Transforming Mechanical Engineering with 3D Animation

3d animation Imagine: you are watching a 3D animation of clothes in a washing machine. The virtual demonstration shows the flow of the water through pipes into the machine, the agitation of the drum, the draining process and rapid spin cycle. It’s not real – it’s just a simulation of a product in its inception stage. But 3D animation provides a realistic representation of what it will look like, the components, how it works, if there are any flaws in the design and how you can improve it before its manufactured. All of this before having any hard expenses of physically building and testing the product. The result? A more cost-effective way to ensure a better end product.

The Evolution of Design
While earlier engineers relied on hand drawings to design and complete projects, there was a lot of room for error. One miscalculation in the original drawing could result in expensive and all-too-common mistakes.

Decades ago, mechanical engineers began abandoning pen and paper for computer-aided design. But creating drawings, designs and drafting with computers was just the beginning. Now, many mechanical engineering firms also rely on 3D animation to better understand and test products.

Benefits of 3D CAD
The evolution of CAD and 3D animation has meant incredible advantages for mechanical engineers, including:

  • Approximately 45 percent faster product design
  • Automated design process
  • Organization and management of design data
  • Effective communication with customers and suppliers
  • Generation of virtual prototypes allows non-CAD people to participate in the process
  • Effective internal design reviews
  • Incorporation of design changes at any point during prototyping
  • Standardized details and drafting practices
  • Increased speed and precision of production
  • Ease of beating competition to the market

For mechanical engineers, visualization with 3D animation has simplified processes. Prototyping has become not just easier, but better. Designs can be tested and validated, reducing costs by eliminating problems and errors before manufacturing.

Clients love seeing their product come to life. These 3D animated visuals can be rotated and broken down into their components, giving mechanical engineers the ability to better explain assembly and demonstrate functionality.

3D Animation Made Easy
Indovance is one of the leading CAD and drafting outsourcing service providers. Indovance partners with Mechanical Engineering firms to assist them build 3D animations that have the power to clearly explain complicated core product functions and features. Indovance has team of engineers specialize in CAD drawing, drafting, designing and 3D animation, producing quality work with little turnaround time.

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Want Jaw-Dropping Productivity in Mechanical Engineering? Try SolidWorks!


Most of the firms in mechanical engineering services industry are trying to figure out ways that can give them an upper-hand in the operations to gain competitive advantage. Yes, it has become so important to be efficient in the operations. The firms want to raise their productivity to a maximum level. But, how do you exactly manage to raise the productivity? I think we might have an answer to your question. And the solution is SolidWorks.

SolidWorks is one of the best CAD software for mechanical engineering. And there’s a reason for its popularity. Let us check why some firms are absolutely dedicated to SolidWorks, and why is this software making people happy. Indovance has been using SolidWorks for a long time to cater to the needs of our clients. And we will share our first-hand experience with the SolidWorks with this article.

SolidWorks offers an interface that is highly responsive and supportive, which enables professionals to focus more on the designing part. Moreover this doesn’t need you to spend more time on the interface, resulting in improved productivity. We have also figured out that SolidWorks does offer in-built intelligence. Therefore, we don’t really spend more time on learning/teaching/training people. Assembling all the parts is made cool, you can check before this goes for the prototyping. And if you are thinking straight, you must have already realized by now that this means reducing costs and design cycle. We have more lead time.

Our team also does data management very well with SolidWorks. Sharing designs with the stakeholders and along with the team is not at all a headache anymore. Our team has been able to deliver some of the best presentations with 3D models, Renderings, Animations and 2D drawings. And we have been able to communicate well with the stakeholders. The ease of use is an advantage that we bank upon. And we are able to better utilize our time with other productive opportunities. Our productivity has really seen a drastic improvement with SolidWorks as compared to other software. And we have been able to transfer this advantage to our clients as well.

So, if you are looking for improving productivity in your mechanical engineering operations, then, Indovance can be your right outsourcing partner for CAD services. We help with our expertise in SolidWorks that raises your productivity, and minimizes the error and gives the best quality of output.

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Hot-in-Place Asphalt Recycling Machine: Innovation Meets Excellence

Road infrastructure development has always been a crucial factor for economic and socio-political development of a country. Over a period, we have seen great improvement the way road infrastructure is shaping up. May it be with the materials, technology or time efficiency, we faced the challenges and came up with brighter solutions to it.

We have seen, how we moved from simply making a new road from scratch with gravel surface to asphalts, to composite pavement and so on. But with changing times, we were facing a different challenges and issues.

Reducing cost & time: the challenge
Next big challenge we were facing, was high cost of material and time to reproduce the road. With ever increasing traffic loads and skyrocketing material prices vs tight budgets, construction industry was poised with challenge to maintain the quality and efficiency of roads. And to counter this, a new technology and equipment was required. And that’s where the asphalts roads recycling equipment technology came handy.
Road Recycler Truck
Asphalt Recycling Machine: how it works?
Instead of constructing the road from scratch, it reuses the road material by crushing and pulverizing of the tattered asphalt material. It is carried out by a milling and mixing rotor fitted with tungsten carbide tools. The material is heated and processed in a mixing chamber or compulsory mixer and reused for road construction. Since the recycled material is heated up and laid on the cold ground, the quality of newly constructed road was not as per expectations. The joint between the ground and newly recycled material would often get uprooted, hampering the road again. That’s where we helped our client to conceptualize the Hot-in-place Asphalt recycling equipment.

Hot-in-place Recycling Mini Machine Design: the solution
Indovance Inc, was poised with the challenge to design an equipment model which will not only solve the ground and material joint problem, but should also be time/cost efficient, and handy to use even for small roads redevelopment or road patch works. And that’s how we helped our client to came up with by designing a mini Hot-in-place road recycling machinery design.

It has following features –

  • Road patch heating facility with mounted burners.
  • Rake tools to uproot the tattered asphalt material.
  • Accumulator to hold the recycling material.
  • Tar kettle with customized capacity to enrich recycling material.
  • Processed material and hot fresh asphalt mixer.
  • Can be easily carried with mini loader.

This concept permits optimum processing of the recycling mix. And it is now being designed for big truck based Hot-in-place recycling machine as well which can be used for large road development projects.

Easifying Designs: the Indovance Way

Indovance Inc, is an expert in Mechanical, Civil and Architectural designs with more than one and half decade of experience in conceptualizing and developing 2D/3D designs. With advantages like highly skilled workforce, cost effective solutions & quick turnaround time (TAT), Indovance is first choice of many fortune 500 engineering and publishing giants. You can also set up your entire design and drafting team here in India with our Virtual Office Model. For more information, reach us on +1 919-238-4044 or drop in a mail to us at

How CAD Supports Turbine Engineering

CAD, computer-aided-design, is known to all tech professionals. What more an engineer of today should develop to make lives easy? Bewildered codes, or complex drawings, but the strong analysis always involves accuracy in the design models and the extreme perfection in CAD drafting and drawing. The main objective is to move with the advancements which evolved in engineering.

Engineering outsourcing companies work on the most critical form of CAD designing i.e. CAD in turbine engineering. CAD provides excellent quality for the projects. It requires a networked engineering database to be centrally located which helps in complete data integrity and renders the ultimate output.

As, it is an important field for major industries like aerospace, power plants and outsourcing, Indovance being one of the major engineering outsourcing company, we are here to deliver the best even if you are worried about the highest complexities involved in your projects.

Let’s explore more about the role of CAD in turbine engineering;

CAD in Turbine Engineering
Computer-aided-design and drafting require skilled and experienced professionals to carry out the required designing in power plants. There has been much use of gas turbines in aerospace engines.

Turbine Engineering

Image credits: integratedturbinesystems

Fig1.1 Shows the complete setup of gas turbine

No matter, how big or small the project is, CAD has made the designing part very easy. A CAD system employs an open architecture and its main use is to support mechanical design and engineering. CAD involves shorter design cycle which allows companies to take shorter time to respond to their customers.

Apart from this, CAD cuts the development cost by 65% as per the reports, and improves the productivity by 150%.

With so many CAD benefits filling up the vacant space of technology, we are also leveraging our maximum projects to CAD. No matter, how much complexity is involved in them, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has become an important and widely used technology.

Indovance Towards Computer-Aided-Design of Turbines

Our engineers utilize 3D CAD software tools running on powerful computers to maximize productivity and to be able to focus on innovation to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

We offer services like 2D drafting, fabrication drawings, 3D CAD modeling and design optimization for industrial products like pumps, turbines, hydraulic and pneumatic presses, machine tools as well as jigs and fixtures.

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How 3D Modeling Made Things Smooth in the Engineering?

3D Modelling

The importance of 3D Modelling has gone up by various folds in the different fields. 3D Modeling technology is used in arenas like animation, architecture, mechanical engineering, etc. And 3D Modeling has made lives easy for so many people. Let us see how 3D Modeling has made things easier.

In mechanical engineering, 3D Modeling has proved to be a blessing. Engineers use the technology to create 3D-models. These 3D models help people understand the dimensions of any object, otherwise, it is very difficult to interpret 2D sketches and designs. And 2D designs have got their own boundaries because if designs are complicated, they will be difficult to imagine or visualize. Hence, it is very essential to know how the object would look like in the reality. Engineers would prefer 3D models because conceptualization and prototyping are made very easy with them.

3D Modeling is certainly the best way to present and understand the object. People can look at the 3D model from different viewpoints and angles. This improves the understanding by a greater degree. Presentations are enhanced with 3D modeling. And this is certainly an innovative method. The time taken for any product to move from designing to a manufacturing stage has reduced like never before. The turnaround time has definitely gone down, yes.

Moreover, these 3D models created are virtual versions of the actual objects that are going to be manufactured. These models can be cut across from different sections and can be rotated to have a better view from inside and outside as well. People in engineering domain has realized the fact that 3D modeling has made the product development very faster. You won’t believe that the costs have been controlled by leaps and bounds. The chances of committing errors have gone down strikingly.  And this has led to money saving.

Any engineer who has worked with and without 3D modeling can tell you that the earlier methods were very time-consuming and costly. Moreover, there were far too many errors in those methods. 3D Modeling empowered with animation can create some best presentations. Working on complicated products, machines can be easily depicted with 3D modeling. A number of components can be shown in the 3D modeling along with the assembling or break-up of these parts.

What is more important is that making changes in the colors, texture, forms, shapes, etc. is very easy. And this what engineers love. And these 3D models are inputs for the manufacturing unit. Machines manufacture real models after taking theses 3D virtual models as inputs. Therefore, in totality, the productivity will rise, along with the quality of the work. Engineering firms would partner with firms like Indovance for 3D Modeling services.

Indovance is an outsourcing partner for many manufacturing and mechanical engineering firms. Indovance with its 13 years of experience has been helping other engineering firms with its dedicated expertise on 3D Modeling.

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