Did you know plastic was one of the fewer materials that was not available naturally to us? Man invented it with a lot of permutation and combinations of various other materials! Plastics are one such material that can be easily molded into different forms depending on the requirements, may it be for commercial purposes, day-to-day use or any other. To mold these plastics into different forms, plastic extrusion barrels play a vital role, which is generally used in the mechanical engineering industry. These machines help engineers convert any form of plastic material with ease. These barrels are custom made according to the client’s need and production requirements. Designing barrels of the various specification is a matter of great work efficiency since there is intricate design detailing that needs to be taken into consideration. But the important question is – How does it work?

Let’s discuss in detail. Here are the three different parts of Extrusion Machine –

  1. The Gearbox or The Motor that initiates the function
  2. The Barrel that convert the form of material into liquid
  3. The Mold that shapes the material

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Let’s understand these parts in detail and how it functions –

  • To start with, the raw resin (plastics such as PVC, Polyethylene, HIPS, etc) is poured through the feeding hopper into the barrel. This raw resin is in solid form while pouring. At this stage, material density, quality, color of output and many other technical aspects are considered, and accordingly raw resin material is selected.
  • The heating rods/holes attached outside heats the resin within till the time its physical properties get altered. The temperature of these heating rods can be adjusted according to requirements, which mostly depend upon the density/hardness of resin.
  • While heating the plastic an injection screw is inserted from the other end of the barrel to push the liquid to the mold/dia. The mold/dia is custom made according to the specifications of client, forming the desired shape.
  • Once the liquid form of plastic is poured into the dia, it takes the desired shape. It is then allowed to harden naturally by cooling. Shape, hardness, quality all parameters are checked for the final product outcome.

For an easy and comfortable working of Extrusion Barrels, it is necessary to have a proper design guideline called design specification. But what to consider in design specifications? Let’s have a look.


The main consideration while making any plastic extrusion barrel machine is the design specification that comes from the client’s side. If the barrels are not made according to the given specification, then there could be extreme consequences that can result into design and manufacturing defect or worst project failure. Specifications guide the whole process of making the prototype model.

Following factors must be considered for a successful barrel machine drawing –

  • Dimensioned Drawings

Dimensioning is the most basic and crucial step towards machine making. All the detailed dimensions should be provided for easy workability. Since many other stake holders are also working on the same project of barrel production, our drawings should speak a uniform global standard. Therefore, we provide all our drawings in Imperial and Metric formats for easy workflow.

  • Environmental Factors

It is mandatory to comply with environmental standards globally. We need to keep in mind that final output of Extrusion Barrel functions well within the predefined environmental safety parameters. 

  • Ergonomic Factors

Ergonomic is an essential factor while considering any product design, since the designing of barrels is generally based on the capacity required. More the capacity, bigger the barrel size. So, the designing need not necessarily have the ergonomic influence. But since humans are on the receiving end, we need to keep in mind that the machine is user-friendly and that the surrounding environment is conducive for its use.

  • Maintenance

From idea/concept generation to the final delivery, a product goes through a lot of mishandling. Also, after handing it to the client it must be user-friendly to the unskilled workforce who would be handling it. Therefore, the product needs to be easily workable for its ease in maintenance.

It is very important not to make any design errors since that will affect the manufacturing process. Sooner or later it’s working could get hampered which will lead to high maintenance cost or worst the whole barrel would have to be redesign.


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