The Rise Of Photogrammetry From Engineering To Film-Making


Doctor Strange, The Marvel film which set the stage on fire with its action pieces. The movie involved twisted and bent buildings. One of the most alluring movies in the history of Hollywood as it used the trending technology, photogrammetry. The producer, Marvel Studios kept the movie high-tech.

The sole purpose of introducing the technology in the movie was to give a new level of entertainment to his viewers. The casting team faced various challenges. One such challenge was the designing of the city containing only bent buildings.

Here came the role of photogrammetry, let’s read more on it;

There were many scenes which involved the use of photogrammetry. One such was that of a basketball court with players who occupied the similar space as that of a building. So, what you had was a basketball court sticking out of a building on its side and having the two move in opposite directions. As soon as the basketball court gets to the bounds of the building it would just simply disappear somewhere.


It was this way the entire city was build, you just read a very small part of it.”

Photogrammetry is being used for almost 100 years now. Later during world war II, to make invasion maps, discover the V2 rocket program, and later by NASA to make topographical maps of the moon for the Apollo missions.

Engineers use this technology to design 3D objects. This method captures multiple images with the help of camera kept at a distance. After adjusting the camera lens and the object, pictures are clicked and measurements are noted.

No doubt, the world is becoming techie and engineers are building solutions which create 3D designs of objects like, roads, canals, houses or big residential societies.

Many production houses, engineering outsourcing companies etc. are also using photogrammetry. It eases out the process of photographic surveying.

Benefits of Photogrammetry that Lure Techies

  • First and foremost, its reduced cost
  • Creation of 3D printable objects
  • Space Scanning while building objects
  • In Movies

Such software is built by engineers and used by many outsourcing companies, and firms. Indovance is a leading outsourcing partner who also scales up with techie era.

With technology at the highest peak, many companies are using this software required for scanning and photographic surveying. Indovance, headed by its employees has delivered various CAD, CAM, and premedia projects to its international clients successfully. We are delivering our services in a world awash of super-high-leveled technology.