Why you should think of India as your CAD outsourcing destination?

India is one of the most searched out destinations for (Computer-Aided Design) CAD outsourcing, as India has a promising workforce that provides quality of work with the quickest turnaround time. One of the major advantages of outsourcing your CAD services to India is the labor charges as it is cheaper than many other countries.

Around 1.5 million engineers are graduated every year from the top-notch universities in India. Besides this, the Indian Government takes a keen interest in promoting a safe and secure environment for the outsourcing businesses. With millions of engineering graduates passing out of universities and colleges every year, availability of quality talent pool is never a problem in India.

Here are 5 reason why you should outsource to India-

  1. Talent Pool

Millions of students are coming out as engineering graduates. So, clearly there is no dearth of skilled workforce. Besides, according to United Nations report, India has the highest number of youths who falls under the category of working professionals. According to the report, India accounts for 356 million people falling under the age group of 10-24. This is simply WOW! Just wonder as to what you can lose, if you haven’t thought of India as your outsourcing partner. Since, this number corresponds to the working class, there is a lot of employment facility available.

Also, India is amongst the top major English-speaking countries which is the second country after the USA to speak English as their official language. Currently there are 125 million English-speaking people out of which 226,449 uses English as their first language and rest uses it as their second language. Moreover, as of 2018 India’s literacy rate is 74.04% according to UNESCO. Isn’t it the best time partnering with India?

  1. Cost Efficiency

Hiring in-house members for non-creative or non-core business activities which can be outsourced, can be a tedious affair! The infrastructure, administration cost, training cost or any other engagement cost for the work force is immense and maintaining it is another trouble. Also, it makes sense to outsource your work where you can get it done in relatively lesser cost. Though cheaper price does not guarantee you with good quality work always, you should consider an outsourcing partner that value your money and gives you quality output. If you look at the conversion rates of ($) dollar to INR and quality of work you get, one can clearly make a judgement, India is the best outsourcing destination.

  1. Superior Work Quality

When you outsource any process of your project, you get quality assured work back with the quickest TAT possible. They can provide you with error free work with accurate details that even you may have forgot to mention – of course it comes with experience.

  1. Modus Operandi

Companies outsourcing their services to India, has an upper hand as they get 24-hours work cycle. With flexibility in the number of resources to be hired, you can scale-up or reduce the resources as required. Indian outsourcing company focuses on quality work, thus ensuring no rework, which ultimately reduces the time period and can be further utilized in doing more quality driven work. Due care is taken to ensure that correct parameters and techniques are used for delivering you quality over anything else.

  1. Friendly Government Policies

The user-friendly laws of Indian government are always found welcoming to the businesses. One of the vital reasons to outsource is the supportive government policies. The policies in India are supporting the industry’s growth. Also, there are strict IP (intellectual property) control protocol that paves way to more disciplined work infrastructure. The signing of NDA can also initiate smooth running of your business with no further setbacks.

Our Expertise

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