Communicating Better with the Clients by Using CAD


Most of the engineering firms can find it really difficult to come out with appropriate designs. And if firms manage to prepare designs, it gets really foul when it comes to communication of designs to the clients. And each of us does realize that communication is very important when it comes to the client. No one would ever want to take any chance of any kind. No miscommunication, whatsoever.

Today, designs are prepared using CAD software. And the dynamics of the engineering has changed like never before. Now, a product can be designed virtually with all the features incorporated. A working of any model can be easily explained with CAD designs. And give it a touch of animation, and that just takes the game to a new level.

You can see the difference between a 2D and a 3D image in this picture. A 2D image can miss out on series of aspects that 3D image has the ability to cover. Just forget all the technicalities, which is the image that captures your attention better? The 3D image is obviously the better one, isn’t it? This is very much identical to the engineering designs as well.  People are more impressed with the 3D designs, and it acts as one of the major effective communication tools. And CAD can do this easily.

2D and 3D4

The one that you are seeing above is a simple image, but if it were an engineering design with the parts, things may get more complicated. This might happen because there are many parts and processes involved when it comes to the engineering. A bad design will add more chaos. And a bad design can get you killed by a confused client. I am sure you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Without me stressing on this fact, you would have already known by now that CAD designs are pivotal in the communication process.  CAD designs will give you enough power to showcase the designs with different alignments, angles, radii, points, arcs, amplitudes, etc.

If you make one mistake in the design, the mistake will be amplified and also multiplied with every progressing stage. This is a nightmare because the client would base his decisions on this design. So, how exactly can these complicated engineering CAD designs be made? I will tell you. Wise men approach these outsourcing firms who would do CAD designs and drafting for them. These outsourcing firms like Indovance will apply their every inch of expertise and get CAD designs that can be easily explained to clients.

Indovance has a proven track record of helping the engineering firms with designs from the last 13 years. These designs can be presented to the clients with the precise design intent as desired by the client. Indovance is an outsourcing partner for CAD designs with many engineering firms in the field of mechanical, civil and architecture. These CAD designs not just help in communicating better with the clients, but also win their hearts. You would surely want such a client satisfaction story, wouldn’t you? If yes, you are bang on the right page.

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