Is Interior Architecture And Interior Designing Same?

IA vs ID

When it comes to interior designing and interior architecture, people often confuse the two. A debate is going around the web to differentiate these two.

Let’s have the discussion centers on the blurring of the lines that define the role and responsibilities of each profession: where does the interior design of a space end and architecture begin, and vice versa?

When we talk about interior designing, it deals with decorative and soft furnishings of the architecture. Apart from this, there are also technical aspects of interior design which are related to plumbing and electric part of the architecture and this is what interior Architecture mean.

Interior architecture plays its role to render CAD drawings. Computer-aided-design is used to give 2D and 3D models of the projects. Many degree courses now teach students about the structural technical elements of buildings, which has begun to blur the line between architecture and interior design.

An interior architecture is required to look after human habitation. Be it electrical requirements, proper use of space, ventilation, plumbing requirements. The presence of interior architect is required during the complete construction process of such projects.

These two verticals differ drastically. Interior design mostly deals with soft furnishings, having smaller projects. On the contrary, architecture design deals with bigger projects having the requirement of some technical specifications and aesthetic skills.

In short, interior architecture deals with the science and interior designs deals with the art.

The whiff of the interior architecture industry is growing. The architects work through their thought process. One such amongst them is Ilse Crawford, she, for her entire work feels that “Design is not just a visual thing. It’s a thought process. It’s a skill. Ultimately, design is a tool to enhance our humanity. It’s a frame for life.”

Having had such words from architects, there are several outsourcing companies who work to fulfill such services and have skilled architects and engineers working with them. Indovance is one such company who offers interior architectural and interior design services.

IA vs ID_2

Indovance is a global leader who uses the latest technology required for interior architecture. There are certain software’s available which architects use for CAD drawings. Some amongst them are; Auto CAD, Revit, Sketch up, ADT, 3D Studio Max, V Ray, SoftPlan, other rendering and animation software’s.

We are design and drafting company and we serve our services in civil, mechanical, architectural and Pre-Media.

So, if you are looking for a finest interior architects and designers than you are on the right platform. Indovance is delivering its services from 2003, and we have pioneered in the field of outsourcing these services.

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Virtual Reality: A Technology That Will Change The Architectural Industry


Virtual Reality is some serious technology that is trending currently. And I bet it will stay for a longer period. People are really fascinated by this new technology. The other day I saw this video on YouTube for Virtual Reality, I was very astonished. I am sure you must have already seen Oculus Rift videos, and some of you might even have experienced it. No wonder it is used widely for gaming and entertainment purposes for the thrill that it provides. But, the question is can it be used beyond entertainment?  Let us find out.

The Virtual Reality technology can also be applied to different areas. Can it be applied to the architecture? Well, yes. In fact, Virtual Reality can be used for the presentations that can win your clients. People are just amazed by presentations involving Virtual Reality. It just takes their experience to a new level. And this is what people want, they want experience, and this experience should have the ability to overwhelm them. Seizing someone’s attention is always challenging in the architecture. And the Virtual Reality in the architecture can just be the right weapon in your firepower.

Architectural firms have already started leveraging on Virtual Reality. Imagine you are a prospect and just leg into a firm that puts goggles on your eyes, and lets you have a grand experience about a new project. You can just walk around in the virtual apartment, and take a magnificent view.  If you get excited, they have won you. This is how it works. Virtual Reality has the power to engage your clients better.  And in a way, you as an architectural firm, are also communicating your designs to the clients. If you have made the right use of technology, people are going to fall for the designs.

As the Virtual Reality is the new cool technology, the chances are more that you will attract more buzz in the market. People like to talk about things that they like. And if they get a good experience, then they are probably going to recommend it to more people. In coming days, you will see more use of Virtual Reality in the architectural and civil industry because this technology is a key to reaching out to customers better.

Indovance, one of the leading firms for architectural and civil engineering CAD drawing and drafting outsourcing, acknowledges the shift in the technology and tries to incline itself with the technological advancements.

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Current Trends in Architecture That People Are Falling For

Green RoofArchitecture has become imperative for people in all walks of life. People are craving for convenience. Let’s ask ourselves, don’t we want convenience? We do want convenience. And all the current trends in the architecture are shaped according to the convenience.

People need comfortable homes. They need such architectural designs that can make them really comfortable. It’s a home after all. Similarly, people also want office spaces to be really engaging. They want an environment that pushes the productivity in the office. So, people are looking for convenience combined with a pinch of luxury in residential or commercial spaces. And based on the similar lines, we will discuss current trends in the architecture. And moreover, the concern for the environment has been growing rapidly, so does it reflect the architecture? I would say definitely yes.

And these current trends in the architecture are likely to stay longer because people are really falling for these. To start with, we will discuss that the trends are more inclined towards safety and greenery. People want an architecture that is in tune with nature. The designs that have a minimum impact on the environment wins more hearts.

Yes, people want green rooftops, people want architectural designs that can accommodate greener designs. People do want to have designs that have better ventilation systems. The current trends in the architecture suggest that people want to make more use of appliances that are better at energy efficiency. You wouldn’t believe that architecture designs today have even plumbing systems that make efficient usage of water with minimal leakage and water-saving techniques. Can you believe this? People are damn serious, and there’s no denying to this.


And this is what people are really interested in. They want architectural designs that make minimum use of materials that are toxic to the environment. The negative impact on the environment should be the bare minimum. So, in a way architectural designs are more inclined towards becoming eco-friendly.

You must have started to realize that definition of architecture is not only restricted to aesthetics. It also includes greener designs. If you happen to be a fan of architecture, you must have already noticed by now that buildings are using solar panels on a wider scale to generate energy from a renewable source. Recycled materials are used to cut down the costs. And also, we do realize the importance of water management. If you are keeping a close eye on the new projects, you will acknowledge that rain-water harvesting is done on a large scale. Architects have designed a better water management plan to collect excessive rain/flood/storm water effectively and put that to use.

And being a part of such innovative designs is the real character of Indovance. Indovance has a team of seasoned architects who are quite experienced with the current trends in the architecture industry. Indovance is one of the leading CAD Drafting and Designing architectural firms. It has been offering its services and also contributing significantly to the architectural industry. Are you looking out for an opportunity to partner with an outsourcing leader as Indovance? Indovance can certainly help you with quality work in a lower turnaround time and at an affordable price.

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Making An Impact On The Business With Architectural Walkthroughs


Architectural walkthrough is a new buzz in the civil industry. Name any major projects around your locality, and they will have architectural walkthroughs for their projects. Wait, if they don’t have, don’t call them major projects yet. Architectural walkthroughs have become a tool to make an impact on the clients.

Why is it important to have architectural walkthroughs? There is the whole list of advantages that it comes along. We will discuss a couple of those that are very important. If you have an architectural walkthrough, the concepts are better demonstrated. The video (walkthroughs) just gives a great virtual tour. It is a photo-realistic tour. Firms are able to better understand the project and necessitate the changes, if at all necessary. Let me tell you, it is a phenomenal experience.

We have smart people in this world. And some of these smart people also started using architectural walkthroughs for marketing purposes. They could show the walkthroughs to the clients, and tell them with intricate details. Firms started presenting details like parking area, walkways, pools, lamppost, entrance, interiors, etc. in the architectural walkthroughs. And this almost began a new trend in the architectural world. It was like a major breakthrough with the help of technology. Thanks to CAD.

Firms like Indovance are helping civil and architectural firms to develop architectural walkthroughs. Indovance doesn’t just create normal architectural walkthroughs, but it creates walkthroughs that are highly photo-realistic. And these walkthroughs offer a higher degree of visualization. These walkthroughs are the ones that take the clients on a beautiful virtual tours from various altitudes, angles, and directions.

Indovance has helped many firms as an outsourcing partner for architectural renderings and walkthroughs. And firms have been successful in utilizing these walkthroughs as a tool for pre-sales and marketing activity. Nobody loves mediocre work and nor does Indovance. Indovance delivers quality architectural walkthroughs that are highly impressive in conception.

Indovance uses one of the best software like 3D-MAX. And it has a highly experienced team that can come through architectural walkthroughs and renderings in a low turn-around time. We do live in an era where all the focus is on the customer. And engaging the client, and leaving him impressed is not an easy task. And if you want to grow your business, then Indovance can become your partner to help you with amazing architectural walkthroughs for various domains like offices, residences, institutes, hospitals, hotels, etc.

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Things That You Should Know About World Architecture Festival

World Arch FestIf you are into architecture, then the World Architecture Festival is something that you should really know about. You should be informed about the festival because it is a big deal in the world of architecture. The World Architecture Festival witnesses architects gathering from all around the world.

World Architecture Festival is an international event. The event attracts many architects who come together and discuss various themes in the architecture. What apart from the regular discussion can we see in the event? There are awards given under various categories in the architecture field. The awards are given to some of the best international buildings under various heads like schools, housing, sport, transport, office, etc.

There is a registration process in case you are planning to attend the World Architecture Festival. This year, the event will be taking place at Arena Berlin, Germany from 16-18th November 2016. It will be a grand event to witness. If you think your project has the potential to compete amongst other architectural projects, then maybe you should try submitting your entry over the website. It really doesn’t matter if you are a firm or an individual, the entry will be accepted.

You think your building is the best? Go ahead! Projects and Landscapes are also considered. If you think you have two buildings that are equally best, you can submit the both. There’s no limit on the entries. In fact, you may get a discount for more entries.

In any case, you are a major fan of architecture and want to witness fascinating projects, then you should be booking your tickets for the World Architecture Festival.  The major attraction of the event is when the winners of sub categories qualify to compete for the World Building of the year. The winners of all the categories are widely covered by the electronic and print media. It is a great platform to showcase the architectural talent.

The World Architecture Festival is like a Mecca for architects. You get to meet different people representing different styles of architecture, therefore, the experience is truly enriching. The place is one of the best places in the world to explore the knowledge for architects and meet the doyens in the fields.

How about staying updated about the happenings in the architectural world? The World Architecture Festival is the perfect place. You will have all the best updates. And how about few opportunities to make connections? It wouldn’t hurt the business, right?


The Interlace / Singapore / OMA / Ole Scheeren won the ‘World Building of the Year 2015.

Impressing Your Clients Like Never Before with Architectural Renderings

Arch Renderings

It is said the best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. Similarly, if you are into constructions, then the best way to win your client’s heart is through Architectural Renderings. Yes, you read that right. Architectural Renderings will help you in communicating designs to the client, which is just as important as breathing. We need to be constantly on toes to impress our clients, and build a great bond with the client.

With a beautiful architectural rendering, you are not just showing the design, but you are showing the vision. And great renderings will surely help you to delight your clients. With each architectural rendering, you are showing the intended design to the client that will help him to understand the design, and help him gauge the final outcome. It is the best way to let the client know that you are moving in the right direction.

And this is the best way to win the client’s confidence. And who doesn’t want to gain the confidence from the clients?

Today, firms are relying more than ever on architectural renderings to impress upon clients, and they do this with the realistic images produced. If you want to make your clients happy, don’t just give them sketches, give them renderings that can be almost be confused as real photographs.

And in such a tight business scenario, if you make the client happy, he will certainly return. And probably even recommend you to some other clients. This is the way to grow!

It doesn’t matter if you have the expertise yourself or not. There are outsourcing firms that will work on your requirements and get you some best architectural renderings that you desire. And Indovance is one of the leading companies for outsourcing architectural projects.  So, if you are thinking of impressing your client and are interested in the larger picture, then Indovance can be the best outsourcing partner for your growth.

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Outsourcing Interior Designing: Is outsourcing the real future?


“Outsourcing”…that’s the buzz word that’s been floating around lately. Almost every business, every industry is talking about outsourcing, exploring new business models. Although industries are considering options, their inclination (for outsourcing) is more towards the non-core businesses. Recent surveys have shown that those who are into the Interior Designing business, spend almost 70% of their time in administrative tasks; a least valuable role from customer perspective.

It is fact interior designers who provide better service, devote greater time and money to provide those value-add to their customers, run profitable ventures and have a higher quality of life on the job… On an individual level, this may be possible, but for bigger organizations, outsourcing these admin is a serious consideration.

A complex business:

The business of interior designing is perhaps one of the most complex small businesses to manage owing to endless amounts of paperwork. Use of technology is a must, as sophisticated systems are required to manage cash flow, project requirements, and customer relationships. Moreover, most of the interior designing projects are very close to your heart; be it your corporate office, or your private home. This makes it even trickier to meet customer satisfaction, as they are emotionally attached to the project. If attention is not paid to core competencies, there is a serious chance that you might lose your business.

Outsourcing; therefore, gInterior Outsourcingives a huge advantage to interior designers, as the huge load of administrative tasks is suddenly off their shoulders, allowing them focus more the design elements than anything else. Outsourcing agencies now offer a comprehensive, business management service to interior designers. They work with firms of all sizes, helping interior designers maximize the efficiency, cash flow and profitability of their businesses.

Supervision of interior designing work, to verifying and certifying the vendor payments, to rendering the entire post contract services till the completion, services provides by outsourcing agencies are almost unlimited. The key is to ensure that the project runs in accordance with conditions of the contract. The reality is, outsourcing companies are now investing millions in processes, technology, and people; establishing interior designing industries best systems. The whole effort is to be able to provide best possible services to their principals. The future indeed holds a lot of promise.

Architectural Drafting: The Advantage of Outsourcing…


The critical part of creating, modifying, analyzing and optimizing any architectural design is the human error. Use of technology is getting a foothold in the architectural industry, where people are required to develop and work behind the software screens. Architectural drafting services provide business owners with the technology required to put their ideas onto a versatile platform. Each architectural design has its own complexities, and hence precision is of utmost value, especially when designing homes.

Outsourcing this service; therefore, can be an extremely profitable engagement model for business owners. By allowing a team of specialists to guide the facility, a business can focus on other vital business functions while still obtaining excellent quality work.

The advantage:

Architectural drafting software suites come at a fair price. By outsourcing the entire drafting project, you can save costs quite substantially, and focus more on business development. Additionally, the cost of training new employees on software use is also cost effective. Such costs are absorbed by the outsourcing partners when you outsource architectural drafting tasks to them.

Considering the fact, by outsourcing architectural services, you save costs on every nook and corner.  This will allow you to use the budgetary bandwidth for newer growth models; models that will benefits you in times to come. For maximum quality assurance, choosing an outsourcing partner is a viable option, as such firms specialize in providing these services.

Outsourcing Architecture Drafting

Outsourcing partners, especially in this space, are extremely proficient at handling the dependencies (staff augmentation if needed), discrepancies that normally tend to arise. Through experience and knowledge, they will provide you with exceptional quality standards on the same projects that may have taken your firm months of training and large funds.

Customer satisfaction can quickly be achieved, as you are able to pay more attention to the marketing strategy that will create a lot of visibility for your brand, or help you establish as a brand.  More importantly, consistency in quality will provide a great end-user satisfaction, which will help you immensely in building your brand.

Architectural drafting services can help businesses evolve by taking of a large work load. Once you have found a good partner, you can be sure to receive excellent quality while you cut down on costs and save time, while ensuring on-time delivery.

BIM: resolving complexities of structural design


Over time, use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in structural design has been quite extensive. It is no more simply a collection of tools used to representing design parameters, but a practical and effective technology shift that directly benefits engineers in terms of productivity, collaboration, and accuracy in work. The biggerst advantage of BIM is its ability to share digital modeling data amongst the design teams. This helps the engineers immensely in maintaining the integrity of the building model during the entire structural engineering process.


Besides offering you a fast and convenient way to show your customers and stakeholders different design and situations regarding a specific project, BIM offers you many more benefits that help you overcome the complexities in structural design. Structural design is undoubtedly the most important process in a building projects, specifically for accurate and timely development of structural framework. This is critical part of the project since the framework holds and transmits distinct kind of loads, and supports the architectural and MEP systems.

There are different BIM software solutions available, such as Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP, which are used by building professionals for the development of effective structural design. Many outsourcing companies have the talent and experience with these technologies; hence outsourcing structural design for BIM can be outsourced.

The collaboration between structural engineers and architects can be easily enhanced with the support 3D parametric models produced for structure, another area that you could consider outsourcing. BIM also allow design and construction professionals to minimize errors from structural design which ultimately helps in enhancing design quality.

“The management, construction and delivery of building projects become easy with BIM- your design documentation”

Architectural Walkthroughs: User experiences with animation


By definition, Architectural Animation is an architectural short-film. The movie can be about a building or an industrial structure created along with landscaping, walkways, and sometimes may have moving parts, people and vehicles. Unlike an architectural rendering, which is a single image from a single point of view, such animation can be made of 100s of still images run in a sequence to give it a movie effect. Although, 3D models are still popular, the popularity of architectural animation is on the rise.

The benefit:

In modern day commercial and residential construction projects, the dependency is largely on the support documents created by the contractors and sub-contractors. These documents are generally CAD designs that revolve around plans, elevations, working drawings, sections and other crucial things. However, with conventional methods, these architectural designs and planning require uncountable hours to produce useful documents that have reliable information.

To survive in this highly competitive environment, you need to deliver high quality output within specific budgets and time; walk through animation in architecture will help you do this. 3D animated walkthroughs is a technology that allows you to enliven the design before the product is even built. You are able to create a virtual scenario that will allow you to “walk” through a commercial or a residential project now; in the present day, while in reality the project might take another couple years to complete…it’s an experience by itself!

The virtual tours created using architectural animation, will allow you to not only understand your customer’s designs better, but will also allow you to probe into their minds and heart.  You are able to visualize their dream and can help them to take a tour in the real world of their dream project.