How Indovance Partnered with a Leading Architectural Firm to Deliver Large Scale Projects in Time!

Have you ever thought of the crazy lengths of work hours spent on the traditional software and, the loopholes that keep finding their ways to your design? Well, then there are ways to keep your worries at bay by partnering to outsource your project requirements, potentially resulting in reduced operational cost to half with high-quality.

Professionals working in this arena where designing and drafting is an everyday affair must understand that Outsourcing some process-driven services can make a huge impact in their internal working patterns. This fosters more attention to their core area of work, which in this case is designing and conceptualizing. Outsourcing can streamline your CAD Drafting and Modelling work to a large extent. This can fetch you a lot of extra time which could be used in other core activities.

Indovance, recently partnered with a leading Architectural company to develop its Two Luxurious Townships within a span of 6 months which ultimately helped our client deliver their project in time and with highest accuracy. Here is how Indovance partnered and completed the project –

Project Overview

The client is based in the USA and are pioneers in building luxury housing apartments all over the Country. With many prestigious awards and works to their credit, the client has specialization in providing high end housing at affordable costs.

They were looking for an outsourcing partner to help them in managing all their Drafting and Detailing work such as Permit Drawing set, Structural Details, Furniture Details, Electrical layout, etc.

The client provided us with the schematic drawings of the project. An additional file was provided as a sample with details for reference purpose.


The client needed all the structural drawings with the necessary call outs and details according to the standards provided. Layout of each and every unit and the construction permit drawings have to be done keeping the reference file in mind.

The project was spread across 5 different towers with 18 different types of units placed in symmetry with each other. Every floor consisted of 6 different types of units.

Security & Delivery

Data security and real-time updates in project files is something Indovance specifically looks into during any critical deliverables. In this project, our team was working on a remote common shared server to ensure we provide client with most updated files and there is no data lost or any other security concerns. Moreover, to ensure further security, no files could be downloaded at our end.

Indovance Solution Architect

We put our best team to pull over the project on time. Our team consisted of employees who are experts and experienced in delivering projects with strict timelines. The client was highly impressed with the kind of work that was delivered without any errors and with great precision.

Value Added

Our quality analyst reviews the project from every angle and every minute detail is paid attention to before delivering it to the client. Due to the 12-hour time difference between our client in the USA and our operation team in India, clients get error-free work done within defined time. Moreover, our 3-stage quality check process helps us in delivering the work in minimum to zero error. We are now a one-stop partner for this client and are currently working on multiple projects for them.

Indovance has an expert team of professionals working on Architecture projects since 2003. A well-skilled and experienced professional can help accomplish difficult and complex tasks with his/her years of experience like no other. We have a dedicated team of Architects to take care of your work reducing your operations cost to almost 54% lower.

Our current clientele is from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Many of which are listed in the Fortune 500 company. If you want to discuss more on Architecture services feel free to drop in a mail at, our business development team will connect with you ASAP. Also, you can head on to our website to know more about our other services.

Think Architecture Think Sustainable!! Part 3

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In the last 2 blogs we got to know about the sustainable material Wood and Timber. But are they really, sustainable? Yes! If the company cuts down the tree and do not deplete the forest. If they are not doing so, they aren’t sustainable at all. Same applies for bamboo as well. So, check before investing in all those materials. Using FSC controlled wood can be both green and sustainable.

So, what’s the matter with being sustainable? A sustainable building is a building that minimizes the hazardous effect keeping in mind the future of the building.

A sustainable building reduces the negative impact of the overall performance of the building. It acts as a preservative of all the natural and precious resources that are now getting scarce, thus improving the quality of life.

Some factors that should be considered while designing or strategies that needs to be implemented are –

  • Passive cooling design
  • Active cooling design
  • Renewable energy system
  • Green building material and finishes
  • Native landscapes
  • Stormwater management

By 2030, 60% of the population are going to live in urban areas, so it is of utmost important that they have sustainable living condition.

Following image shows the sustainability change merits.

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Livability factors that needs to be considered are shown in the graph below. It is a big deal to provide accurate information to the concerned authority such as DGNB, LEED and BREEAM to qualify the building as a sustainable one!

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Judgement Time

With the condition worsening gradually, the calling is urgent and mandatory. We need to understand how deeply things are affected and have worsened with time. Sustainable buildings reduce the negative impact of the overall performance of the building giving a positive and healthy option for the living conditions. Incorporating these, only leads for the betterment of the overall eco-system.

Indovance role

With having plethora of knowledge and experience and an array of work portfolio. We have built a trustworthy profile of customers who reach out to us for quality driven work in the lowest TAT possible. Having an experience of 16 years and counting we have dealt with variety of projects in architecture drafting and modeling services.

Also, the Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog is available on our website for you.

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Think Architecture Think Sustainable – Part 2

How about relaxing or maybe even working in nature’s lap, instead of concrete jungles? That too, by just splurging half of the amount than that of a brick or glass structure?

Let’s dive into the subject to know how!

Bamboos are woody grass!! The main reason to involve them in construction is that they have an excellent tensile strength that can be equated with that of steel and its degree of hardness corresponds with that of Oak. Also, they are extremely strong and resilient to water, insects and funguses. They grow from 3mts to 30 mts in height just within a few months. According to ABS (American Bamboo Standards), bamboos grow best in full sunlight, however, some bamboo species grow best in low light/shadows as well.

Construction Fact

A typical American home is built using an acre of hardwood forest that takes 40 years to regenerate but will take only a quarter of an acre of the bamboo shoots to build the same house with about a year to regenerate. 

Bamboo Business

US is one of the prominent importers of Bamboo and in coming future, bamboos are going to own their farmlands on the US grounds far more extensively than they are today. Thus, reducing import costs and moving towards sustainability very effectively. There are 1400 bamboo species worldwide out of which only 2 species are favorable for growth on the US farmlands – Moso and Rubro. Moso is exclusively grown in the climatic zone 7 and 8 and Rubro is grown in 6 and 10. It takes 6 years for the Rubro to grow completely and 10 years for Moso.

Judgement Time 

With such great scope of this wondrous material, businesses are taking a lot of interest. Since the construction methods are very simple and easy and give a lot of aesthetic quality to the overall structure. Also, the joinery details are as similar to that of timber. So, the learning time is reduced to half. The only consideration that needs to be given is to the proper processing of bamboo since they get easily prone to insects, but keeping in mind the sustainability factor, it is for the betterment of the structure and eventually reduces its maintenance cost drastically. Though bamboo has a higher compressive and tensile strength than its rival brick, concrete and steel, we still cannot think of bamboo skyscraper, but yes for time being, we can surely build houses and small community spaces completely out of bamboo. So, yes, the final verdict can be that we can think of bamboo seriously as a building material accepting its flaws and change it for our benefit.

Our Expertise

We work keeping in mind the need of the hour! With rising concerns over global warming and sustainable materials, we have forged ahead and have contributed to the betterment of the community, whether it is going strong with timber or bamboo. So far, we have created outhouse and garages wholly out of Bamboos and in near future we are expanding our portfolio for more Bamboo oriented works. We believe in our employee’s strong work ethics and our clients for supporting and believing in us time and again. We are the catalyst to our clients need!

If you have any further queries call us at +1919-238-4044 or visit our, website to know more.

PS – Here is the link to the part 1 of this blog.