Indovance Partnered to Develop Solar Panel Project on 314 Acres of Land!

Did you know the energy, the Sun provides for one hour is enough to generate electricity for a complete year globally? However, we are not using even a fraction of it to our benefit. Harnessing solar power can bring in a very significant change to our ecosystem. But all these boils down to just one thing. Who will make it possible?

One of the companies in the USA took up a work of setting up large solar panels on a gigantic area of land. They needed assistance for the project planning and drafting through CAD software where Indovance partnered with them to complete the project in time.

Here is how Indovance helped setting up 3500 Solar Panels on a land as huge as 314 acres!

Client Overview

Our client, a leading solar equipment company based in the USA, deals in installations of solar panels. They were looking for an outsourcing partner to help them in managing all the software related work for solar installation such as Drafting, Proposing Site, Layouts, Contour Mapping, etc. The client liked the project management cycle that we follow and was quick enough to become a long-term business partner so that any sudden spike at work does not make any harm to the ongoing work process and still get the work delivered on time.

Our client was a leading solar equipment company from the USA.

 Client Input

We received data in a pdf format where the existing site conditions, such as property boundary, wetland area and contour levels were shown for quick reference. All the work needed to be done keeping in mind the given inputs in Civil3D software.

Client Requirement

Client wanted us to prepare a Construction Document Set (A set of production drawings). Which will include a Site plan, Grading plan, Layout plan and the Existing site condition plan.

Challenges Observed

Since the project had some very strict standard guidelines and were high on deadlines, we built a team of members who already had expertise and experience in working on such projects. This made us save a huge amount of time on training hours. Also, a backup resources were deployed to accommodate any additional deliverables. Moreover, team had to be abreast with the US construction code and standards.

Indovance Solution Architect

We made all the sheet with the expected details that were required. A total of 3 main files and their multiple sub-files were created for the clarity in understanding and execution of work.

  1. Existing Condition – All existing conditions giving under the civil base plan. This includes all the natural and man-made features already present on-site such as contours, stream, pond, trees etc.
  2. Tree Clearance – Herein, all the unnecessary trees had to be cut to propose solar panels and show proper fence line for security purpose and Calculation of the area.
  3. Layout and Material – Proper site layout need to be done here, by calculating the site distances from all sides according to the standards mentioned and put all the callouts and utility poles wherever necessary.
  4. Grading and Erosion control – Propose contours if needed for a conducive environment. Place the electrical equipment area, utility poles and other solar panel details. Also, propose Stilt fencing for erosion control for not damaging the existing condition.

Value Added

Indovance provided excellent quality-infused work with all the necessary parameters checked and also completed the project in stipulated time. Also, Outsourcing CAD services to Indovance helped our partner in reducing the overall cost of project. All of these became possible because of the 3-stage quality process that enabled us to make the project get delivered with minimum to zero errors. This significantly reduced the rework time as well.

Indovance has a prolific work experience in CAD Drafting and Modelling services since its inception in 2003. We choose to deliver output which are designed uniquely keeping our client’s requirement in mind. We cater to services majorly in the domain of Mechanical, Architecture, Civil, Graphics and Pre-Media.

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Current Transportation Engineering scenario and how to make it more User-friendly?

Transportation Engineering is the most creative and at the same time the most analytical branch at work front – very critical working required! Transportation is a daily affair in human life. On an average a person spends as much as 19 full workdays of the year in commuting from one place to another. So, isn’t it a necessity to construct and sustain roads that are easily manageable by the authority as well as easily accessible to the people?

Bringing in the statistics

  • 10% of the gross domestic product is in the hands of transportation in USA.
  • One-third of America’s roads are in the rural areas and approximately 45% of the highways are overcrowded.
  • Cruising may account to 10% of the local circulation as drivers takes as long as 20 mins to find parking space.

Major categories included in transportation are –

  1. Highways
  2. Railways
  3. Port and Harbor
  4. Airports
  5. Pipeline engineering

Present loopholes in transportation

Transportation involves hard sciences as well as soft sciences. Transportation is amongst the key economic activities, besides, it’s service ramification, transportation cost for the substantial increase of the business. But to make it a success we need to work on the infrastructure needed for the modern transportation systems.

Traffic congestion and parking difficulties creates hindrance due to overcrowding of space, since footfall per is not maintained. Demands for parking space is increasing and not getting fulfilled due to lack of planning. Parking and congestion are interrelated! This is due to poorly synchronized traffic signals.

Longer commuting time is spent for travelling from one place to another. Improving public transport systems thus enthralls the population with options saving them time, money and the luxury to travel with comfort.

Markets, Agoras, Parades and procession community interactions, etc. are the publicly owned spaces that are always free to access. High level of traffic gets in between the other

 ways of sustainable transportation. People tend to walk or cycle less than the earlier days. This is due to traffic congestion. Evolving technologies such as Capital and Operating costs and Smart parking services can come to rescue in near future. By evolving these technologies, it is also necessary to consider the sustainable outcome of transportation.

One of the best solutions to lower its effect is providing sustainable transportation, which is measured by providing transportation efficiency as well as keeping in mind the hazardous impacts the environment and climate faces. In short, few measures that should be taken that speaks of a healthier eco-system.

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable transportation work w.r.t social, environment and climate impacts. It has the power to feed itself with renewable sources of energy. There is no agreed evidence of how a sustainable city should look like. It is a necessity to meet the needs of the present without sacrificing the future. Today 55% of the world population and by 2050, 68% of the world population will start living in the urban areas. Sustainable transportation is one that speaks of a much larger and greater benefits of humankind.

Indovance Expertise

We are into this field of engineering providing drafting and modeling services since last 16 years and have sustained through all the thick and thin, giving impeccable results to our clients not giving a reason to worry. We are up for increasing our work portfolio more and are working towards it. We generously believe in our employees, skillset and with that confidence we work and generate opportunities for our clients and employees.

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Residential Subdivision – Process and Role of Indovance Inc.

Residential Subdivision banner Indovance

Developing a barren land from scratch to a perfect residential project can be a tedious process. With the number of parties and conditions involved, it can be both, time consuming and expensive. However, following a right process, understanding the norms & local laws can help and prove to be a guide in the course. Let’s understand the entire process step-by-step.

What is Residential Subdivision?
The term subdivision, in Civil Engineering context, can be explained as, division of a tract or a lot into two or more plats, lots, sites or other divisions of land. It can be with the purpose of sale or construction of residential or industrial project. There are different rules, regulations and standards in different states/cities which one must consider before we start the project development process.

Types of Residential Subdivision –

  • Single family development
  • Mixed use development
  • Cluster development
  • Planned multi-family development

Process of Residential Subdivision?
Though the process for subdivision may vary slightly project to project, the standard milestones for the process can be outlined as below.

As name suggests, this is the obvious first stage in the process of subdivision. A developer needs to know the exact details about the land property in question, for example – the zoning category of land (residential, industrial or commercial), land development design manual, drainage design manual, lot criteria for single family/multifamily etc. These specifications may vary state or city wise and must be confirmed from the local governing body.
Residential Subdivision Process
Concept stage
Once the details are acquired and confirmed from the local governing body, next step is to come up with a concept. What can you build on the site? How many units? What can be potential restrictions? Here, the plat preparation needs to be completed with utmost accuracy. Before you decide upon what can be constructed, you must first assess the local council’s development and planning policies and develop plan in accordance with predefined by local governing body policies. It also involves details like, property land boundary, defining possible open spaces, identifying the slops and even/uneven grounds, internal roads, lot design etc. It is also called as preliminary plat preparation and once completed, it is sent to the city governing body office for approval.

Working drawings and documentation
Once approval is received from local governing body office, the most important stage is to create working design and drawings of actual site. This is the most critical stage in the process and must be executed with precision. The site details such as final plat, paving plan, grading plan, earthwork calculation, hydrological calculations, storm pipe designs & analysis, sewer and water network, erosion control plans are drawn with its exact specification. Software tools like AutoCAD Civil3D/Carlson Civil/Bentley can create exact working drawings for you and these can serve two objectives for you –

  • It works as instruction guide to builder on what to build
  • Considered as a document to be submitted for a construction certificate or a building permit

Construction & Completion
Once the approval is received from the local governing body and financials are worked out, construction can be started. On each stage of the construction, it is important to check, the work is going on as planned and according to the working drawings.

How Indovance can support?
Indovance Inc, is trusted partner for global companies for their design and drafting requirements, may it be for residential, industrial or commercial project development. We can support you right from concept design to delivering the accurate working drawings to be submitted to local governing body. Our experts in Civil Engineering design industry have extensive knowledge of development policies, rules and regulations of different region which helps our client create accurate project designs.

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BIM: A Game-Changer in Civil Engineering and Construction Industry

You must have probably heard about BIM by now. Don’t worry if you know only a little about BIM (Building Information Modeling), this article will tell you about BIM in a nutshell. And yes, you would also know the potential that BIM offers in the construction engineering industry.

People consider BIM as a software, well, this is partially correct, but that doesn’t give a picture in totality. BIM creates a virtual models of any project that can help to speed-up the construction work, and how exactly do the construction takes place? Look at the pie-chart that will help you understand better:


So, these are most common benefits that BIM offers. There will be many other benefits that will fall under the umbrella of these benefits. Wondering about final outcome? The final outcome is these amazing buildings in an incredibly low time. BIM gives more control right from the inception stage and thus, the quality issues are unbelievably low.

Using BIM, 3D Models of the buildings are made digitally. These models are given interesting textures, colors, and artistic effects that are prerequisites to the every project. BIM just enables to build the structure virtually. This virtual model is the representation of your actual building to be constructed. Other elements like windows, walls, stairs, etc. can be added. In a way, you are just prototyping. Engineers just love this because BIM has made the process very smooth.

Engineers do acknowledge the fact that simulations are necessary for this field. Various forces do act on the structure, so the effects of these forces have to be taken care of well in advance. BIM does that like a cakewalk. And changes can be made easily. You make a change in the model, other relevant entities like elevations, floor plans, etc. will reflect the change. So, the change management is taken care of!

BIM has an information model, that will tell you about various standard practices, and therefore, compliance is just made easy. One must acknowledge that conservation of environment has become a priority. And BIM is a technology that can reduce the impact of the infrastructure on the environment. So designs with better sustainability can very well be implemented in the structures with the help of BIM.


So far, so good. But, what about designs? Does BIM help with designs? Yes, it does. BIM can help you in creating visualizations that are very realistic, and you can just accommodate various designs virtually. Does this help you? Well, it should because you will have better chances of convincing your clients with impactful presentations. Now, it does help, doesn’t it?

BIM can aid you with cool presentations that can sway your stakeholders positively. BIM can let you have a better control on the information. And information is a weapon in today’s era. And data management in BIM has so many fields like cost control, man-power management, building life-cycle, etc. that are very supportive for various tasks.

So, with all that said, do you want to implement BIM and move light years ahead of others? Indovance can help you as an outsourcing partner for BIM. Indovance offers BIM services that can help you better with planning and controlling the project. You will naturally save costs and time.

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Pipe Network Using Civil-3D: Designing, Calculations, Analysis Made Easy…

Civil3D In modern day Civil Engineering, from construction, to home building, to piping networks, we are always creating designs, and want to derive meaningful analysis and calculations from them. In case of complex infrastructures like Piping Networks, this is more prevalent. To execute piping network projects more efficiently you need tools that will facilitate this design process; you need Civil-3D. The software provides a mix of design, analysis, and calculation tool that helps you strengthen your workflow, decreases design time, and while doing so, creates new opportunities for you.

Civil-3D and Piping: the advantage

The key advantage of Civil-3D is its adaptation to your local design conditions and standards, which facilitates your design process immensely. The tool offers you an advantage on three fronts:

Effective use of Civil-3D by designers will help them optimize their work. For example, in case of a settlement with more than 30 km of network, your engineers can draw all long sections in a very short time. Hydraulic calculations are also quick and easy, which allows you to change parameters and check results many times.

You are also able to establish dynamic link between different project parts and elements, allowing corrections in one part to reflect automatically in other parts. This functionality increases your overall product immensely, and works as a fast tool for exploring design alternatives; protecting you from unintentional mistakes.

“When it comes to pipe networks, chose Civil-3D, because it can really be adapted to suit your different design needs.

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