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Indovance specializes in providing scalable staffing on an as-needed basis. Corporations all over the world have relied on our expertise to deliver critical project components on time and within budget. Keep reading to find out how we can give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

The Indovance Edge

If there’s one constant in business, it’s that everything is always changing. Companies must constantly keep up with new technology, regulations, best practices, and fluctuating demand. Up until now, CEOs have had only two choices: hire a third party to handle some aspect of production or logistics (outsourcing model), or spend capital to expand locations and recruit and train a talent pool (captive model).

The outsourcing model can be set up quickly with little initial investment, but the trade-off is a lack of direct control, poor process visibility, and the risk that the outsourced company won’t share your corporate culture. The captive model retains your culture and gives you complete oversight, but is a long and expensive undertaking that can leave you with unprofitable assets if demand suddenly drops.

At Indovance, we combined the best of both worlds to create a third option. We call it - The Virtual Office Model. (Just imagine some sort of triumphant fanfare here.)

strategic alliance

The Virtual Office Model

We’ve identified twelve important areas of comparison among the three available business models.
Take a look at the following chart to see why The Virtual Office Model is your best choice!

Differentiator Traditional Outsourcing Model Traditional Captive Model Indovance Virtual Office Model
Infrastructure Customer does not own facility 100% Customer owned facility Customer does not own facility
Capital Investment No initial investment High investment, all insured by customer Low capital investment, bigger flexibility throughout the process.
Risk level Shared risks, outcomes under agreement All risks are undertaken by customer Shared risks
Implementation speed Quick implementation 0 - 2 months Long implementation 6 – 12 months Quick implementation 1 - 3 months
Management Focus Free up time and resources to focus on strategy and business issues Economies of scale at low-cost location with full ownership and control Economies of scale at low-cost location with no ownership and partial control
Leverage factor Multi-user environment, best practice process model Customer environment Simulated customer environment
Flexibility Flexible pricing models, ability to reduce/ increase operation size Less flexibility Quick adaption to changed business requirements
Cost management Reduce cost Control cost Control cost
Control Very little control Total control Total operational control but no financial control
Culture, Values, Strategy Outsourced partner's Same as the parent company Same as the parent company
Self - sufficiency Only operational unit Entire unit – Operations plus all support functions Entire unit – Operations plus all support functions
IP and Data Security Moderate High High

The Virtual Office Advantage

In a nutshell, Indovance has the expert staff, facilities, and infrastructure, and we make them available to you. When you hire a team from us, you get a dedicated talent pool which mirrors your business hours, methodology, and corporate culture. You get real-time communication, direct oversight, and deliverables built to your specifications. It’s plug-and-play taken to the next level.

Here are a few details to whet your appetite:

strategic alliance 1
Teams of 6 or more
strategic alliance 2
Long-term or Short-term;
it’s up to you!
strategic alliance 3
Allows you to set up your dedicated unit in Indovance’s India facility.
strategic alliance 4
Scalability, reliability, and incredibility throughout
the process
strategic alliance 5
Replication of your corporate culture and alignment toward your goals
strategic alliance 6
IT, HR and Admin support
Secure data and
Secure data and
communication lines
Cost controlled environment
Cost controlled environment
Complete setup assistance
Complete setup assistance

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