BIM Versus AutoCAD(D) – What’s the Difference?

While today we live in an era of technological advancement, there were times that the design and drafting need to be hand-drawn throughout the project life cycle. It was a tedious task but had no other way around. But with today’s software catering to the needs of the professionals, AutoCAD and BIM are few of the most used and widely popular amongst the construction and design industry professionals.

So what is CAD(D) exactly?

CAD stands for computer-aided design. You can also add an extra D for drafting as well. It is used for design development and optimizing your work. It enables the professionals to design on their computer screen and save it for editing in the future. It is used for preliminary designing, layout, detailing work and also calculations. You can also make a 3D representation of the object in CAD(D).

Professionals whom it caters to –

1. Engineers



With CAD in the background, the professionals are freaking out over BIM and the easy workflow that it offers.

So, what is the hype over BIM?

Well, the hype is real and for some real reasons! Unlike CAD being software, BIM is a process through which generating drawings are much easier and faster. Here is an illustration explaining the many facets of BIM 

It facilitates all the important aspects of designing in the form of digital representation. Not just geometrical, it covers everything from a spatial relationship, light analysis, geographical form, etc.

Professionals whom it caters to –





5.Business Owners

Still, confused?

CAD is the software dedicated in design and drafting works, whereas BIM is a process, a methodology by which professionals can work collaboratively to design and build a building, establishing the same details use and computer model. This allows for easier communication and breaks the barriers of time and distance. It does so by acting as a common resource working across multiple disciplines of designing and drafting.

Since both differ in usages, it completely depends on the professionals as to what kind of outcomes they are expecting.

As far as CAD is concerned it is typically used for the industrial design of mechanical and electrical. Whereas, BIM is extensively used in the design and construction industry.

How Indovance can help you gain expertise in your business.

Indovance caters in CAD drafting and modelling and BIM services since 2003. We majorly work in Mechanical, Architecture, Civil, Graphics and Pre-media domain and can put all your worries at bay. With a team of experts, we can help you and your team in performing better and faster than your competition. You can outsource you CAD Design and Modeling and BIM services and we assure to you guaranteed quality results with the quickest TAT possible.

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What Services Engineering Industry Can Outsource?

Engineering Industry has flourished over the time, thanks to the modern-day technology. With the level of expansion in this Industry, businesses are always on the run to deliver faster outputs and hence hunt is on to Outsource certain services that can reduce their time and energy which they could invest on other core business activities.

So, if you are in a business which is looking to scale up your operational capabilities, or trying to figure out the unconventional ways of working, if you are thinking of processes that you can Outsource from your business and where on earth would you find your right Outsourcing partner, then take time to read through topics below.

CAD Design

CAD designing aid in the creation, modification and optimization of any design. CAD works well in improving design quality. A graphically represented design can communicate well with non-technical person as well.

No work in any Engineering services can be completed without CAD. When we talk about CAD software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Solid Works, Inventor, Navisworks, Carlson etc, all comes under CAD designing tools. CAD can be used for making plans, layouts, 3D modeling, etc.

Drafting and Modeling work

A designer’s dilemma is the after works that comes with designing such as Drafting and Modeling. Therefore, many designers look for outsourcing partners who can help them up with their Drafting and Modeling needs. These are monotonous processes having set brackets of rules which can be done by anyone having software expertise & domain knowledge. Outsourcing your drafting and modeling services can reduce your time and will multiply your productivity. Layouts, Piping Design, P&ID’s, FEED etc, can be easily illustrated through these services.

Estimation and Costing

Just imagine on a bright sunny day, you landed a new job from your client and what the heck, you don’t have proper resources to estimate the costing, time and other resources required for this new type of job client has assigned you. You may have faced such kind of tricky situations in your professional life before. So, what can be done now? The easiest way is to Outsource! Yes, you can outsource your estimation and costing work to your Outsourcing business partner.

Your Outsourcing partner can be your extended arm which is just a mail away. As an entrepreneur you have a whole business to deal with and you have deadlines to complete.

Cost Estimation is needed for Constructors, Builders, Designers as well as Project Managers. The concerns that come with it are the qualification criteria, the confidentiality of the project and the liability taken for the mistakes. The value of accuracy is not comparable to any other skill. You need to have a deep level of understanding before finalizing your service provider. The benefits of proper estimation mean to generate the bill of materials (BOM) faster and efficiently. Estimates are essential itinerary in the construction business because it consists details of every phase of construction. Also, by giving a prior estimation of all the required construction cost it allows you to carefully plan the activities and do the cost-cutting wherever necessary.


The major problem any company faces is to organize data in a useful manner. Employees are unable to collect, analyze and manage data as they are busy with other tasks. This is when a data analyst comes in picture. Companies prefer to Outsource data analyst, since, there is a team maintaining all the data on behalf of the company. This brings in a lot of profitability to the company. Investing in data analytics is a smart option since it is a crucial and competitive job and requires great expertise. 

Few perks of Outsourcing Data Analyst are mentioned below –

  1. A team of dedicated professionals

When you outsource you get a team of dedicated professionals, who are pro at this work and can work more creatively on it since they have many more years of experience in handling such sensible information.

  1. Save money and time

It is expensive to hire a software engineer, project managers and data specialist, separately for data analysis. But Outsourcing such services can minimize the cost since you will save the cost of infrastructure and manpower.

  1. Quality services

Since their core work area revolves around analysis of data with minute details, they can assure you a high quality of work at your disposal.

  1. Specialized tools

Since your outsourcing partner have a dedicated talent pool, they have a proper and absolute infrastructure to maintain, analyze and organize your data.

Where can you Outsource Engineering Services?

Places, where the influx of such services is in umpteen numbers, such as the Asian country like India! Here the educated population is in large numbers and therefore, you can gain huge benefits since the prices are pocket friendly as well.

Indovance Expertise

We have proven experience of 16+ years on all the major Engineering domains. Our widespread reach to every software makes us stand out of the crowd every moment. 

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Why you should think of India as your CAD outsourcing destination?

India is one of the most searched out destinations for (Computer-Aided Design) CAD outsourcing, as India has a promising workforce that provides quality of work with the quickest turnaround time. One of the major advantages of outsourcing your CAD services to India is the labor charges as it is cheaper than many other countries.

Around 1.5 million engineers are graduated every year from the top-notch universities in India. Besides this, the Indian Government takes a keen interest in promoting a safe and secure environment for the outsourcing businesses. With millions of engineering graduates passing out of universities and colleges every year, availability of quality talent pool is never a problem in India.

Here are 5 reason why you should outsource to India-

  1. Talent Pool

Millions of students are coming out as engineering graduates. So, clearly there is no dearth of skilled workforce. Besides, according to United Nations report, India has the highest number of youths who falls under the category of working professionals. According to the report, India accounts for 356 million people falling under the age group of 10-24. This is simply WOW! Just wonder as to what you can lose, if you haven’t thought of India as your outsourcing partner. Since, this number corresponds to the working class, there is a lot of employment facility available.

Also, India is amongst the top major English-speaking countries which is the second country after the USA to speak English as their official language. Currently there are 125 million English-speaking people out of which 226,449 uses English as their first language and rest uses it as their second language. Moreover, as of 2018 India’s literacy rate is 74.04% according to UNESCO. Isn’t it the best time partnering with India?

  1. Cost Efficiency

Hiring in-house members for non-creative or non-core business activities which can be outsourced, can be a tedious affair! The infrastructure, administration cost, training cost or any other engagement cost for the work force is immense and maintaining it is another trouble. Also, it makes sense to outsource your work where you can get it done in relatively lesser cost. Though cheaper price does not guarantee you with good quality work always, you should consider an outsourcing partner that value your money and gives you quality output. If you look at the conversion rates of ($) dollar to INR and quality of work you get, one can clearly make a judgement, India is the best outsourcing destination.

  1. Superior Work Quality

When you outsource any process of your project, you get quality assured work back with the quickest TAT possible. They can provide you with error free work with accurate details that even you may have forgot to mention – of course it comes with experience.

  1. Modus Operandi

Companies outsourcing their services to India, has an upper hand as they get 24-hours work cycle. With flexibility in the number of resources to be hired, you can scale-up or reduce the resources as required. Indian outsourcing company focuses on quality work, thus ensuring no rework, which ultimately reduces the time period and can be further utilized in doing more quality driven work. Due care is taken to ensure that correct parameters and techniques are used for delivering you quality over anything else.

  1. Friendly Government Policies

The user-friendly laws of Indian government are always found welcoming to the businesses. One of the vital reasons to outsource is the supportive government policies. The policies in India are supporting the industry’s growth. Also, there are strict IP (intellectual property) control protocol that paves way to more disciplined work infrastructure. The signing of NDA can also initiate smooth running of your business with no further setbacks.

Our Expertise

Indovance has a fairly big workforce that serves, clients every basic to critical need with assured solutions. CAD Outsourcing Services is a boom for the Indian markets as their reach is huge and wide. For more information, visit our website or you can connect with us directly on +1-919-238-4044.



America’s Favorite 10 Architectures

Americas Fav 10 Archis

America certainly has a lot of buildings and structures that people can admire. But, do we know which are best the ones? Well, this article will compile a list of top ten architectures in the America. Our article is based on a poll that was sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). This survey apparently listed around 248 structures. And the polling was conducted in two phases, the first one was for the AIA members (architects), and the next phase was for the general public. And based on the likeability scale, these structures were ranked.

Although there are many structures that we can certainly discuss about, we will talk only about the top ten ranked structures in the United States. Is this exciting? Yeah, this is exciting. Let’s start.

  • Empire State Building:

Empire State building

Empire State Building is an implausible skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, New York. It has more than 100 stories (umm, 102 to be precise). Yes, you read that right. For nearly 40 years, this has been the World’s Tallest Building. New York is also known as the Empire State, hence, the name of the building. Though it’s not the tallest building now, it still manages to impress people all around the world.


  • The White House:

The White House

White House was built more than 200 years ago with white-painted Aquia Creek Sandstone in Washington, D.C. The building has undergone many changes after that. It was built in Neoclassical Style. The US President stays here, and it is also his workplace. The White House was designed by an Irish-born, James Hoban.



  • Washington National Cathedral:


Washington National Cathedral is a cathedral of the Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. This cathedral is the 6th largest in the world. The construction of this Cathedral had started sometime around 1907. The design of the Cathedral is said to be influenced from the Gothic Architectural styles.


  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial:


The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is situated in Washington, D.C, and it is a Presidential Memorial dedicated to Thomas Jefferson.  The style of the structure in Neoclassical. It was built by 1943. The memorial also has a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson. Rudolph Evans was selected as the main sculptor for the bronze statue, and you should also know that he was selected from 101 entries.


  • Golden Gate Bridge:

San Francisco Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the best suspension bridges ever built. It crosses the Golden Gate Strait, hence the name. It is also known as the wonder of the modern world. Around 80,000 miles of wires are used in the main cables. And around 1,200,000 rivets are used in the bridge.



  • United States Capitol:


Even this structure is situated in Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. The structure was built in 1800, but there were changes after that. A huge dome was added later on. This is the dome that we see in the present day. The exterior of the building is white and is built in Neoclassical Style.


  • Lincoln Memorial:

Lincoln Memorial

As the name suggests, Lincoln Memorial is built to honor the late US President Abraham Lincoln. It is a national American monument situated in Washington, D.C. The architect for this structure is Henry Bacon. The structure resembles Greek Doric temple. It also has a great sculpture of Abraham Lincoln.


  • Biltmore Estate:

Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate is spread around 8000-acres in Asheville, North Carolina. Biltmore Estate is a Châteauesque-styled mansion built by George Washington. Although this is one of the major tourist attractions, but it is a private property. It is one of the best examples of the architecture from Gilded Age.


  • Chrysler Building:

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building is another skyscraper located in Manhattan, New York. Chrysler Building is the tallest building in the world with brick and steel frame. It is appreciated as one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture. The terraced crown of the building is very popular.



  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial is spread across two acres. It is a national memorial in Washington, D.C. It is a memorial built to honor the US army men who died in the service for the Vietnam War.

Indovance keeps posting articles relating to Architecture wonders that interest people all around the globe. Indovance is a CAD Outsourcing Service provider for many firms since its inception in the year 2003. It has established a good name in the industry for being one of the best CAD Outsourcing Services for Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

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The Rise Of Photogrammetry From Engineering To Film-Making


Doctor Strange, The Marvel film which set the stage on fire with its action pieces. The movie involved twisted and bent buildings. One of the most alluring movies in the history of Hollywood as it used the trending technology, photogrammetry. The producer, Marvel Studios kept the movie high-tech.

The sole purpose of introducing the technology in the movie was to give a new level of entertainment to his viewers. The casting team faced various challenges. One such challenge was the designing of the city containing only bent buildings.

Here came the role of photogrammetry, let’s read more on it;

There were many scenes which involved the use of photogrammetry. One such was that of a basketball court with players who occupied the similar space as that of a building. So, what you had was a basketball court sticking out of a building on its side and having the two move in opposite directions. As soon as the basketball court gets to the bounds of the building it would just simply disappear somewhere.


It was this way the entire city was build, you just read a very small part of it.”

Photogrammetry is being used for almost 100 years now. Later during world war II, to make invasion maps, discover the V2 rocket program, and later by NASA to make topographical maps of the moon for the Apollo missions.

Engineers use this technology to design 3D objects. This method captures multiple images with the help of camera kept at a distance. After adjusting the camera lens and the object, pictures are clicked and measurements are noted.

No doubt, the world is becoming techie and engineers are building solutions which create 3D designs of objects like, roads, canals, houses or big residential societies.

Many production houses, engineering outsourcing companies etc. are also using photogrammetry. It eases out the process of photographic surveying.

Benefits of Photogrammetry that Lure Techies

  • First and foremost, its reduced cost
  • Creation of 3D printable objects
  • Space Scanning while building objects
  • In Movies

Such software is built by engineers and used by many outsourcing companies, and firms. Indovance is a leading outsourcing partner who also scales up with techie era.

With technology at the highest peak, many companies are using this software required for scanning and photographic surveying. Indovance, headed by its employees has delivered various CAD, CAM, and premedia projects to its international clients successfully. We are delivering our services in a world awash of super-high-leveled technology.

Engineering Design Analysis: Process Involved


Engineering design process includes the analysis and fulfillment of all the requirements set by the clients or customers. The engineers successively perform all the iterations, thus rendering a final project with inbuilt specifications and functions.

The first step is to:

Identify the needs of any project, analyzing the needs is called as “need finding”

Which company doesn’t want an outsourcing firm which will mind map the ideas to start off the project? Are you searching for a result driven outsourcing network? Then you are on the right page. Engineers at Indovance, assemble bugs in their design notebook, and they mind map the ideas. Mind mapping is a collection of multiple ideas regarding any ongoing project onto a paper, it is a mixture of meaningful thoughts which helps engineers in filtering out the core data.

We carry out the design analysis in such a way, that, the overall scientific and engineering process is completely done and submitted to the clients.

The steps involved in mechanical design process are,

  • Preparing a plan which will fulfill all the entities
  • Bench-marking
  • Generating engineering specifications
  • Exhibiting the conceptual approach
  • Developing prototype
  • Evaluation of product
  • Testing and redesigning if required

Many organizations contend in finalizing their CAD outsourcing company which should be worthy of their dollars and pounds, and definitely, they should be, after all, they are investing much.

The Approach

Mechanical theme requires an idea, which is then passed for the CAD work, i.e. Computer aided design. After all this, the project involves the simulation and analysis part, prototypes, and the final step is, testing.

In this way, Indovance is providing value to such projects at an efficient cost, proving themselves as the best outsourcing firm. We make sure to deliver best answers to your questions: “How to design and how will the project look with fully driven functions”

If you want such mechanical services, then contact us on  +1 919-238-4044 or drop a mail at

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Does Trial Projects Ease the Outsourcing Process?


The best way to establish a healthy relation with your customers is providing your pocketful of services to them, but how to lure and keep your leads as your happy turning customers?

In today’s world, the most happening way is to provide them with a Free Trial, but many companies have a question, that, is it really worth to offer a free trial…?

The answer is definitely, Yes. With a free trial, you can exhibit your skills to your customers and apart from that, your customers can analyze your work. They can easily decide, what kind of quality you are giving them out.

In short, it’s a win-win situation for both

does-trial-projects-ease-the-outsourcing-process_2-pngVery few people give money to people to try out something which actually works…as per Kenn Devane, president and CEO of MineTech, so, you have to scatter free trials, no matter what. Free trials were already given by various renowned companies who are now flourishing well in terms of sales.

They are worth your investment. Hence you should make your customers happy with your services. Companies like BurgerKing once connected with MasterCard to offer free meals to customers using cards quite often.

The only thing to keep in mind is where to display this free service, and in front of whom. This answer, once got, can take your business to desirable heights. Your free service should be given to those, who can spread your work on the internet or will post positive reviews about your work done. It has been proved that 16.5% of the customers tell others about the free service which they like.

Your Customer is Your Key to Maximized ROI

More leads, more customers, more ROI. Happy customers are returning customers, they will spend more, once they liked your free trial.

After providing a free trial, you can give them some 15% discount on your first service. later they will definitely want to work with you, if you provided them with an advantageous service.

Stop nagging if you are providing free trials but learn to explore your products more!! Rectify product functions from the feedback given by the customers, either good or bad.

Why to Opt Free Trial

You can create a buzz everywhere on social media about your giveaways. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, can be the best ways through which you can tell your audience about your services.


Create a positive branding effect on customers by making your brand to be the most happening one in terms of services, and working culture.

Provide Something Better Than Your Competitors

Unique selling points are not always going to help you out in convincing your customers, sometimes you have to provide a risk free trial too. You can then convert your competitor’s customer into your brand follower.

Indovance is providing free trials to their customers, and the results are proven with their testimonials. We are the best outsourcing firm having customers in different locations of the world, there words make us an outsourcing firm which provides free trial with full benefits and results.

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Palm Islands: Did You Know Why They Were Built? And How Difficult It Was?

Palm Trees

It was really tough for us to determine one civil engineering project that was the toughest, and that which proved to be a successful project. And not just successful project, it was one of the most celebrated projects in the history of the civil industry. Well, who could imagine developing a project in the middle of the ocean? Palm Islands does provide an amazing view, but was it that easy to develop such a beautiful island? Of course not! Let us learn about the difficulties that this project had to face, and why was it built in the first place. The name has been given such because it looks like a palm tree from an aerial view.

We have heard about feasibility studies that are required to be done whenever any project has to be started. Similar feasibility studies were conducted for Palm Islands, but any idea how many? More than 100 studies! This speaks volumes of the complexity and the size of the project. But why was this project ever built? According to some sources, Dubai would have depleted all of its oil deposits in few years to come, and they needed some solid source of income. Therefore, it was decided that tourism can keep the economy in good shape.

Looks like quite a plan!

But, can Dubai host so many tourists? Dubai is small in area, it is just twice as big as London. It was practically impossible to add more tourists without the necessary infrastructure. The solution was to extend the coastline and build an artificial island. The Island is built with sand and gravels to make it look more natural. It is said around 94 million cubic meters of sand was used. Being a desert, Dubai has a lot of sand, but that is different from what was required at the sea surface. And 5.5 million cubic meters of rock was also required. It is said that this amount of rock can be used to construct a small wall circling the whole world.

Palm Islands

In Holland, Dutch engineers have increased their land by around 35%. And these engineers were specially called in Dubai to conduct a study and tell whether the project was possible or not. So many factors were considered like the strength of the storm, high tides, the shallowness of the ocean, etc. before starting the actual work. Some best engineers across the world were put together to create this island. You will be surprised to know that private satellite was used to check if the shape of the island is same as it was designed. The satellite sent co-ordinates, and things went as they were supposed to be. This is really amazing, isn’t it?

More than a 120,000 people were involved every day, and some best barges, dumpers, cranes were used. Palm Islands saw some best men and machines put together at work. The design was slightly modified because the outer water couldn’t come in. Now, this was another problem because the inside water of the island started growing stale. Hence, the outer rings were broken so that water could come in, and the inside water remained fresh.

And then they build the world’s largest man-made island: Palm Islands. This island stations many luxury resorts that can let you go bananas. There are houses, shopping malls, and internal road network. It’s a beautiful place.

Indovance makes it a point to write interesting articles. Indovance is CAD outsourcing firm for many civil engineering, mechanical engineering and architecture firms. Keep checking this site for more articles.


Is Burj Khalifa More Than Just ‘The Tallest Building?’


We all know that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. And we appreciate this architectural marvel. Burj Khalifa is certainly the big brother of all other architectural structures that are standing, and none seems to match its height. With this article, we would like to bring your attention to some of the lesser known facts about Burj Khalifa.


Burj Khalifa is around 829.8 meters tall. Well, quite overwhelming structure it is, isn’t it? It is almost thrice as tall as Eiffel Tower of France. Wow! So, this building can take you really high. Burj Khalifa apparently holds some other records as well. Some of these records are quite obvious. It has the most number of stories in the world. And it also has the elevator that runs the longest distance in this world. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.



This graph will help you compare well-known architectural structures with Burj Khalifa (click on the graph for a better view).


You know how much concrete has gone into making this structure? The combined weight of one million elephants would be equal to the weight of the concrete used. 110,000 tons of concrete and 55,000 of steel rebar went into making of the building. And if all the aluminum of Burj Khalifa was taken out, five A380 aircraft could be built out of the metal. The building has more 160 floors. Gee! And most of us wouldn’t want to climb the stairs. So, we take the elevator. And these elevators also have got some crazy speed, they move at around 10 meters per second. So, it would take less than 90 seconds to reach atop the building. And not one or two, there are 57 of these elevators.



You can see the tip of this enormous structure even from 95 kilometers distance away. Burj Khalifa is an architectural brilliance. And to make this brilliance, many people have contributed. As a matter of fact, more than 12,000 workers were involved at the peak of construction. A lot of man-hours must have gone into the building. Yes, 22 million man-hours. This is a lot of work!


The tower is designed by the same architects (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill) who designed Willis Tower and the new One World Trade Center. It took six years to complete the construction of the building. But, did you know that Burj Khalifa was supposed to be a residential building and much shorter than what it is now. Well, we can say that things happen for a reason. It is also said that the designs of the building are inspired by Islamic architecture. This explains the structure being similar to spiral minaret that spirals, and grows slim as it goes up.



The cladding system of the Burj Khalifa is also spellbound. The cladding system is designed in accordance to the extreme climate of Dubai. More than 26,000 glass panels are used for the exterior cladding. And this cladding was accomplished by over 300 experts from China. The structure also has two observation decks that offer a breathtaking view of the city and the sky.


observation desk burj khalifa

Observation Desk 

Indovance is a CAD outsourcing partner for many architectural and civil engineering firms. Being in the similar industry, Indovance acknowledges such amazing structures constructed. Such marvels like Burj Khalifa amazes all of us with the astounding architecture. Keep checking this                                                                                     section for more articles on architecture and                                                                                    engineering.

CAD: Peeking into Past and Future


CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is all about designing 2D or 3D models of various physical objects that we see around us. These physical objects could be just anything, as simple as a box, or can be a complicated machine. You may not realize, but there will be a lot of structures, machines, and appliances that you see every day that are made with the help of CAD.

So, how did things work before CAD? It was little complicated, or I would say bit tedious. Everything was on paper; all the sketching was in 2D. And a prototype was developed many times. The prototype had to undergo all the tests and validations before it was finalized. Ah, god bless those designers and engineers. But, such practices aren’t any more prevalent, thanks to CAD system. And not just us, there are many people who are thanking the CAD system. This is because CAD has allowed prototyping so fast and less complicated. And testing and analyzing of the prototype can be done simultaneously. This process can be done with various conditions and simulations. Well, this is amazing.

Plethora of new designs can be created using CAD. But, do you know that CAD can help in optimization of older and existing designs as well? Not just optimization, you can even enhance the performance. When companies started realizing the importance of CAD, it was like a boom. What did they exactly realize? They understood that a prototype can be developed for any object and all the conditions can be tested. So, they could check if there was any problem that was about to occur with the model. And they would make the changes accordingly. This would save a lot of money as compared to earlier scenario. The companies had found their Holy Grail.


Let us go backward and see how CAD system developed. CAD started with cave paintings. No, of course not. Sometime around 1950, the first ever CAD system made its entry into the industry. It was originally developed for U.S Air Force, and this was graphic air defense system. In the 1960s, as the technology got more advanced, 2D geometry and calculations could be performed with CAD. This is exactly when CAD became an important instrument for drafting applications.

In the 1980s, CAD was introduced on the personal computers, meaning it had a wider reach. This was a breakthrough in itself. A decade later, the application of CAD system was introduced in other industries as well. Until now, it was engineering that made use of the CAD system. But, Architecture started to make use of CAD systems, and it was a remarkable change in the architecture industry. And this is how we have reached here. It has been a great journey.

This was past, and we are also curious about the future, aren’t we? We have heard about virtual reality. And yes, there are high chances of virtual reality and CAD getting integrated. If both technologies are integrated, it is going to be a major achievement for the industry. CAD is a highly powerful weapon. If CAD could integrate virtual reality and artificial intelligence together, CAD will be one of the most sought-after technologies. And it will be open to many other arenas as well. The level of sophistication and receptiveness of the CAD will be enhanced. CAD may even be incorporated with knowledge structures that will have better problem-solving approach as inbuilt ability that takes care of regular consistencies.

The applications of CAD are used in various arenas. Therefore, many firms need CAD support. Indovance is one of the top outsourcing firms for CAD support. Indovance provides its CAD services for civil and mechanical engineering, and also to architecture firms. Indovance is into CAD support from 14 years, and growing with the changing industry.

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