The Growth of the Publishing Industry Amongst the Millennial Authors and Publishers!

Thanks to these pulp wood pages we used for centuries; they have helped mankind preserving information right from the ancient History to latest in Science, and because of that we now have a huge library of knowledge to go further. They were one of the biggest inventions of mankind. But now with changing times these pages have changed from papers to the electronic documents in the form of soft copy. The Publishing industry is one of the booming industries and has garnered huge clientele. These are becoming more and more favorite amongst the virtual learning environments.

Highlights of eBook sector

  • Revenue generated in the e-book segment is US $13,669m in 2019
  • In 2019 the user penetration is 12.9% and this rate is expected to reach 14.5% by 2023
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently is US $14.38m
  • The revenue generated in US alone is US $5.4m

Furthermore, here is a graph showing the growth of e-Books dominating the traditional reading ways in the major countries.

The above table shows the graph of the popularity of e-books over print media, in all the major tech giant countries, especially in the US.

In US, there is a huge competition amongst the publishers and so Indian publishing companies comes to the rescue as outsourcing in India comes with a bunch of advantages.          

The Indian publishing industry is seen as the next big market for outsourcing due to it’s vast English-speaking population. Foreign publishers are looking at India as a great opportunity for selling their titles which are being printed, priced, packaged and marketed locally. India is the fastest growing English-speaking nation because of which many American publisher finds it easy to market their book here. Also, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With many Indian authors wining the Booker and Nobel prizes, Indian publishing industry is looked upon with huge respect. It’s a two-way deal for foreign publishers since they outsource as well as sell their book here. The English-speaking population in India is 12.18% of the total Indian population.

Why choose Indovance as your offshore partner –

A plethora of services are offered by Indovance to their overseas clients along with services in e-publishing – it’s a kind of One-Stop-Shop for companies looking for services in Pre-Media & Publishing. When it comes to e-book publishing and digitization numerous parameters are taken into consideration such as – The layout of the book should be compatible for all the electronic gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, etc. In addition to e-publishing there are many other similar contents that make huge impact to the business prospects of the book such as – Formatting, Font size, Font style, etc. All these factors help to a huge degree in the success and failure of the book. We at Indovance see to it that we cater to all your needs and make your dream come true very soon.

There are many other categories that we support in typesetting such as STM Journals and Magazines, Academics, Legal, Educational, Travel Guides, Children Comics, Brochures and Catalogs etc. We also work in diversified form of digital formats like PDF file, MS word, etc.

Benefits of using our services

  • On-time delivery
  • Lowest TAT
  • Customized solutions for your every need
  • Working on budget friendly way
  • Trial period

Also, there is a wide variety of software that we provide solutions on, such as –

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

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How CorelDraw Can Give Edge to Your Graphics Business?


If you have been following this section, you must be already aware of various features that Adobe family has to offer. We have already discussed Adobe Illustrator and InDesign with our previous articles. With this article, we will talk about CorelDraw software. And how you can leverage the software to achieve some terrific results in the Graphics. Yes, the software is vector graphics editor. The word vector indicates that you can change the size of the graphics without really affecting the quality. Corel users are already aware of this fact.

First things first, CorelDraw is relatively cheaper than Adobe Illustrator. So, if you are on a tight budget, you should be settling for CorelDraw. CorelDraw is also very popular for the same reason. And if more people are using the same software, then it becomes very easy to share the files. The newer versions of CorelDraw are easier to edit or trace.

But if you are struggling to figure out where CorelDraw should be used, then we will list down some best uses of the software. CorelDraw is used for Signs, Products and Packaging, Engraving etc. There are some features that people are not generally aware of. One of those is that CorelDraw allows you to create code that can help you develop new tools and also automate tasks. Therefore, you can create lists and also manage excel sheets using the code. And yes, you can even edit the photos if you want.

Whenever you try to run a software, what do you interact with? It’s the interface! And most of us want an interface that is very smooth and easy to interact with. CorelDraw has an interface that is better. The interface can also be customized to an extent. Therefore, you would be happy working with this interface. You can save a lot of time with this interface. There is a provision to even create shortcuts. And what do you do with shortcuts? You save time!

If you are thinking of designing ads for some big hoardings, then CorelDraw will make perfect sense. CorelDraw can also let you work better with the texts and the fonts. Adding effects with CorelDraw is also very convenient. And users just love convenience more than anything.

Indovance has a team of experts who are using CorelDraw to create best of outputs. Indovance has been helping firms to create amazing graphic designs and create works like Arts, Large-sized Printing, Illustrations, Cards, Prepress, Magazines etc.

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Rise in the Growth Rate of Premedia Outsourcing Services


Outsourcing – the term much familiar in premedia industry. Printing and creating innovative design has always been outsourced at a global level in the recent years. As per the report published in Business Standard, India is the first choice when it comes to designing, and premedia outsourcing. 66% of major publishers voted that they will seek outsourcing services from India.

Premedia Outsourcing Trends
Rise in the Growth Rate of Premedia Outsourcing Services

With the above statistics in knowledge, this article will lead you to know more on;

  • Premedia offshore trends worldwide
  • Growth trends of premedia outsourcing services
  • Outsourcing to India and why?
  • Challenges faced in premedia industry

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in premedia outsourcing

Premedia Outsourcing Trends Worldwide

Premedia has achieved a growth rate of 5.8% in India in the year 2014-15. It has led to the registration of 1,05,443 new publications. Premedia deals with the designing of magazines, newspapers, STM journals, books etc. Reports indicate that Newspaper advertising will amount to 16.1 billion US dollars in the current year: 2017. The info-graphic depicts a big shift towards print industry in the recent years;

Let’s Explore More on Premedia Growth Trends in India

The report also showed that India is ahead of the US, UK, China, Philippines and the Australia. 30% of firms from the USA seek premedia outsourcing services from India. Similarly, Philippines (18%), UK and China (16%), Vietnam (8%), and Australia (5%). Remaining 18% followed other locations. The survey also indicated major growth in outsourcing firms of about 30% to 40% solely in India.

Agencies like Eon Premedia and Basil have also experienced growth in India. They mentioned that “Outsourcing is a business opportunity that may have a finite window in India”

Planning to outsource Premedia Services to India?

The below picture clearly depicts that India is becoming a global place for premedia outsourcing.

Premedia Growth Influencers
Rise in the Growth Rate of Premedia Outsourcing Services

Factors influencing growth in India –

  • Reduced cost
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Value-added services
  • Higher production
  • Production during off-hours
  • New thoughts and ideas resulting in revenue growth
  • Concentration on the core work
  • Time management
  • Long term relationship with customers
  • Control on strategic decision-making
  • Reduced overall management burden
  • High-quality delivery of projects

With above statistics and benefits mentioned, it is obvious that many publishers are looking to outsource premedia work. One such premedia outsourcing company is Indovance – a leading name who provides best services and taks care of all customer requirements.

Challenges in Outsourcing

But how can we forget, there are always some challenges and cons involved in the growth of the industry which may hinder its path towards success. Similarly, premedia and publishing involves challenges like;

  • Quality Issues
  • On-time delivery
  • Manpower management
  • Communication

No matter, how large the size of project is, well defined business processes can overcome any challenge.

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction on Premedia Outsourcing

The most important measure of any industry is the satisfaction level which the customers feel. As from the survey conducted recently, 75% of the buyers said, they need considerable improvements in the services, while 58% said, the quality of service needs drastic improvement.

It also indicated that 42% of the companies are planning to increase outsourcing by 25% to India, while 33% will outsource at the present destinations.

“Though 16% of the companies did not show interest in outsourcing, still the premedia and publishing market is all set to rise to 15%-20% in the upcoming year, as per the reports. “

India is becoming a global hub for premedia outsourcing. The benefits and statistics are in the favor of premedia being outsourced to India. Apart from this, building an extended team of designers outside your prime location not only reduces your investment but gives you a bigger coverage area to search for the hidden talent. Other major factors like faster turnaround time and timeline differences also make buyers to select India as an offshore center.

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Digitized Content – Smarter Way of Reading

Printed vs Digital Book The ‘written word’ has gained too much respect and has always been at the heart of the readers. These words are now moving to kindle and iPad digital e-readers. The spark in the new publishing ecosystem has brought a new world to digital publishing.

Digital Devices: Kindle, iPad and more.
We all know each year the population is crossing millions when it comes to eBook reading and learning. Days are gone, where people carried books while traveling long distances. Now, Digital devices like iPad and kindle are playing their major roles and information is directly available to the end user through these advance technologies. Indovance helps publishers with converting their content from physical books to e-books for these platforms.
Digital Book International Market
Are You Using Kindle or iPad?
Looking for an everlasting read-up that will get fit in your pocket? Then here you go, iPad and Kindle-Devices which make life easier to live, it’s a Godsend for Readers. Availability of test series which is a must for students, online books, novels, STM’s have made this complicated world, a simpler place to live.
The Digital world has seen enormous growth. Let’s measure India’s reading interest on kindle;

India’s Contribution in International Market
Many sectors ranging from small to medium, are using kindle. The graph clearly explains the percentage of bestseller books from India.
The pie-chart here clearly depicts the use of kindle in India at a global level.

Digital Publication in Education.jpg
Digital Publication in Education Sector
As per the stats shown on the left, the revenue generated from education sector is much higher than consumer books. Various schools are also promoting the use of iPads with kindle app to reduce heavy load of books.

International Market for Electronic Publication
The figure explains how e-book has increased the revenue from 2009 to 2016. It clearly reflects the market growth due to online e-book services.
International Market for Digi Books

Indovance Inc, has been providing best quality digital publishing services to some of the most renowned publications across the globe and has mastered the technology with years of experience. We have worked with more than 350 global customers mostly from the USA, we have launched our services in Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia in 2016.
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Using Adobe Illustrator to Take Your Graphics To a New Level


adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a great software application from Adobe for people who want to create some amazing logos, designs, graphics, and cover pages, etc. Most of the people are struggling to find out the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Let’s just take a quick look at both of these software.

Photoshop is basically for altering existing images. All of us see images that are ‘Photoshopped.’ We see such images on social media platforms all the time. Don’t deny. These images are made of pixels in Photoshop.  This is why when you increase the size of the photo, the photo will certainly lose its quality.  This software is mainly used for effects and filters on the image. Been there, done that!


Adobe Illustrator is a different game altogether. It’s a software that is vector-based. It doesn’t use pixels like Photoshop. So, Illustrator uses mathematical constructs to draw a line, whereas Photoshop uses pixels to draw the line. And this is the exact reason Adobe Illustrator is used to create logos, cover designs or any work that has to be printed later. And one of the most important facts is that any graphic created using Illustrator will never lose its quality, even if it is mounted. Quality can be a problem with Photoshop, but nothing here with Illustrator. So resolution will never be a problem with Adobe Illustrator.


adobe 123

Indovance is one such firm that offers Publishing and Graphics services. There are firms and individuals who want high-quality graphics, logos, cover-designs, etc. And Indovance has been helping these firms with graphics support. Indovance has a team that has a proficiency over various Adobe software. Magazines, books, journals, etc. can certainly get more readers if they have good designs.


Indovance has a team that is highly skilled at creating logos with different backgrounds on Illustrator. Using Adobe Illustrator, Indovance team has been able to create even various objects that look real for our clients. And most of the time that have managed to impress them. What else does one can ask for?


Indovance has helped many clients with drawing cartoons, maps and icons as well. Our team of experts can even create some beautiful cover designs that can appeal the readers. Adobe Illustrator helps a great deal in creating infographics. It is a great way to get the people read your content. And as earlier mentioned, printing is easy because Illustrator creates graphics that are in tandem with color separators. So, graphics on your computer screen and on the print will be exact and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

So, do you have any publishing and graphics concern? Indovance will surely take care of your concerns with its experts on a range of Adobe software. We can even offer you a free trial. And we are sure you will be more than satisfied.


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How an Apt Cover Design Can Get You More Readers?

Cover Design is important

‘Do not judge a book by its cover.’ Well, we have heard this phrase too many times. But, do we actually follow this? I don’t think so, well honestly, even I do get judgmental with the cover designs. Most of us do. Nothing wrong about that, after all, cover designs are there for a reason.

Cover designs are there to entice people into buying/reading your book. If this is true, people are judging the book by its cover, and this is completely A-Okay. Cover designs should be appealing to the target audience. Not just appealing, but they should also have the power to make the reader devote his time and money on the entire book/magazine.

Cover designs should have a great visual impact and also have a clear message for the readers. It should connect to the target audience immediately. And when the target audience can identify with your cover design, they will buy. You must be wondering about the importance of the content then. Content and cover design are two different things but doesn’t mean that only one amongst the both has to be important.

Let me explain, your cover design will sell the book. But, your content will serve the purpose for the reader. Better content will have better readability and earn you a good reputation. Both have to be equally important. Period. Honestly, I have chosen not to read some books because the cover designs did not appeal to me in the first place. Same holds true for a magazine. People will care to read the book, only if the cover design can manage to draw their attention.

If you are planning to have a cover design made, you should be probably thinking on the similar lines. Will it appeal? Can it sell the book? We do realize that cover designing is like a packaging. And a right packaging can do wonders? Most of us are little shy when it comes to pitching our products. And hence, it becomes very important to consult someone who holds an expertise in the domain.

Everyone needs a good cover design unless they are J.K Rowling. If you are looking for a partner who could get you some cool cover designs for you, then Indovance can help you sail through. Indovance is an active outsourcing partner for many publishing firms. Indovance can design covers that can help you a lot in selling or getting more readership.

Indovance does a great value addition with its publishing expertise (pagination and typesetting), especially when it comes to cover designing. We have the best software to make things smooth. So if you are wondering about getting more readers, then reach out Indovance for cover designs that will not only allure to the audience but also will make them read the whole book. So ready for the action?

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Going Digital with E-books and Reaching a Larger Audience

e-booksWith the advent of super technology, the world is going at a break-neck speed. And same holds true for the publishing industry as well.  People are reading books, but more people are resorting to e-books. And e-books are being downloaded crazily. It’s like a revolution with the e-books.

It has become very important to formulate a digital strategy. It is very crucial to have an e-book and reach a larger audience because the reach is unbelievable. The e-book market is growing by manifold. You won’t believe, but it’s a three-digit growth in this industry. Most of the e-commerce players like Amazon are already experiencing the shift in the trend. The sale of e-books is growing day by day. Around 30% of sales is for the e-books. And there is a huge chunk of potential in this market.

Therefore, if people are demanding more e-books, shouldn’t you be taking an advantage of the situation? Shouldn’t you be focusing on the growth by leveraging the digital technology? Looking at the potential, you should have already jumped into this by now. You just convert the book into an e-book and reach a wider audience. But wait, this is not that easy. For all of you who have tried converting a print into an e-book, you must have realized how painful it is.


The best way to get an e-book is to ask someone with expertise to do it. Indovance is one such firm with the technical know-how of the publishing industry. With all kinds of formatting and styles, Indovance also does a great job in helping you in converting into an e-book. Indovance helps with all kinds of e-book formatting.

People are more concerned about the environment these days. And e-books can really save a lot of trees. Therefore, people are opting for more e-books. And people can carry/store hundreds of e-books in any one device. This is really amazing. People can read any book at any time, plus, they don’t need to worry about the physical damage that usually happens to the normal books. You can change the font settings, you can share the files, you can print it later on, and I can give you a list of other advantages that comes along with an e-book. But, you do get my drift, don’t you? And for the similar reasons, people are opting for e-books more than ever.

For any writer, it is a dream that his/her work gets read by most of the people. That individual will always want to reach maximum number of people. And the best way to reach a maximum number is to go digital. To realize your dream, Indovance offers the best solution for e-book conversions with multiple-support formats.  Indovance has the expertise that you can utilize to grow by margins.

So, if you are planning to grow by double and triple digits, or want to have an amazing rock-solid start, then partner with Indovance.  Indovance will use the best tools and provide you a tailor-made solution that will help you in realizing your dream.

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Outsourcing newspaper projects: The good and bad side…

Newspaper Outsourcing.docxThe background:

The outsourcing trend is shifting the boundaries of organizations. Although, experience, improved productivity, short time to market, and cost savings may be seen as key benefits of this trend, little is known about how this trend is influencing the end user; the reader, especially in case of newspaper publishing. Outsourcing newspaper publishing is on the growth mode. Quickly diminishing profits and across-the-board cost cuts by newspapers companies across the globe are acting as propellers for nascent newspaper project outsourcing.  Therefore, the performance and expectations of/from this trend still remains unexamined.

Factors driving the change:

There are various factors that drive outsourcing of newspaper projects, but the two major ones are; Circulation Dip and Manpower Cuts.  Decline in circulation; drop in advertising revenues, growth of the Internet (digital prints) and rising newsprint prices have contributed to the downward trend in margins, resulting into growth in outsourcing of this business. Amongst measures like reducing global coverage, cutting edition sizes, streamlining resources and cutting excess jobs, several leading newspaper companies are outsourcing these days. The most commonly outsourced editorial services are composition, layout, graphic services, data collection; tasks mostly related to newspaper production.

Considering the cost impact, many of the major American and European newspaper organizations are resorting to huge manpower cuts.

Over the past 5-6 years, especially, a very large number of jobs cuts have been reported, and the number is on the increase each passing year.  However, this has resulted in creation of more jobs in low cost destinations such as India and the Philippines. In India alone, this outsourcing opportunity has resulted in employing more and more people. The trend that is observed since 2012 is; the number is almost doubled every year. According to some reports, some of the prominent newspapers that are outsourcing services to India are,  Chicago Tribune, Independent Newspapers and the Los Angeles Times, specifically, their circulation-related services.

“Outsourcing is a powerful tool to leverage talent and improve productivity.”

Typesetting: outsourcing service of a different level…


In publishing industry, the competition is very severe; with razor-thin margins on almost every product, publishers are compelled to improve their bottom line. Moreover, in this industry, the marketplace is common, and so are the offerings and features, making survival even more difficult. To give themselves a competitive advantage publishers are looking to outsource their services including typesetting.

Although outsourcing may save costs for publishers, variety of outputs now makes it hard for them to do their publishing services in-house. There is a lot of pressure on publishers and on their partners to deliver shorter times to market.  The scope of outsourcing in publishing is vast and rapidly expanding, the critical aspect is the point of capture of incoming information that will help publishers shape suture relationships with their customers.

TypesettingChoosing the right partner:

As in every other business, when you think of outsourcing your typesetting tasks, it is important that you choose the right partner; someone who puts your needs first, someone whom you find easier to do business with. While choosing your partner, especially when you want to outsource typesetting activities, consider the following:

Make sure your partner has the right systems in place, that there is a drive to be more productive and efficient than anyone else.

Make sure that they have the right element of innovation in their processes, optimum use of technology, and multi-skilled employees that have flexible working hours.

If your partner also offers services like page production, copyediting, template layout designs, it will be great, as they will be aware of all the intricacies involved in typesetting in that case.

Ensure that your partner is always willing to run that extra mile to satisfy your customers, as this will bring in customer loyalty. Ensure that they have the capacity to provide services round the clock, to deal with your global customers.

Academic publishing: is it really getting difficult by the day…?

The digital revolution has changed the way in which the reader today looks at the content; technical, educational, or otherwise. Academic publishing especially is experiencing “unprecedented challenges” that are fuelled by rise in digitally available content and in university tuition fees. The academic bookselling industry thus is experiencing an extremely uphill task in reaching the student market. It’s time now that publishers work hand-in-hand with booksellers to face the challenging times to meet the needs of the students and that of the academic market.

The challenge:

Availability of educational content digitally is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by academic publishers, but it is not the only one. Here’s a quick look at some of the other challenges they face these days:

Involvement of statutory bodies: Governments and statutory agencies decide the copyright norms, and define the enforcement guidelines too. This, many a times, outs the academic publishers in a precarious situation.

Emergence of altmetrics: The demand always drives what gets produced. The confusion and disagreement over what should be published, and how to measure the accuracy and authenticity of the content creates radical ambiguity in the minds of academic publishers. Limited growth opportunities: Business must generally grow or die, particularly when you are answerable to shareholders. With more and more content available digitally, publishing budgets are tight and getting tighter.

Amazon: Emergence of Amazon has made it easy for people to look for things online. Today, Amazon controls an increasing share of the commercial exchange in cultural information of all types. And, with more people venturing into online trade (of all kinds including e-books), academic publishers find it difficult to survive in this competitive market.

Limited capacity for reinvention: Can publishers really provide services and solutions beyond traditional books and journals? The answer to this is “no”. With the market getting thinner by the day, publishers have realized that centuries-long past carries with it a very heavy weight of inertia that is not easily thrown off.

“Outsourcing publishing can bring best-in-class service and collateral to your global audience. Considering this option can be the answer to your present day publishing challenges.”