Strategic Partnership – A Better Way to Outsource!

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Time, the most important factor for any business. Managing tight deadlines, quality deliverables and frequent changes in requirement can be a walk on eggshell. Failing to meet these tight deadlines or quality standards can result in ruining your client relationship, or even worst, loosing client account. And you would surely never want to lose it for a reason such as limited bandwidth or time. So what’s the way out?

Is outsourcing an answer to your problems? May be, but you may want to go a step further and consider having an extended team, and form a strategic partnership. Sometimes outsourcing and Strategic partnership is thought to be similar, but it isn’t. Strategic partnership has numerous advantages over outsourcing. How you ask? Let’s have a look –

1. All Aligned to One Objective
Working towards a common objective and exact understanding of work undertaken is crucial for successful execution of project. And your extended team can work efficiently towards your predefined objective under your direct control.

2. Replicates Your Culture
Having a healthy work environment and strong work culture is foundation for efficient team. And you can easily inculcate your work culture and strong work ethics if you have dedicated team working exclusively for your requirements. It’s like your own team working at other location.

3. Long Term Engagement
You can rely on your extended team for all your future project requirements and have a long term engagement. Your offshore team understands you, your clients and nature of work better by now and can deliver on time with best quality. That makes your relationship more reliable and efficient.

4. Zero Administrative Expenses
Cost, the most important factor in attaining your bottom line – Profits. Global markets are filled with competitors and the one who provides best quality work at competitive rates wins the race. With your strategic partnership you have zero administrative expenses, resulting in cost efficient work process. Now you can overcome this most difficult war of cost and win the battle.

5. Direct Control Over the Team
Every team member is different in understanding, skills and creativity and you as a team head, is in the best place to utilize your team members in best possible way. This is something that can significantly impact timely project delivery and efficiency. Moreover you will have option to increase or decrease headcount.

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