How Billboard And Signage Manufacturing Industry Benefits Advertising

Sign_!We often remember what we view as compared to what we hear or listen. While following marketing advertising trends, we overlook the most powerful form of advertising, i.e. billboard and signage industry. To grow businesses, companies prefer signage and billboard ads.

There are several marketing advantages of billboards and sign industry that others cannot provide.

As per Signarama which is the signage manufacturing industry in Toronto, Billboards and signage contributes to 58% of the total audience who were interested in attending an event, 56% talked something funny about the ad they saw on a roadside billboard, 33% have been reminded to tune into a TV program and 44% of a radio station, 26% noted a phone number and 28% noticed a website address written on a billboard.


The above graph clearly illustrates that billboards contribute to the maximum business growth. They contribute approximately 52% for the outdoor advertisements as compared to other methods. Billboards prove to be the most effective out-of-home advertising.

Billboard is no doubt the best marketing technique but in this you must also use precise messages for the ads, minimized texts with proper signs to indicate messages, and hoardings at the right location. This helps you get more relevant views.

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  1. It’s great that a whole 58% of people that are interested an event are because of billboards. If that’s the case, we will definitely consider using billboards to advertise our charity event in the summer. Maybe the turnout would be much better this year if we rented out some of the billboards on the side of the highway. We’ll try it and see if it helps.

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