Using UAV Technology For Land Survey Projects

Drone Survey

Land surveying and measurement gathering is the most basic, yet a crucial stage for any construction project. Over the period, the data collection methods have evolved significantly and now technology plays a vital role in execution. Traditionally, land surveyors would visit the site and collect measurements with survey instruments. But this method has always been problematic for multiple reasons such as inaccuracy of data, time and cost incurred and complexity in it. Moreover, sometimes project site could be difficult for humans to access.

That’s where use of drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or System) comes handy. Drone technology can scan potentially large landscapes or project sites and provide more accurate and elegant data compared to traditional methods. It collects data in the form of photogrammetric extraction (measurement with photographs), orthophotography and point clouds. Mostly the data collected through this process is huge in size, presenting micro details, at the same time its processing and output is reliable. In some cases, drone equipment itself could process the data up to certain extend.

Drone Capture

Applications of UAV Devices

  • Any size site mapping
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Change detection
  • Inspections
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Damage assessment
  • Automatic data processing (up to a certain limit)

However, according to the survey requirements, drones of UAV’s can have customizable equipment’s which vary in resolution or data collection and processing capabilities. Following are the advantages of using drones as survey method.

Advantages of UAV

  • Accuracy in measurements
  • Quickly acquired large scale data
  • Dense coverage of large areas
  • 2D & 3D measurements
  • Flexible range
  • Image interpretation capability (for object-based classification)
  • Automatic data processing
  • Recorded images lists the measuring process
  • Cost and time saving method
  • Operates in every terrain

Work Flow

Drone Capture Process

Like manned airborne platforms, VAS also collects imagery and produces the most accurate mapping output. Indovance has been using these advance technologies for all its survey drafting projects for years and has expertise in understanding the requirement and providing the most accurate solutions. If you are also looking for a partner who can work on your survey drafting projects, Indovance is the right partner for you. If you want to know more about our Civil engineering design services, reach us at or speak to us at +1 919-238-4044