What and Why should you Outsource?

Do you feel that you need to scale up your workforce but cannot invest time training them? If this is a pain-point like many others, outsourcing a part of your business process to an outsourcing partner can help you big time. This will not shake the creative genius inside you and rather will fetch you more time to work on your core business strategies. Is this the only reason why you should outsource? Not really. There are many more significant contributions outsourcing can make and here are few listed down for you.

  • Innovation

Innovation is one thing that can help businesses sustain in market and who makes it possible? People! Your outsourcing business partner can be a boon for your business since, they know the minute details of the work and can innovate ways to achieve their business objectives.

  • Scalability & Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility with work are important advantages that your outsourcing partner can provide if they have a right set up to support you. Businesses are uncertain, you never know when there is a sudden spike in work & you need more people working to complete the task, or when you need to shift from one technology to other to counter market challenges. Outsourcing partner can help you in both scenarios and give edge over your competitors.

  • Hiring & Administration

Let’s face it, hiring, training & retention are the major issues that many companies face. The complete process of recruitment, onboarding, engagement and retention is long and can add to your administrative expenses and above all the longevity of the employee can also be undefined. There have been many cases where the employees work for a few months and leave for other opportunities. When you think of outsourcing, these issues remain miles away because your partner takes the load of hiring and training employees for the skills you need, to make your work more impactful and powerful.

  • Leveraging Technical Expertise

‘Everyone is not being made for everything’ and same applies in business. You may be good at some technicalities of your business process, but someone who has core business to handle such technical aspects of your business can be an expert. Leveraging their technical expertise can help you save your time, money and give quality outputs.

  • Cost Benefits

You don’t have to hire or build a high-end infrastructure, because you are supposed to pay only for the services that you buy and not for the setup.

      Moving further ahead, following are the WHATS’s of Outsourcing –

1. IT services

According to the GSA report 70% of companies are going to outsource in the coming years. In 2017, global traditional outsourcing industry generated $88.9bn in revenue. This number can grow by $409bn by 2022 as per the industry report. IT sector is the most booming sector and America is the largest benefactor of the same. America outsource many of their IT services to India keeping in mind 2 main factor –

– Quality of work since the skilled labor is huge

– The quickest turn-around time

Both are a major factor strengthening the business bonds of the two nations.

2. Accounting Process

There are some typical processes in accounting and finance which NBFC’s or Banking industries usually outsource. These are mostly related to document verifications, recoveries, receivables & payables and many more. These processes are outsourced as these are commonly repetitive in nature and requires follow up which can be taken care by outsourcing partner.

3. Marketing & Creative Production

Marketing is a very important factor if you want your business to succeed! In today’s day and age Marketing is the core business activity and creative production outsourcing is one area companies consider more often. Since, the world pays attention to the brand and the brand is created based on a great marketing strategy, outsourcing your Marketing efforts can bid ado to all your worries of hiring affluent employees.

4. CAD Conversion

CAD Conversion is again one of the effective outsourcing options available. Wasting time on monotonous task can be boring and cannot generate new and creative ideas as well. Also, an added advantage is the turnaround time – which is also minimum.

5. Drafting and Modelling Services

An idea if not executed properly is a complete waste of innovative minds. Therefore, lending your drafting and modelling work to a well-researched vendor can help a great deal! Outsourcing such activities enables you to focus on your core activities. Also, it is always better to lend your drafting and modelling work to experts, since they know the nitty-gritties of the subject and can help if you find yourself stuck in it.

Benefits of outsourcing your drafting and modelling services are-

  • Increased efficiency of work
  • Comprehensive services
  • Reduction in costing and expenses
  • Able to work in diverse range of software

Also, below is the graph showcasing the skills that world is looking forward to in 2020!

Indovance Culture

We at Indovance, strongly believe in customizing all our efforts to suit your comfort! We are one of the finest Engineering Business Solutions Company supporting CAD drafting and modeling service since 2003. Our headquarters is based in Apex, North Carolina and our India Operation House is in Pune.

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Searching for your Outsourcing Partner? Here are 8 Factors to Consider!

As an owner, manager, CEO of a business, you must have thought of giving away some of your services to a 3rd party, thus lowering your stress. Right? The pay parity comes from the state and federal taxes, which ultimately determines country’s economic standpoint (GDP) and wage-setting institution. Outsourcing your business processes certainly lessens the burden and solves issues of hiring and training the talent.

A Brandon Gaille report says that 46% of the companies have stated their topmost reason for outsourcing a business process was to reduce operating costs.

Outsourcing business processes is a vital step in setting up a great organized business, without hammering yourself with the process driven monotonous tasks but rather helps concentrating on core business activities. Also, making sure that the task is completed in the given time frame. With the world moving faster, there is no reason to stop and ponder. Time is valued by money and it is very important to increase productivity by working faster and smarter. Also, when the work is done by keeping in mind the high-quality standards the results are more inclined towards quality delivery. Usually outsourcing the business activity are beneficiary since the work efficiency is higher and the labour cost lower.

Here is a thorough breakdown of the top reasons as to why people outsource:

  1. Costs Control — 44%
  2. Access to IT resources which are not available internally — 34%
  3. Freeing up the internal employees — 31%
  4. Customer centric focus — 28%
  5. Business/Company growth reorganization/transformation — 22%
  6. TAT Time period — 15%
  7. Gain access to expertise which are unavailable internally — 15%

Let’s, move further to ponder over the 8 factors which can make your Outsourcing Business a success!

Financial Factor –

Cost is the major factor driving the world economy today! When every single work is done keeping a budget in mind then why not your outsourcing business? By outsourcing business-related fewer activity from vendors, you can save a huge amount without getting concerned about the cost. This gradually leads to higher profit margin and much lower operational and labor cost, thus a win-win situation for both the parties.

But how are you supposed to judge the vendor entirely on this soul reason? To get a clear idea of how costing is going to affect your business, learn about the country’s economy, dig deeper and understand their geographical areas and the economic infrastructure of the place before investing. Access to the areas where the quality of work is not hampered because of their cheaper prizes.

Research –

When you are looking for outsourcing business activities your business vendor must be reliable and trustworthy enough. Do a thorough check by visiting every prospect partner through their website, review sites, news about the company or contact them personally asking for a quotation of their services. Work portfolio, professional testimonials, client longevity are some of the factors that gives understanding of how well the outsourcing partnership will work.

Business Insights –

Social Media account is a brilliant way to get more insights about any company. It doesn’t just speak about the work culture, but also helps understanding people and processes within the company under consideration. Of course, you would not like to get associated with company which is not a cultural fit with yours. You can also get to know about the client-company relations, type of project expertise the company has and so on and so forth. It’s a great tool to have a closer look and without the barrier of anyone manipulating your thought process, since there is no barrier to judge the growth and pitfall of the company.

Bridging the Time Barrier

One of the most important advantage an outsourcing partner can provide is of 24 hours work cycle. Imagine a situation where you leave your office at end of the day with some urgent project deliverables having assigned to your outsourcing partner and see all accurately completed projects the next day when you reach your office. Isn’t it a great feeling to start you day!

Innovative Mindset and Infrastructure

‘Change is the only constant’. In the world of i9 processor if you choose to be a Celeron, then believe it or not, it’s not going to work. Company’s infrastructure is an eye-opener – The software’s used and the work culture of the company is what speaks about high professional attributes that the company possess. A company could be judged depending on its values and philosophy externally and internally by speaking to them on a one on one basis.

Quality Workforce  

The reason you should look for outsourcing business is the dearth of the excellent quality talent pool. The skilled workforce required in the areas of technology and management is almost nil. This point illustrates on the qualities that you need to consider before you outsource your process. You should consider the following qualities before choosing your outsourcing vendor-

  1. Careful planning and mitigation of all the processes.
  2. Weather the workload is distributed properly to the concerned person.
  3. What are the factors do your outsourcing vendor consider during the times of crises?
  4. Weather the workload is distributed properly to the concerned person.

              Source – ASQ American Society of Quality

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This is the most important and crucial stage of the outsourcing business. You must know all the necessary details of your work pendulum and the kind of services your outsourcing vendor is providing. This agreement makes you legally sorted when it comes to data security, protection of business information and patented products. So, having entered an NDA with outsourcing company will safeguard all your business interests.


Running after different service providers for your different needs in business can make your life difficult. It is advisable to work with a company which works more like a strategic partner than just a onetime service provider. While selecting a strategic partner for your business, it is of prime importance to partner with a company providing spread of services you frequently need in different processes of your business, reducing your efforts to look for different partner every time. In a nutshell, look for a One-Stop-Shop!

Indovance Expertise

We at Indovance believes in providing quality driven high standards of work with the quickest turnaround time. Our expertise includes giving excellent drafting and modelling work in Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Graphics and Pre-media Services. For more information log on to our website www.indovance.com or you can also call us to book an online appointment on +1-919-238-4044.

Think Architecture Think Sustainable – Part 2

How about relaxing or maybe even working in nature’s lap, instead of concrete jungles? That too, by just splurging half of the amount than that of a brick or glass structure?

Let’s dive into the subject to know how!

Bamboos are woody grass!! The main reason to involve them in construction is that they have an excellent tensile strength that can be equated with that of steel and its degree of hardness corresponds with that of Oak. Also, they are extremely strong and resilient to water, insects and funguses. They grow from 3mts to 30 mts in height just within a few months. According to ABS (American Bamboo Standards), bamboos grow best in full sunlight, however, some bamboo species grow best in low light/shadows as well.

Construction Fact

A typical American home is built using an acre of hardwood forest that takes 40 years to regenerate but will take only a quarter of an acre of the bamboo shoots to build the same house with about a year to regenerate. 

Bamboo Business

US is one of the prominent importers of Bamboo and in coming future, bamboos are going to own their farmlands on the US grounds far more extensively than they are today. Thus, reducing import costs and moving towards sustainability very effectively. There are 1400 bamboo species worldwide out of which only 2 species are favorable for growth on the US farmlands – Moso and Rubro. Moso is exclusively grown in the climatic zone 7 and 8 and Rubro is grown in 6 and 10. It takes 6 years for the Rubro to grow completely and 10 years for Moso.

Judgement Time 

With such great scope of this wondrous material, businesses are taking a lot of interest. Since the construction methods are very simple and easy and give a lot of aesthetic quality to the overall structure. Also, the joinery details are as similar to that of timber. So, the learning time is reduced to half. The only consideration that needs to be given is to the proper processing of bamboo since they get easily prone to insects, but keeping in mind the sustainability factor, it is for the betterment of the structure and eventually reduces its maintenance cost drastically. Though bamboo has a higher compressive and tensile strength than its rival brick, concrete and steel, we still cannot think of bamboo skyscraper, but yes for time being, we can surely build houses and small community spaces completely out of bamboo. So, yes, the final verdict can be that we can think of bamboo seriously as a building material accepting its flaws and change it for our benefit.

Our Expertise

We work keeping in mind the need of the hour! With rising concerns over global warming and sustainable materials, we have forged ahead and have contributed to the betterment of the community, whether it is going strong with timber or bamboo. So far, we have created outhouse and garages wholly out of Bamboos and in near future we are expanding our portfolio for more Bamboo oriented works. We believe in our employee’s strong work ethics and our clients for supporting and believing in us time and again. We are the catalyst to our clients need!

If you have any further queries call us at +1919-238-4044 or visit our, website www.indovance.com to know more.

PS – Here is the link to the part 1 of this blog.

How Powerful Signages is changing the face of Marketing!

Visuals have evolved in many aspects as human being has, over the years. The first visuals ever seen was during the Sumerian writing i.e. 3300 – 3000 BCE. These visual now took the form of Digital Signages in today’s time. Almost every-day unknowingly you treat your eyes with umpteen number of Signages. Signages on roads telling directions and temperatures, Signages displaying menus while munching your favorite burger at McDonalds, signage displaying status of your flight on the airport. There are signages binding you wherever you go! Guess what, just look around and you will see a digital signage in your immediate surrounding as well.

There are many ways to get your business of signages to flourish without having the worry to care about the process. These activities are usually outsourced to save time and money. Also, the availability of talented and skilled workforce is limited. The major acquirers of these services are India and China.

When it comes to the designing part, there are no set rules for it. There are no rational or justified criteria for designing, no fixed formulae to be applied. With experience and practice one can sail through it. Having said that, there are certain practices that can be considered –

  • The designer needs to keep in mind as to where and when it is going to be used – Day time or Nighttime. How can the design be made more compatible?
  • Every County, every organization has their own set of standards and brand guidelines to communicate with its audience. Keeping those in mind, we need to further evaluate the policies.
  • American Disability Act (ADA) has set certain standards keeping the specially abled people in mind. It is vital to keep those points in consideration.

Expressing Through Signages

Investing in your signage design is the need of the hour as Signage could be the face of your branding strategy. A well-crafted signboard talks a lot about your company’s personality. Also, it is essential to design keeping in minds the standards set by ADA.

A Closer View of Business

Though retail was the 1st industry to start using digital signage, slowly and gradually all the other organizations now see it as a very useful medium to communicate with the clients. Visual image captures attention more easily and quickly. According to a report from The Hubspot, 94% of people stay for more time on pages that have image or video. ‘Seeing is Believing’ subconsciously people consider brands trustworthy and honest when they recall the signages. The recall rate of a Digital signage is as high as 83%. Here are the quick stats pertaining the importance of signages in the coming of Digital Marketing era.

  • 25% of companies pay huge attention to the Digital signage campaigning.
  • Humans process Visual information 60,000X faster than plain text.
  • The global signage market is expected to reach $49.8 billion by 2020.

 Indovance and Signages

We affiliate in making your work less strenuous by giving you services with the quickest TAT possible. With an experience of creating and restructuring signages, we have a talent pool working in this arena since last 16 years, giving services ranging from 3D signages, Digital Signages, LED Signage drawings, Channel Letter Signs, Electric Signs, Message Center Signs, Neon Signs, Pylon Signs etc. The Software that we use are AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Flexisign, Illustrator, InDesign, LED Wizards and Photoshop.

Here are some of the work samples from our portfolio –

LED Sign board designing.ADA Signages design.A before and after image of the signage design.

For more details contact us on +1-919-238-4044 or drop in a mail at info@indovance.com.






Design Optimization & Analysis of Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are widely functional in various industry such as Manufacturing, Aerospace Techniques, Chemical, Nuclear and Power Engineering, Oil and Gas, Oil Refining Industries etc. Pressure Vessels are used to store liquids and gases under high pressures. The pressure applied can be internal or external, regardless of their shape and dimensions.

There are 3 most common types of Pressure Vessels

Storage Containers – Which are used for storing fluids under pressure

Process Vessels – These are the most basic types of pressure vessels, which is used for storage and functioning as well. These include heat exchangers, reactors, fractionating towers, distillation towers, etc.

Heat ExchangerThese vessels are normally used in an industry where some substances required to be heat-up to normalize before releasing in environment.

The biggest challenge industries face today for drafting and modeling these Pressure Vessels, is the turnaround time. Pressure Vessel industries are highly competitive, and they require instant and absolute precision in work. Other major issue is the medium of communication. The graphical representation of every detail drawing needs to be accurate with industry standards.

Let’s discuss more about the technicalities and the types of Pressure Vessels in detail –

The Storage Containers as the name suggest, these vessels are used for storing liquids and gases. These are special tanks made with utmost precision to hold hazardous gases. These tanks need to be strong and leak proof to ensure its sustainability.

Here are the design aspects considered while designing storage container designed at Indovance for one of its clients.

  • The internal and external material finish used was HRAP (Hot Rolled Annealed and Pickled) which is done through a steel mill process.
  • The weld finish for the internal and the external surface is done with the wire brushed.
  • A dimple jacket was designed for the non-thermal and thermal shock loading.
  • The volume of the vessels is as huge as 50,726 gallons.
  • The operating temperature is 200-degree Fahrenheit and the design temperature is 300- degree Fahrenheit.

In another project case, Indovance designed a Process Vessel which could also be used as a Heat Exchanger for one of the major Manufacturing Business houses.

The design specification was as follow –

  • Though the pressure vessel was made of carbon steel and stainless-steel, proper passivation was required to be done to provide further losses in future.
  • All the lifting and support lug was designed according to the DPT by laws.
  • Different nozzles come with different specification, having different uses and services, such as –
    • Agitator nozzle is used for mixing the substances in the pressure vessels.
    • Manway nozzle is used for the entry and exit of a person.
  • There is a spare nozzle provided at the top and the bottom for emergency purpose.
  • There are overall 4 baffles placed at regular intervals for the support of bundled – tube.
  • 4 support lugs are provided at an angle of 90-degrees to each other.
  • Half tube gaskets are provided with graphite wires for heat flow.

Moreover, there are many minute details that goes into the designing, drafting and modeling of the Pressure Vessels. These details may vary according to the clients brief and the designing needs. Following are some of the design considerations that were followed-

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to hydrogen attack
  • Fracture toughness
  • Fabricability
  • Gasket detail and material needed

Indovance Expertise –

Our experience of designing and modeling the Pressure Vessels goes back to the Inception of Indovance in 2003. With highly skilled talent pool and subject matter experts with wide range of Project Management skills, we have always been the first choice of many Fortune500 Engineering Companies for their design and drafting requirements. We also offer Drafting and Modelling services in Mechanical, Civil, Architecture and Graphics industries. For more information on any of our domains call us on +1-919-238-4044 or you can also mail us at info@indovance.com


Using UAV Technology For Land Survey Projects

Drone Survey

Land surveying and measurement gathering is the most basic, yet a crucial stage for any construction project. Over the period, the data collection methods have evolved significantly and now technology plays a vital role in execution. Traditionally, land surveyors would visit the site and collect measurements with survey instruments. But this method has always been problematic for multiple reasons such as inaccuracy of data, time and cost incurred and complexity in it. Moreover, sometimes project site could be difficult for humans to access.

That’s where use of drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or System) comes handy. Drone technology can scan potentially large landscapes or project sites and provide more accurate and elegant data compared to traditional methods. It collects data in the form of photogrammetric extraction (measurement with photographs), orthophotography and point clouds. Mostly the data collected through this process is huge in size, presenting micro details, at the same time its processing and output is reliable. In some cases, drone equipment itself could process the data up to certain extend.

Drone Capture

Applications of UAV Devices

  • Any size site mapping
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Change detection
  • Inspections
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Damage assessment
  • Automatic data processing (up to a certain limit)

However, according to the survey requirements, drones of UAV’s can have customizable equipment’s which vary in resolution or data collection and processing capabilities. Following are the advantages of using drones as survey method.

Advantages of UAV

  • Accuracy in measurements
  • Quickly acquired large scale data
  • Dense coverage of large areas
  • 2D & 3D measurements
  • Flexible range
  • Image interpretation capability (for object-based classification)
  • Automatic data processing
  • Recorded images lists the measuring process
  • Cost and time saving method
  • Operates in every terrain

Work Flow

Drone Capture Process

Like manned airborne platforms, VAS also collects imagery and produces the most accurate mapping output. Indovance has been using these advance technologies for all its survey drafting projects for years and has expertise in understanding the requirement and providing the most accurate solutions. If you are also looking for a partner who can work on your survey drafting projects, Indovance is the right partner for you. If you want to know more about our Civil engineering design services, reach us at info@indovance.com or speak to us at +1 919-238-4044