Structural Analysis Tools: Raise The Quality Of Your Products…


It’s been nearly 50 years since the time the first structural analysis program was released. Primarily, design engineers use structural analysis for simulations, to determine the strength and stiffness of a product by reporting component stress and deformations. The type of structural analysis you perform depends on the product being tested, the nature of the loads, and the expected failure mode.

Application areas:

From single component products to to large complex systems, from linear static to highly non-linear dynamic problems, capabilities in the structural analysis tools are built to grow with your business, optimize your cost of ownership, and support you in achieving your business goals. From static and dynamic analysis, thermal and non-liner analysis, to multibody dynamics and composite material analysis, the application areas are many. With such application portfolio, many industries use structural analysis.


The advantage:

Statistical analysis tools provide a family of high performance solutions that meet the needs of experts and designers, new engineers, and everyone in between. These solutions help industries meet their business challenges, achieve business goals. Using the software engineers gain deeper insight in their products through virtual testing. These structural analysis programs are able to evaluate many different types of designs, giving high confidence that the final design will successfully meet prescribed requirements before the physical product is built.