How Important Is It To Build A Strong Corporate Identity?

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The term corporate identity clearly signifies the role of branding. Corporate brand-building is the art and science of building awareness about your company around the globe, loyalty amongst its customers, preference and value for companies, as opposed to the product brands they manage and market. Various business firms strive hard to gain credibility from its customers, and therefore, building corporate identity matters.

When a company creates value for its customers, the very first customers are their internal stake holders, i.e. their employees. Recently a survey indicated that; Amongst 720 executives, companies that were having a stronger identity, outperformed others by 25% (in terms of average annual TSR between 2013 and 2016).

In short, corporate identity is what drives your employees to outdo. Overall it has; the value proposition which you offer to your customers, the system capabilities that build these values and services which leverage those capabilities and delivers against your value proposition.

Building only external identity never works; you also must plant seeds at your workplace to win the employee’s heart. For building a path towards development, the companies must be aware of how to build a successful corporate identity.

A brand identity includes, but not limited to;Corp-Identity

  • Logo (multiple versions)
  • Font families
  • Illustrations and patterns
  • Photography styling
  • Marketing materials, signage, business stationery
  • Packaging design
  • Tone of voice for writing
  • A plan for how the customer is treated
  • The products themselves

More than just a logo

A logo expresses the essential values of a company via the use of a mark or icon. Hence, a logo is more than what one can think. It helps in defining your company in a simpler way.

To render such an important task of logo designing and brand development, many firms search for accurate and outperforming companies who can work for them at an efficient cost delivering excellent output.

This is where outsourcing comes into play. Outsourcing can help you to give faster results, enables you to focus more on your core activities, saves your extra dollars, availability of skilled designers, and time zone difference.

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