Industries That Use GIS

CAD Survey ServicesGIS, or geographical information system, is software that analyzes, stores and manipulates geographical information so that it can be seen in relation to other things. It can be used across numerous industries to gather all kinds of information from environmental data to determining logistics.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas where GIS can be used. If your firm needs to outsource CAD survey drafting work, why not choose a partner you can trust? Keep reading to see how Indovance can help!

Industries Using GIS Information

Environmental Services
The obvious area that GIS can provide information for is agencies that need environmental information about the land, water sources, and other natural elements. The information can be used to find patterns in natural occurrences such as soil erosion. It can also help in predicting natural disasters.

Local Government
One of the largest users of GIS is the local government bodies. It helps them in land searches, mapping and planning for highways etc. Local law enforcement can also use it to monitor emergency response in the area and track crime trends in certain areas.

GIS can be used in several ways in the healthcare industry. It can be helpful in planning logistics for a hospital and the quickest route to a patient. It is also used to analyze outbreaks of illness in a community.

Utility companies are one of the most active sectors to use GIS. They can build databases in order to manage grids, track pipelines, locate cable and wireless networks, and gather information to use in construction planning.

Another obvious area where GIS is a valuable tool is transportation because of its ability to help in planning and logistics of roadways. There have also been developments in GPS equipment that uses GIS technology.

Mining companies can use it to create grids from old data that did not have spatial reference that can be transposed onto current information in order to track the changes.

GIS proves to be an essential tool in surveying because precise measurements are needed in order to create accurate mapping systems.

An unusual place GIS capabilities can be helpful is in advertising. Targeting consumers based on geographic regions has become one of the innovative ways companies have been able to reach their audience.

Similar to data collected for use in advertising, GIS can help stores determine the optimal location to open in order to best serve the community. They can gather socio-economic information regarding people in an area before deciding to build.

Insurance companies use data obtained from GIS based software to analyze data in relation to risk prediction and catastrophe planning.

Financial Services
The financial industry can benefit from GIS technology when gathering information about consumers. It can help in determining risks because of the information that can be gathered including crime trends, weather patterns and property values.

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CAD Drafting Services For A Large City. How We Did It?

Survey DraftTechnological advancements in every sphere of design and drafting has opened the doors for new possibilities. One such area of engineering design is route survey design. Recent software advancements have empowered the industry with greater efficiency and improved accuracy in planning and execution of projects. Technologies like GIS (Geographic Information System) has undoubtedly proven to be a reliable tool for integrating different data sets in one single platform, helping surveyor to chalk out exact plan for route survey. 3D GIS can handle larger data sets effectively compared to traditional 2D static maps, a big thank you again to the technological development in design industry.

Having said that, is the new software features and technology alone enough to deliver what we call Excellence? Every project is different, has different challenges, has different critical elements to it. And every time, as a project handler, you will need a different problem-solving approach. Yes, you will need technology as a critical resource in designing and drafting, but to strategies and execute, you need expertise and intelligence of highly skilled human resources. One such critical project on which we are working is about – Optical Fiber Cable Placement Route Survey drafting for one of the largest cities in USA. Here is what we did –
The Route Survey Drafting Challenge –
Indovance Inc, got this opportunity to carry out the CAD drafting work for route survey of a large city for Optical fiber cable placement. No wonder, this would need a completely new approach as it covers enormously big area and will generate large sets of topographic survey data. Moreover, the timely delivery and quality of work is of paramount importance to us. Combining it all together and delivering complete 2D design of fiber cable placement network is a complex task.

google earth map
Indovance has a solution
This time around, up with new challenge in hand, Indovance team chalked out the critical elements in the survey and strategized to solve each challenge we have. We created view ports that will have all the important existing and proposed elements on cable placement network, and topographic data can be set with predefined positions. We divided the entire city into sections and completed the drafting for each section one by one. But dividing area alone is not the key, view ports were set in a way, that will keep the pre-identified critical elements constant and make sure, the quality standards are met, allowing to finish the project in time.

This approach helped us deliver the project with great efficiency. Of course, usage of right software features and design tools helped but the problem-solving approach and expertise of highly skilled human resources over the software tools, yet again proved vital.

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How CAD Supports Turbine Engineering

CAD, computer-aided-design, is known to all tech professionals. What more an engineer of today should develop to make lives easy? Bewildered codes, or complex drawings, but the strong analysis always involves accuracy in the design models and the extreme perfection in CAD drafting and drawing. The main objective is to move with the advancements which evolved in engineering.

Engineering outsourcing companies work on the most critical form of CAD designing i.e. CAD in turbine engineering. CAD provides excellent quality for the projects. It requires a networked engineering database to be centrally located which helps in complete data integrity and renders the ultimate output.

As, it is an important field for major industries like aerospace, power plants and outsourcing, Indovance being one of the major engineering outsourcing company, we are here to deliver the best even if you are worried about the highest complexities involved in your projects.

Let’s explore more about the role of CAD in turbine engineering;

CAD in Turbine Engineering
Computer-aided-design and drafting require skilled and experienced professionals to carry out the required designing in power plants. There has been much use of gas turbines in aerospace engines.

Turbine Engineering

Image credits: integratedturbinesystems

Fig1.1 Shows the complete setup of gas turbine

No matter, how big or small the project is, CAD has made the designing part very easy. A CAD system employs an open architecture and its main use is to support mechanical design and engineering. CAD involves shorter design cycle which allows companies to take shorter time to respond to their customers.

Apart from this, CAD cuts the development cost by 65% as per the reports, and improves the productivity by 150%.

With so many CAD benefits filling up the vacant space of technology, we are also leveraging our maximum projects to CAD. No matter, how much complexity is involved in them, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has become an important and widely used technology.

Indovance Towards Computer-Aided-Design of Turbines

Our engineers utilize 3D CAD software tools running on powerful computers to maximize productivity and to be able to focus on innovation to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

We offer services like 2D drafting, fabrication drawings, 3D CAD modeling and design optimization for industrial products like pumps, turbines, hydraulic and pneumatic presses, machine tools as well as jigs and fixtures.

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