Rise in the Growth Rate of Premedia Outsourcing Services


Outsourcing – the term much familiar in premedia industry. Printing and creating innovative design has always been outsourced at a global level in the recent years. As per the report published in Business Standard, India is the first choice when it comes to designing, and premedia outsourcing. 66% of major publishers voted that they will seek outsourcing services from India.

Premedia Outsourcing Trends
Rise in the Growth Rate of Premedia Outsourcing Services

With the above statistics in knowledge, this article will lead you to know more on;

  • Premedia offshore trends worldwide
  • Growth trends of premedia outsourcing services
  • Outsourcing to India and why?
  • Challenges faced in premedia industry

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in premedia outsourcing

Premedia Outsourcing Trends Worldwide

Premedia has achieved a growth rate of 5.8% in India in the year 2014-15. It has led to the registration of 1,05,443 new publications. Premedia deals with the designing of magazines, newspapers, STM journals, books etc. Reports indicate that Newspaper advertising will amount to 16.1 billion US dollars in the current year: 2017. The info-graphic depicts a big shift towards print industry in the recent years;

Let’s Explore More on Premedia Growth Trends in India

The report also showed that India is ahead of the US, UK, China, Philippines and the Australia. 30% of firms from the USA seek premedia outsourcing services from India. Similarly, Philippines (18%), UK and China (16%), Vietnam (8%), and Australia (5%). Remaining 18% followed other locations. The survey also indicated major growth in outsourcing firms of about 30% to 40% solely in India.

Agencies like Eon Premedia and Basil have also experienced growth in India. They mentioned that “Outsourcing is a business opportunity that may have a finite window in India”

Planning to outsource Premedia Services to India?

The below picture clearly depicts that India is becoming a global place for premedia outsourcing.

Premedia Growth Influencers
Rise in the Growth Rate of Premedia Outsourcing Services

Factors influencing growth in India –

  • Reduced cost
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Value-added services
  • Higher production
  • Production during off-hours
  • New thoughts and ideas resulting in revenue growth
  • Concentration on the core work
  • Time management
  • Long term relationship with customers
  • Control on strategic decision-making
  • Reduced overall management burden
  • High-quality delivery of projects

With above statistics and benefits mentioned, it is obvious that many publishers are looking to outsource premedia work. One such premedia outsourcing company is Indovance – a leading name who provides best services and taks care of all customer requirements.

Challenges in Outsourcing

But how can we forget, there are always some challenges and cons involved in the growth of the industry which may hinder its path towards success. Similarly, premedia and publishing involves challenges like;

  • Quality Issues
  • On-time delivery
  • Manpower management
  • Communication

No matter, how large the size of project is, well defined business processes can overcome any challenge.

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction on Premedia Outsourcing

The most important measure of any industry is the satisfaction level which the customers feel. As from the survey conducted recently, 75% of the buyers said, they need considerable improvements in the services, while 58% said, the quality of service needs drastic improvement.

It also indicated that 42% of the companies are planning to increase outsourcing by 25% to India, while 33% will outsource at the present destinations.

“Though 16% of the companies did not show interest in outsourcing, still the premedia and publishing market is all set to rise to 15%-20% in the upcoming year, as per the reports. “

India is becoming a global hub for premedia outsourcing. The benefits and statistics are in the favor of premedia being outsourced to India. Apart from this, building an extended team of designers outside your prime location not only reduces your investment but gives you a bigger coverage area to search for the hidden talent. Other major factors like faster turnaround time and timeline differences also make buyers to select India as an offshore center.

Are you also searching for a premedia outsourcing partner? You may want to reach us at +1 800 929-8120 or email at info@indpremedia.com

Digitized Content – Smarter Way of Reading

Printed vs Digital Book The ‘written word’ has gained too much respect and has always been at the heart of the readers. These words are now moving to kindle and iPad digital e-readers. The spark in the new publishing ecosystem has brought a new world to digital publishing.

Digital Devices: Kindle, iPad and more.
We all know each year the population is crossing millions when it comes to eBook reading and learning. Days are gone, where people carried books while traveling long distances. Now, Digital devices like iPad and kindle are playing their major roles and information is directly available to the end user through these advance technologies. Indovance helps publishers with converting their content from physical books to e-books for these platforms.
Digital Book International Market
Are You Using Kindle or iPad?
Looking for an everlasting read-up that will get fit in your pocket? Then here you go, iPad and Kindle-Devices which make life easier to live, it’s a Godsend for Readers. Availability of test series which is a must for students, online books, novels, STM’s have made this complicated world, a simpler place to live.
The Digital world has seen enormous growth. Let’s measure India’s reading interest on kindle;

India’s Contribution in International Market
Many sectors ranging from small to medium, are using kindle. The graph clearly explains the percentage of bestseller books from India.
The pie-chart here clearly depicts the use of kindle in India at a global level.

Digital Publication in Education.jpg
Digital Publication in Education Sector
As per the stats shown on the left, the revenue generated from education sector is much higher than consumer books. Various schools are also promoting the use of iPads with kindle app to reduce heavy load of books.

International Market for Electronic Publication
The figure explains how e-book has increased the revenue from 2009 to 2016. It clearly reflects the market growth due to online e-book services.
International Market for Digi Books

Indovance Inc, has been providing best quality digital publishing services to some of the most renowned publications across the globe and has mastered the technology with years of experience. We have worked with more than 350 global customers mostly from the USA, we have launched our services in Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia in 2016.
You can reach us at info@indovance.com or call us at 1800 929 8120 for more details.