utilities


In the past, engineering services offered by outsourcing companies were only available in low-level functions. Now, engineering outsourcing as improved significantly. In addition, outsourcing companies are offering critical and innovation-centric engineering services, whereas critical services were the only type of engineering outsourcing offered in the past.

Aerospace, automotive and defense sectors are among many of the industries that are supporting the steady rise of the engineering outsourcing services movement.


The report by NASSCOM states that the spending on engineering services outsourcing is set to rise to approximately $1.1 trillion by 2020. Other estimates predict that the global R&D industry is expected to grow to more than $1.4 trillion by 2020. This is great new for the industry, as trends are promising for the future!

If you’re interested in engineering outsourcing, take a look at all the services that are offered by most engineering outsourcing companies:

  • Drafting and 3D Modeling
  • Control Engineering
  • Design Automation
  • Embedded Systems
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Plant Design/Process Engineering
  • Product Design and Testing

Want to talk further with Indovance about our engineering outsourcing services? Feel free to contact us, today! We are here to help you reduce your business’s costs and increase your engineering productivity in order to grow your business to a successful level.